Chapter 93: The Grandest Apology II


"Don't go," The object of her suffering called out, his voice low and broken, filled with longing, want and all the things Maria couldn't bear to hear right now but wanted to hear still. "Please."

Maria stopped, hyper aware that they were in the middle of a crowd and that everyone was looking at them. She wanted to run away from the onslaught of emotions that she was feeling, but a greater part of her wanted to stay, to go to the one man who could make her feel whole again.

"Please," Iris added, weakening Maria's already tenacious grip on resolve.

She felt betrayed that Iris had pulled such a move on her but deep down, Maria knew why she had done it and that was the only thing stopping her from feeling real anger towards Iris.

Maria stopped but she didn't turn back around for fear of what she would do if she faced Bran again. She couldn't bear seeing him hurt and not go to him.

Even with her back to him, she knew that he had walked closer to her. She was just that in tune to
Anya Ivy

Lord knows I swooned.

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Anya Ivy
I know, right? I absolutely love their relationship too, and yeah, you're right about Maria's mother :-)
goodnovel comment avatar
What a breathtaking apology in front of his people! I love the relationship between Iris and Maria, and Maria’s mother is so wise. She knew what was going on!

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