10~ Don't mess with me


I was very angry when Lea left the room. She was already affecting my emotions within a few hours of being here.

What pissed me off more was her saying she's mated. Like a loyal wife trying to be faithful to her husband. The jealousy I felt was so intense. I wanted to carry her on my shoulder like a sack of potatoes and take her away from this place.

Another wave of anger washed over me when flashes of her injuries flowed through my mind. Those cuts on her beautiful body… why the hell was she enduring such treatment in this pack?

Even now, she can feel that I’m her mate but she hasn’t asked me for help or told me to take her away from here.

Could she still be in love with Adrian that fucker?

My heart couldn’t take it. All these years I had to live with the painful fact of my mate choosing someone else. The days I spent in pain should have been enough to make me feel nothing toward her but why did my heart ache to see her look so pathetic and pitiful?

Where was the b
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Alisha Day
she needs to tell him that her parents are the reason that she is still there cuz he can hurt them

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