59~ A solution


The next day, Emilio woke me up rudely through the mindlink.

‘Wake up! The Alpha has instructed us to search the forest for the intruders. I couldn’t find Sienna at her apartment and her phone is off. If she’s with Natalie, come with her.’

I pinched my brow just as I sat up straight and responded sleepily. ‘Ok.’

A smile curled on my lips when I realized I just had the best sleep of my life. I had never slept in before.

I was busy reminiscing about what happened last night, only for a loud squeak to echo in the room, and before I could come back to my senses, pillows were hauled at me from nowhere, hitting my face.

“Asshole! Dickhead! Perv! What did you do to me last night?”

Sienna had woken up and jumped off the bed with a frightened expression. She was checking herself including peeping inside the front of her jeans as if she could see if I did something to her last night.

I raised my eyebrow in amusement. Couldn’t she tell that nothing had happened last night?


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if you let Natalie go considering she don't want you you're probably find your mate

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