Started a fire


“Mom! Mom, where are you!!” I shouted at the top of my voice, dropping everything I had in my hands. I was desperate to find a way out of the room. It was scorching hot with smoke everywhere that I had to cover my nose if I wanted to be alive.

I had to get out when I rushed to the window which had been open before I found it closed and fire had blocked my escape route. Everything was burning, including my bed.

I was restless single tried to keep my oxygen intake at bay, but I couldn't hold my breath as I coughed violently

’M…mom…mom…cough…cough” it was unbearable to breathe with the smoke circulating. I stood in the middle scanning for an exit door, but one thing clicked into my mind.

“The…the… bathroom” I muttered and rushed back to my bathroom. I slammed the door shut and ran to the window. I felt relieved, knowing I found a way out of my room. If I managed to escape through my bathroom window, I would rush back to the front entrance and see if I could save my mom. I didn't know what was happening to her or who set our house on fire, but saving my mom was my top priority.

“Ahh!” I groaned as I stood on top of the closed toilet and tried to lift the window. It was jammed. I rarely opened the window down, but I didn't recall it ever being stuck or hard to open.

“Ahh!” I tried again using all my strength, but it was locked, more like from the outside. I jumped down and looked around for anything to use to break the glass, and my blurry eyes spotted a baseball bat in a corner. I smiled as I hurried to get it, knowing I was keeping it for Skylar. I took it from her and kept it in the bathroom.

“This should do. I'm running out of time” I said and climbed back up. I shrugged my shoulders and got ready to break the window. I made the first hit and to my luck, a crack formed. I raised the basement bathroom high and swung it forward, and this party broke. I smiled as I shifted around as I started hitting it, lighting it to make a big hole, and once I was successful. I tossed the baseball on the floor and tried to see if I could fit right through.

The glass pieces were everywhere, but I mind as I rushed myself up and slowly drove my head through the wall and peeked outside to see where I was going to land. It was rather dark. The back side of our house was dark because of the thick forest ahead. The thick bushes lay just down below and when I tilted my head to the left, I saw smoke coming out, and down there were footsteps. I snuck my head slightly inside not sure who it was but just then I heard noises.

“Is she in there…what the fuck… I told you to burn her mother alive!” it was Brett's angry voice that spoke. He sounded so angry that my back hair rose. I narrowed my eyes to use my wolf vision and I gasped when I saw three large wolves scanning the perimeter.

“Beta…she's in there, but I think the female ran away” I heard another male and I knew they came for me but how did they set my house on fire without finding me? I was in the bathroom, they were werewolves and could easily lure me out just by my scent. Unfortunately, I had to go as soon as possible. I was lucky the wolves didn't sniff me out, or who knew what they would have done.

It seemed like they were after my mom. If they caught my mom, then it would be better to lure me out; hence I quietly got down where I was and ran to the door I was about to open it when the bathroom door opened and someone opened from outside and scared me as I got ready to attack, but I was shocked to see my mom.

“Sweetie, they are here…we need to go…cough…now, “my mom said as she grabbed me by the arm and led me away. She handed me a wet towel to cover my nose and I did as I was told, and we got to my room. By now I couldn't see anything. The smoke was burning my eyes to the point where I was unable to jump up the fire blocking the door, but then I heard more growling of wolves. My mom and I jumped at the same time and fell to the other side.

“Mom…how…” I was about to ask how the house caught on fire, but she dragged me away before I could finish. She seemed tired and her body weak. She was my mom who loved me a lot and as we moved through the fire which had spread everywhere and blocked all the exits. I knew they wanted to kill us. This was the best way to murder someone without making it seem obvious, and my mom and I fought to find a way it.

I didn't know what to do, but I could feel myself losing strength. We tried to open the kitchen door, but the fire was more there. We couldn't you we the front door knowing the enemies were outside waiting for us.

“Mom… I…please…you have to go…maybe the bathroom window is still intact,” I said as I tried to keep myself from passing out. By now my lungs were filled with excess waste air which was bad for me. 

“We'll get out…come, sweetie,” she said and led me away. The entire house was burning like some wildfire had spread out. I was so tired that even shifting into wolf form was difficult. How bad was one night? It was long, unlike most nights, and it wasn't ending until it destroyed everything I cherished. I wanted my mom safe regardless of what, but she was more concerned about my safety. She wasn't a werewolf nor did she have special abilities like me, but she was my mom who loved me a lot. The thought of her bravery gave me enough courage as we started breaking the dining room door.

 The house had three exit doors in total. The front door, the kitchen door, and the dining room door which we barely opened, and now I was using a chair to smash the glass down while my mom had rushed back to the kitchen to drench more towels in water

“Ahh!” I screamed as I used all my strength to hit the door until I saw a ray of hope. I didn't stop even when my body was crying. I was drenched in my sweat, and even the burns I suffered in the fire didn't mean anything. The fire was nearly spreading out to the dining room; hence I had to hurry and open it. This was our last hope and when I hit the door several times it burst open, and I dropped the chair which nearly broke.

I exhaled loudly, feeling drained, but I smiled as a funny feeling engulfed me.

“Mom…it's…it's open” I shouted with shortened breaths just as my mom rushed back and handed me the wet towel

“Quickly, let's go…” she said, and we peeked out the dark green bush ahead to see if it was clear and yes. There was no one there.

“Let's go mom” I rushed out as quietly as possible, doing everything possible not to get caught. The night was something else as we ran down the deep dark forest with very tall trees which made it impossible for me to run. I was so tired, but we ran as if our lives depended on it.

I could hear loud growls and howls disappearing in the darkest of night, and I knew they would follow us. We had nothing on us. Our clothes and everything were burned down. I felt helpless. We left Midnight pack as rogues.

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