A Dangerous Atrophy

A Dangerous Atrophy

By:  Qi River's Old Stream  Completed
Language: English
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Rosaline died, and Sean personally put Jane into the women's prison for it. "Take good care of her"— his words made her three years in prison a living hell and even cost her a kidney. Before she went to prison, Jane said, "I didn't kill her," but Sean was unmoved. After her release from prison, she said, "I killed Rosaline, I'm guilty as sin!" Sean was livid as he said, "Shut up! I don't want to hear you say that!" Jane laughed. "Yes, I killed Rosaline Summers, and I did three years in prison for it." She escaped, and Sean scoured the whole world for her. Sean said, "I'll give you my kidney, Jane, if you'll give me your heart." But Jane looked up at Sean and said, "I don't love you anymore, Sean…"

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331 Chapters
Chapter 1 Send Her To Jail
"It wasn’t me. You gotta believe me!” Jane Dunn stared stubbornly at the person in the car. The roaring rain had splashed across the car window, but she could still vaguely see that cold hard face beyond the wet window. Jane’s body shook as she stood outside the door, shouting at him past the car window, “Sean! At least hear me out!”The car door opened suddenly, but before Jane could rejoice, she was yanked into the car ruthlessly. She fell onto his body, instantly drenching his crisp white shirt.“Sean, I wasn’t the one who hired those thugs to hurt Rosaline...” As soon as Jane said that, a long and slender finger pinched her chin mercilessly. His uniquely deep and mesmerizing voice spoke above her head. “Do you really like me that much?”His cold voice, and that faint scent of tobacco—his scent.“What?” Jane was a little dazed. Everyone and their mother knew that she liked him, so why was he suddenly asking her that now?The man held Jane’s chin with one hand, while his other
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Chapter 2 All In Accordance With Mr. Stewart’s Wishes
There was a hint of surprise in Sean's eyes… Was she trying so hard to maintain her dignity even at a time like this?Then again, she was Jane Dunn, after all. This woman had always been pompous and prideful, such that even his rejection of her confession barely left a dent on her.Sean abruptly grabbed her delicate chin. "Mgh… Ow!" The hand on her chin was like a pair of metal pliers, the force on her chin threatening to shatter it. It hurt so badly that tears welled in Jane's eyes. However, he did not hold back at all, only applying more force into his grip on her chin. "Who would have thought that such a pretty face was hiding such an evil heart?""I really didn't do anything to Rosaline!" Jane bit her lip, her face pale from the pain. "You can't send me to jail without evidence like this.""You're wrong. I can." Sean laughed coldly as he enunciated every word with cruel relish. "So, Miss Dunn, please enjoy your happy life in prison from now on." Sean let go of her chin and
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Chapter 3 Release From Prison
Three years laterThe gates to the S City Women’s Prison opened, and soon a woman walked out of them slowly.She was ridiculously thin. Although she was wearing the same white dress she wore when she entered the prison three years ago, it now looked like a sack when worn over her shoulders.She walked very slowly, taking one step at a time as she headed toward the counter more than a hundred meters away. She held a black plastic bag that contained thirty-one bucks and fifty cents, as well as her ID.It was a scorching hot summer, and there was a visible heat wave above the stone road she walked on. It was at least thirty-three or -four degrees celsius out there that day, but the woman was so dehydrated that she did not produce even a drop of sweat as she walked under the hot sun.There were black and blue bruises all over her pale skin. There was even a scar about three centimeters long on her face, more precisely her forehead near her hairline. It was extremely irritating to look
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Chapter 4 Interrupting A Romantic Encounter
It had been three months since Jane started working at East Emperor.When night fell, this ridiculously busy city would light up with hypnotizing neon lights.Jane had just cleaned up a drunk lady’s vomit. Although she moved slowly, she worked efficiently. After that, she lit up some fragrant incense and left it in the corner.The mop she was holding cleaned up each individual cubicle in the toilet, and then she arrived at the last cubicle at the very back. This was where she kept her cleaning supplies and took a break between tasks.It was very orderly and neat.The attendant who had dragged her here to clean up had long since vanished, but Jane did not really mind. She put the mop and the bucket away appropriately before sitting in the next cubicle over and spacing out.‘Jane, this is all in accordance with Mr. Stewart’s wishes.‘Jane, you’re nothing now. You lost the family you take pride in, you lost your beautiful looks and your excellent educational record. You’re nothing
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Chapter 5 Getting Into Trouble
Jane’s heart was still pounding, but before she could feel relieved, she suddenly realized that a man she did not know had his arm around her waist intimately.“Aaaah…” Jane panicked. All her life, the only man who had hugged her so intimately was her older brother. No one else had touched her like this before, not even… him.Haydn Soros’ expression darkened, and he reached out his other hand, clamping it across Jane’s mouth. “Shut up! What’s with all that yelling? You’re so weird, woman! Most people would involuntarily scream when they’re falling, but you’re the exception. You didn’t make a sound at all when you were falling, so why the heck are you screaming now?”“P-P-Please… Let go of me.” Haydn noticed how suspiciously she was stammering, and then something clicked in his mind. “Hey, you weren’t screaming just because I hugged you by the waist, were you?” Haydn saw how the woman in his arm immediately turned pale at that, and he could not stop the corner of his mouth from twi
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Chapter 6 It’s Been A While, Aren’t You Going To Greet Me?
See, they were really turning on her now! She knew it, she should not have tried to help Susie!Jane regretted everything now.“Hey, I was asking you a question, cleaner lady.”Jane had no choice but to force a nod.That cocky voice laughed cheerily, addressing Susie with, “Did you hear that? Even a cleaner can read the room better than you. She knows better.” With that, he picked up the bottle and slammed it onto the table. “Drain it all, or call Alora Smith here.” Alora Smith was the interviewer who had accepted Jane into the club.The mention of Alora scared Susie a little. The Thompsons were poor, and Susie was working here at East Emperor because they paid well. If they actually summoned Alora, she could kiss her job goodbye.“Don’t call Alora!” Susie grabbed the bottle of wine from the crystal table. “I’ll drink it!” Her tears began to spill before she even started drinking.“Wait up.” A deep voice spoke slowly from the shadows. Jane’s back was turned against this dark cor
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Chapter 7 Kiss Her
“What do you wanna do after you leave prison, Jane? I wanna go to Erhai. It’s beautiful in a clear and clean way. The waterfowl there are adorable, and the fish and shrimp there are fresh. The sky is bluer, the water is clearer, and even the sunlight is warmer than here in this city.“I wanna work hard to earn a ton of money, then I’ll go there and start a little homestay. I don’t wanna make money there. I just wanna see Erhai every day, see the tides come and go. Money isn’t my main goal, as long as I have enough to eat. Occasionally I’d see the backpackers come and go.“Jane, I think I’m dying. What should I do? I haven’t even seen Erhai with my own eyes yet.”Jane would never forget that melodic yet tragic voice. She held that girl, trying constantly to warm up the girl’s gradually cooling body with her own heat.As she lay dying, the girl’s bright eyes remained filled with desire. She looked at the sky outside the prison’s tiny metal window, saying, “Jane, to tell you the truth
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Chapter 8 Haydn Interferes
Ray was about to say something when Elior stealthily interrupted him. The latter’s long narrow eyes sparkled with a cunning light as he said, “Oh, her? She made Master Stewart angry, There, see that? That bottle of vodka.” Elior casually pointed at the bottle on the table. “Master Stewart gave her two choices: either drink that whole bottle or make out with that guy in front of everyone as entertainment.”“Oh~” Haydn drew out his “oh” and walked slowly to Jane as he cast a lazy eye across Sean, who was still sitting on his couch. Haydn rubbed his chin haughty, saying,“You sure have a nice sense of humor, Master Stewart. Since you wanna see a steamy make-out session, shall I volunteer as the male lead? I don’t mean to brag, but I’m quite the kisser. The best around, I’d say.”With that, he moved quickly, reaching out his long arm and pulling the still-dazed Jane into his embrace.Jane had no time to react at all, falling right into his arms. The next second, there was a warmth on h
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Chapter 9 His Fury and Humiliation
“To think that the proud Miss Dunn of yore is now willing to beg for mercy on her knees and even kiss a servant in front of so many people. Tell me, how humiliated do you think that old man Joseph Dunn would be if he heard about this?” Joseph was Jane’s father.Jane’s body gave a jolt, and she instantly turned pale, but the next second, she remembered something and retorted with her pale lips, “The Dunns do not have a daughter named Jane. I’m merely a convict.” She looked at the beautiful face right in front of her. Once, this was the face of her dreams, but now she wanted nothing more than to give it a wide berth.“Mr. Stewart, I’m just a lowly convict. A great man like you shouldn’t have anything to do with me, so please spare me.” She forced down her terror of him and tried to act as lowly as possible. All she wanted to live in relative peace.What did her dignity mean to her now? She had finally walked out of that dark prison, she could finally see the sunlight now. She did not
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Chapter 10 Caught Escaping
There was an ATM opposite her little neighborhood. She put her bank card inside, and when she saw the number displayed on the screen, Jane clenched her teeth and withdrew two thousand bucks.Once she had the money, she called a cab and said, “Please take me to…” It was only when she got into the car that she realized… she had been in such a hurry to run away, but she had nowhere to run to.“Where are you going?” said the cabbie impatiently.“Where am I going…?” Jane was dazed. She suddenly realized that despite the enormity of the world, she had nowhere to go.“Are you going anywhere or not? If not, get out. I have business to do.” The cabbie frowned and gave Jane a look of contempt. Tsk… what was with his luck? He bumped into bad luck on his very first trip since leaving the house.“...Sorry, I haven’t figured out where I want to go,” Jane said slowly. Although the cabbie was in a bad mood and snapped her, she did not fight back and even apologized pitifully. It made her seem esp
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