A Hint of Misunderstanding

A Hint of Misunderstanding

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Alpha Logan had given up on finding his mate.Deciding to focus all his energy on work, he is surprised to find that the newly appointed assistant was his mate and human.Now all he needed was to get close to her and hope that the strength of the bond works.But what happens when a misunderstanding causes him to lose the most precious gift given to him.How will he convince her to give him a second chance...• Mature Content• Media Content is not my own• Story content my sole right, plz do not copy• Completed Story

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For Alpha Logan, it was another year wasted searching for his mate, watching on the sidelines as the pack celebrated his birthday, turning twenty-five seemed still young, but being a werewolf, most would have found their mates by his age.Sighing, he gazed at the families surrounding him, they all seemed happy and content, while he only felt lonely, wishing he could experience the same thing.
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Chapter 1
For Katie, the trip into work had been nerve-racking, it was her first day as an assistant to the PA of a large corporation.Leaving her baby brother at the daycare center, had been difficult, she loved her little brother with all her heart and leaving him with strangers, albeit kind ones, had been difficult.
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Chapter 2
"So, when is this new assistant, supposed to start?" Logan asked his PA and longtime family friend."She will be here at eight." Molly, his PA replied, amusement lurking in her eyes.Logan frowned, not liking the look she was giving him, Molly and his mother were old friends, having worked for h
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Chapter 3
Logan had been ensconced in his office for most of the morning, concentrating hard on the paperwork before him, finally deciding to take a break, he threw down his pen, standing up and stretching his cramped muscles.He had forgotten the downside of sitting behind a desk, for long periods.
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Chapter 4
For Katie, the morning had begun so well, Molly had patiently guided her on the workings and requirements of an assistant.Her nerves had slightly abated, she had yet to meet her boss, according to Molly he was a very busy man, but she would soon meet him, because he never missed lunch.As lunch
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Chapter 5
Logan watched his mate beneath hooded eyes, it had been over a week that she had stepped into his office, he had spent every possible moment, within her perimeter, without it seeming to be too creepy.Loving the fact, that at first, his mate had seemed so shy, but the more time they spent at the office, the closer and more relaxed she became around him.
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Chapter 6
It was late in the evening, Katie was at home, gazing out her window, holding a restless Drew in her arms, the weather was just as foul as her mood lately, watching as the sky would light up and then the sound of thunder rumbling in the distance, the rain hitting the window with force.She knew that Drew was in-tuned to her feelings, sensing that all was not well, hence the reason he had been restless, but she could not help on how she was feeling, a lone tear escaping.
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Chapter 7
The following day, early in the morning, Katie was armed and ready, she had already given her resignation letter to HR, sent an apologetic message to Molly, without stating the true reason for her leaving abruptly, only stating that there was a family emergency, which she needed her undivided attention.And now she was ready to confront the egotistical bastard known as Logan.
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Chapter 8
"What the hell happened...?" Was the first thing Molly asked, the moment she entered Logan's office.Coming to an abrupt halt, as she stared at a defeat looking young Alpha sitting at his desk.Jace, Logan's best friend and beta, as well as his mate, Nessa, also stood silently next to Molly, hav
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Chapter 9
Logan stood before Katie's front door, nervously shuffling from one foot to another, taking a look at the neighborhood she lived in, it was a quaint quiet street, with cookie cutter homes, manicured lawns and the sense of community amongst the neighbors.Finally having the courage, he knocked on her door, taking a moment to compose himself, waiting for her to come, he knew she was at home, with his werewolf hearing he could hear the distinct cry of a baby.
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