53. Confuzzled

Logan's POV:

I tap lightly on top of the cigarette with my index finger to get rid of ash as I stare at the night sky above me. My heart feels heavy, swelling with sadness and anger. Seeing her in this state, fighting for her life makes me vulnerable and weak. I stare at the cigarette as it becomes smaller and smaller and I haven't even taken a puff from it.

Mom hates when I smoke, which I rarely do and creates a big scene about it. Today I couldn't bring myself to smoke and I have no idea why I lit this cigarette up. I snap out of my train of thoughts as I heard footsteps coming closer. I stub the cigarette in the removable ashtray that was kept on top of the steel garbage can. Olivier walks up to me and gives me a consoling pat on the back. I nod my head gravely.

"Did you find out who did this?"

"No, my men are still searching for him" I replied grimly.

"You know where to find me if you need any help."

"I'll manage

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