52. Inkling

Bang! Bang!

I frowned at the loud noise and squeezed my eyes more tightly. I pressed my head deeper into the soft pillow and covered my head with the soft duvet, trying to block all the noises. I sighed in content and welcomed darkness once again with open arms as the room fell silent. 

BANG! "Damn it" someone cursed loudly. BANG!

I groaned loudly and reluctantly sat up before I rubbed my eyes to blink away the sleep. Logan is hurriedly tossing our dresses into the suitcase which was placed at the foot of the bed. His face was void of any emotions but his jaw was clenched and a fire was burning in his eyes. 

"Logan," I called out, my voice hoarse from my sleep. He looked at me for a second before turning back to the wardrobe.

"Get ready, we're going back to New York" 

"What?" I was surprised by his response "I thought we were staying here for one more day”

"Change of plans." was his

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