A Woman's Worth

A Woman's Worth

By:  MapleWrites  Completed
Language: English
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Allana had always thought that she had a perfect life, a loving family, a kind husband, a cute and lovable son, and a sweet adoptive sister. But everything was a lie, her husband cheated on her even before they married, her son dead, and her adoptive sister turned out to be her husband's mistress and her son’s biological mother. This made her question her sanity and her worth, driving her to the far corner till she hoped she was dead, but a man from her past seems to be lurking around waiting for her for years. Dead set on taking her own life, this man from her past showed her what it is to love herself, know her worth, and be loved unconditionally. Pampered and wanted, however, will Allana be willing to fall in love again? Book 1 of Love, Lust, Lies Series

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Lair El Greco
I so love the story. So moving. Although I find their trip a bit bland due to overly descriptive places, instead of that it would've been perfect if the sexy scenes has more feelings and vivid description. But, it was a nice read nonetheless. And I must say the title alone already captivated me.
2022-09-27 22:09:44
user avatar
Very articulate writer.Keep it up
2022-02-02 22:03:04
user avatar
finally they got married, we need more of this
2021-03-11 00:48:59
user avatar
This book is really interesting and I love it. It's the first book I've ever read on goodnovel and as my first read, it is so worth it.😍
2020-12-17 16:34:51
user avatar
Please update, I want to know what happens next. Will Allana be okay? I really relate to her
2020-12-15 22:20:24
user avatar
2020-11-19 22:14:16
user avatar
good story , recommend reading enjoy the ending
2021-05-31 07:32:21
129 Chapters
Chapter 1 LoveShe looked up at the sky and watched the lonely moon above. She had lost everything. What is life?
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Chaptere 2 HallucinationsShe finished her meal and watched her family enjoying their food. She fed Jiuhan and when he was full, he quickly wiggled causing the spoon to fall off the table. She leaned down the table and picked the spoon up but on her peripheral vision, she saw her husband's hand on Wei siste
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Chapter 3 HappinessWaking up in the morning, Xuan habitually reached for the warm body beside him but was met with the cold and empty bed forcing him back to reality. “Yan?” not seeing the bubbly woman anywhere around the room, Ji Xuan felt cold. No, it can’t be. She can never and will never leave him. Getting up the bed, Xuan rushed out of the room to go to the kitchen. Smelling the morning coffee and small cluttering from the kitchen, Xuan felt at ease. She will never leave, he thought.
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Chapter 4 DelaneySmiling at the woman in front of her, Yana laughed and shakes her head as if she was looking at some clown. “Leerion’s fans never ceased to amaze me, ever since our university days, they would always lash at me and act like some crazed woman. Have you gotten his number after yo
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Chapter 5 Heiress“Mommy” her son said while looking at her. Her aching heart quickly calmed after seeing her son worried about her, she always felt blessed having such a smart child as a son, he is the only source of strength she got left and won’t be able to handle it if something happen
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Chapter 6 AccusationAfter she had mocked Ryan, a minute later and a man who looked pretty pale, sweating profusely as if he just came from a hellish torture entered the room. Hurriedly apologizing to Yana and Xuan while wiping the sweat on his forehead and bowing exaggeratedly.
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Chapter 7 SquadClear pale skin, long eyelashes covering a glass like turquoise eyes that look like it's about to suck in those who dare stare at it. Thin rosy lips, a pair of deep dimples that show whenever he smiles, tall stature that stands between 6’1 or 6’2. Wearing long-sleeved white polo
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Chapter 8 Dinner“You should have stolen me from him, no you should've never left me. Aus., you left me and because of you I met him. I hate you. I should never have lo-” waiting for her to finish what she was saying but she had fallen right back to sleep, Augustine was frustrated and helplessly
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Chapter 9 NightlightsAfter they changed the place to have their dinner, they happened to enter Augustine’s restaurant. The man coincidentally in his office when they arrived and personally greeted and cooked for them.
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Chapter 10 AccidentSpeechless, Allana can only smile and hug the man back “what did I ever do to deserve a friend like you Aus.,” she whispered unaware that her words innocently hurt him. ‘A friend’ he thought, ‘soon I will no longer be just your friend Yana.’
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