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A simple 2nd year college student taking management accounting hardly surviving everyday of her miserable life. Her name is Lyrical Hayze Montero. She's an only child and a province girl. She's underprivileged, but is still doing her best to survive. She may look innocent, but she has the kinkiest mind that was influenced by her stripper friend slash classmate. One day, she suddenly received a call from an unknown number and because of her stupid curiosity, she answered the call. The husky and baritone voice was on the other line saying to meet him in one of the most expensive cafe in town. And since she is as stupid as a one year old girl, she went in that cafe. Only to find out that she just went to a gun trafficking business deal. And the freaking mafia lord just suddenly started claiming her. She never imagined that her one simple life would turn into a roller coaster ride. But, there was one problem. She was mistaken by the mafia lord of someone else. And they both found out about it a little too late.

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exciting, more updates!!
2023-02-03 17:47:02
21 Chapters
I am silently walking on the road side while getting lost in thoughts. I just finished my class and it was almost ten at night.When will I ever have a good night's sleep in my life?Since I entered the hellish college life, I never got to experience eight hours of sleep again. The longest sleep I could get was only four hours.I wanted to sleep so bad already, but I just can't. I still need to go directly to work right now. I still had a seven hour shift to fill in for tonight until tomorrow. And I needed to add two hours of overtime for extra money.I need to buy a lot of things for our school projects so I need to work my ass off.My workplace was only ten minutes away from my school. When I entered the back door, I saw my other co-workers getting themselves ready to work tonight."Good evening, Rica. Hurry your ass, our shift will start in ten minutes." One of my co-workers slash schoolmate said.I just forcedly smiled at her and went to my own locker. I grabbed from my backpack m
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After I woke up, I went straight to the bathroom to take a bath. After I finished, I went out and saw Alliyah looking at herself in the mirror, specifically the bruise on her lower lip."You look like a mess, girl. Go take a shower. We will be late for school." I said and took my outfit for today. There's no dress code at our school."Did you do this to me?" She asked which made me turn to her. She's pointing at the small band aid on her lower lip.I nodded my head. "I did. You were too tired to notice. You really need to hurry now. You know pretty well we can't afford taxi fare and so all we could do is to walk on our way to school." I said and continued what I was doing.She just shrugged her shoulders and prepared her clothes for school.I put on my clothes, brushed my hair, tied in a bun and put some light makeup on my face since I looked really pale from not having enough sleep.I then put on my grey sneakers and my backpack."I'll be downstairs!" I shouted to inform Alliyah."Ok
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“By the way, what happened to you last night? Who was that guy?” I asked, changing our topic.She let out a deep breath before she drank water from her tumbler.“I met him at the club, obviously. He was nice at first. He actually saved me from a group of men who tried doing something not so good with me. He literally got into a fight because of me.” She answered.“Then, why did you run away and why did he look desperate to see you last night? He went crazy destroying the things from the restaurant.”“Well, like I said, he was nice at first. Not until he tried kissing me and when I fought back, he tried forcing me, so I kicked his balls and ran.”My face wrinkled. “That was a bad move of you.” I laughed. “Was he the one who gave you that bruise on your lip?”She shook her head. “Nope. This was from the guy who he had a fight with.”"Why would you kick him though?! He helped you like a real hero." I said while still laughing."He was aggressive. Another reason is, he is a freaking mafi
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“Anyways, let’s talk about something else to pass the time. We still have twenty minutes of free time.” She changed our topic.“What do you want to talk about?” I asked, feeling bored.We usually talk nonsense in our free time.She held her chin as if she’s thinking. “Hmm… How about your sex life?” She then followed with a dirty smirk.I rolled my eyes at her. Here she goes again, with that dirty mind of hers.“I don’t have a sex life. Like what you always said, I am a boring b*tch and that means no one’s gonna be interested in me. And guess what? You’re right. And it is better that way. My life is so peaceful I could hear my own breath. You’re the one whose eighty percent showing off the skin on your body. We should be talking about your sex life instead. How about that?” I replied.“Well, just because I am showing off too much skin from my body doesn’t mean I am also a f*ck girl. I also have a taste, you know. Even though someone like me is considered as slut or gross, I also prefer
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I am already here, anyway. I might as well do something that could compensate for me skipping work and paying for the taxi fare.After a few seconds of silently walking, I made it to the back. I saw a back door opened and it was slightly open. I could see the light coming from the inside.So, I guess, there’s still someone inside.The back place was so silent. I could barely hear the horn coming from the cars passing by on the front of the cafe.I could hear faint voices of people talking.I made my way near the exit door. I peaked and eavesdropped on the corner so I could hear them."We don't offer low quality guns, that is why we sell them at a bigger price as compensation for my people's hard work, and for me as well." Said by a manly and deep voice. For some reason, it sounded familiar to my ears."I didn't get a discount?" Another man said. It sounded like an old man.Guns? The heck? What are they talking about? Do they mean water guns or toy guns?Please, God, tell me I am not s
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I woke up at exactly seven in the morning. The sun was completely out and Alliyah was still fast asleep.I realized that it's already the weekend when I looked at the date on my phone. That means we have no classes and I am going to spend the whole day working.I got out of bed and checked if there's any message for me. I saw nothing. I am still wearing the same clothes I wore last night.Then suddenly, the scenes from last night came crashing inside my head. I immediately shook my head.I can't let what happened last night ruin my day today. It's already ruined just by the fact that I need to get out of bed and go to work.I went to the bathroom and took off my clothes then went straight under the cold shower.After I finished, I grabbed the load of my laundry 'cause I haven't washed them since last week. There's still some coins left in my wallet from last night.I need to go to work by nine a.m so I better hurry up.After grabbing all of them, I went outside. There's a mini laundry
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He suddenly cornered my face in between the soft backrest using his large arms. His face is so close to mine that his hot breath is already hitting my face.I tried tilting my head, but he just followed what I did.I was having a hard time trying to stop him. I tried pushing his chest, but I was weak.If he keeps getting closer, he's really going to hear the wild and racing beats of my heart.He smelled good. His manly scent and his hot breath is hypnotizing me. It was as if these are pulling me closer to him."You can't get away from me." He whispered in a husky tone. "I'm going to play the game you wanted. And I assure you, I am going to win." He added.His voice is hypnotizing me even more. I had goosebumps all over my body. My heart skipped a beat.He catched my eyes, but I kept avoiding his. I don't want to make eye contact with him or else I am going to explode with all of these emotions I am feeling that I can't even understand.I got afraid. I got afraid by the fact that he br
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I hailed a taxi and went inside. I then told the address of my workplace. I don't trust just casually walking to my workplace knowing he is just around the corner.I'll never know what his next moves would be. It's better be safe than sorry.It didn't took long to arrive at the address. I went inside through the backdoor. None of my other co-workers has arrive yet. I started changing my uniform and fixed my stuffs inside my locker.I voluntarily started working even if it's not already time yet.My day continued peacefully. I focused myself on serving customers when suddenly our manager called me and told me that I will be the one assigned on the cashier's area.I am shortly glad 'cause I no longer have to walk around serving customers wherein some of them are bunch of ungratefuls.All my other co-workers started coming in and the rest of the crews are already out as they already finished their shifts.It was peaceful not until one of our customers started complaining shits about his
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The night came. It was already past eight in the evening. I haven't had dinner yet. All my co-workers had already eaten free meals from work. But, I didn't join them since I became sick of eating the same thing over and over again for the whole month. I'm sick of eating chicken.As I walked while thinking, I smelled a familiar scent of someone who just suddenly walked with me. I turned to her.I gave her a confused look. “What are you doing here?” I stopped from walking and looked at the time on my phone. “It’s eight thirty. Aren’t you supposed to be at work already?” I asked. She also stopped from walking.She just smiled at me. “I took a night off. I was having a hard time breathing due to the different smells of people and cigarettes I smelled every night. I have enough money allowance to sustain me for the next three weeks.” She replied.I just nodded my head and we started walking again.We were both silent for the next five minutes. Until Alliyah talked.“What are you thinking?”
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When we arrived at our apartment, we went straight to our bed. We didn't even bother changing our clothes.Alliyah was right. We never had our proper sleep since college life started. But, my problem is, I couldn’t even take advantage of this chance. I couldn’t sleep.I’ve been laying on my bed with eyes wide open for almost an hour, I guess. I couldn’t get myself to sleep.I felt tired and drained but I can’t get myself to rest. My mind won’t shut down and it keeps on thinking someone me and Alliyah were just talking about earlier.Alliyah, on the other hand, is already so fast asleep that I could already hear her loud snoring.This girl sleeps like a pig.Irritated, I got up from bed. I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.I looked like a mess. I have thick eyebags and my skin is obviously getting dry. I can’t even help myself to buy a damn cheap powder for my face.God knows how much I wanted to get away from this situation. But, life is more uncertain if I won’
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