By:  Wendy Opurum  Ongoing
Language: English
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A story filled with secrets, envy, jealousy, betrayer and hatred. "Alexandra" a pretty young damsel whose heart is filled with anger, deceit and envy for her elder brother "Raphael" (an adopted child) who had been away from his family for long. He is finally back home and only huddle is "Alexandra" who tries to frustrate him with everything she got due to the fact she thinks he is snatching her parents love and affection from her.Alexandra who feels dejected and unwanted continues creating problem in Rapheal life. She tries to sabotage his relationship, just to get back at him, for being the golden child and taken her place.Meanwhile, Raphael who has no ill feelings towards Alexandra tries to get close to her and strengthen their relationship.Read as the hatred Alexandra has for Raphael turns into undying love.What will her parents do when they find out?What will Alexandra do when she finds out her family' biggest secret?What will she choose in the long run? Love or family?Kill the suspense by reading the thrilling story "Alexandra"DisclaimerThe picture above doesn't belong to me

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42 Chapters
Chapter One
The weather seemed hazy, it was obvious there was going to be a downpour soon, expecting it to rain by this time of the year, shouldn't be appropriate, but the atmosphere was extremely confusing. Checking the time for the umpteenth time today, she let's out a small hiss, she had plans on leaving the house, but the stupid weather had decided to ruin it for her, which contributed to her anger.Coiling herself, properly on the couch, she brings her phone to a full view, she was currently going through her WhatsApp status.She hisses immediately she scrolls through her ex classmates picture, making a mental note of muting her afterwards."Chioma, it's so early in the morning and you are busy with your phone." She huffs. "That was why you failed JAMB last year. You also want to fail again this year right?" Alexandra turns to her Mum, she didn't notice when she walked in, and the exaggeration of it been so early in the morning made her face her with a bored look, she hated the fact he
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Chapter Two
 "Trisha, what's wrong?" Kenzy asks with an amused expression. "Wow, you guys now have a lawyer in the family, you know, I haven't met him before," Trisha says clearly ignoring Kenzy. "He is coming back now to take my peace of mind," Alexandra hisses clearly grabbing her friends, attention. "Why will you say that? He is your brother," Trisha says clearly making eye contact with Alexandra. "I know that but I hate him, my parents keep comparing me to him,"  Alexandra complains.  "He is their only son, why won't they? Alexandra forget about that, there is no need to get upset with your brother, it's normal." Kenzy says with a smile.
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Chapter Three
  Alexandra stares at Juliet while she holds her cheek which was burning.She look like she was in real pain because Juliet hit her hard. "Did you just slap me?" Alexandra asks while her face hardened, with tears rolling down her cheek. She didn't believe Juliet could really hit her. "And I will slap you...., " Before Juliet could complete her statement, Alexandra had already returned the slap. "Are you mad, did you just slap me back? " Juliet asks very surprised. "I can see you aren't blind, what does it look like?" Alexandra retorts meanwhile, Juliet pushes her on the couch. They both start shouting and pulling each others hair. While fighting and struggling Alexandra bites Juliet on her cheek.
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Chapter Four
    Aunty Stella adjusts properly on the couch before facing her sister's direction."Stella?""It's about Alexandra!" Aunty Stella admits."What about her?" Mrs Wachukwu asks obviously interested."While talking to Alexs today, she made mention of something confidential, " Aunty Stella pauses, now looking at her elder sister."Go on!""She said, she is and would always be the only child of this family. In the presence of Juliet of course!" Aunty Stella says now looking straight into her elder sisters eyes. "Why did you tell her such crucial matter, you know she isn't mature enough to handle it. She clearly thinks Raphael is taking her place. Please talk to her!" Aunty Stella explains now looking up to her sister."I will handle Chioma, " Mrs Wachukwu says with a worried look on her face, which she was too fast to masks with a smile b
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Chapter Five
 "Mum, you are back!" Alexandra whose mouth suddenly grew dry says more like she was asking a question.  "No, I'm still at the airport, " Mrs Wachukwu responds sarcastically. "What's going on here?" Mrs Wachukwu asks in a dramatic tone, like she didn't meet them arguing. "Aunt, just take a look at what Alexandra did to my food, " Juliet says while she points and the spaghetti which was littered on the floor. "Chioma!" Mrs Wachuku calls out with a raised eyebrow. The anger on her face was evident.  "Mum. She called me crazy. And I just wanted to show her now crazy people behaves!" Alexandra says while she looks from her mother over to the guy who she knew was Raphael. She could see the disple
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Chapter Six
"Trisha. Please pass me that glass plate, " Mrs Macaulay says to her daughter. "Mum, have it," Trisha says now handing over the glass to her mum. "I hope you have found a lesson tutor?" Mrs Macaulay a fair-skinned lady in her late forties asks.    Mrs Macaulay is a fair-skinned woman in her late forties. She is a widow with two daughters, her husband died four years into there marriage. She had been the one catering for her two daughters. Her husband wasn't really successful when he was alive, but at least they were living comfortably. She currently has two malls. With some landed properties.  "Not yet. Mum, " Trisha responds. "I'm wondering what you are waiting for, " Mrs Macau
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Chapter Seven
"Good morning Aunt!" Karis greets immediately she walks into the sitting room."Morning, sweetheart! When did you get back? " Mrs Wachukwu asks, quite surprised to see her Karis, she had no idea that she was back."Sorry, I forgot to tell you! She came back last night!" Aunty Stella says to her sister with a broad smile."Morning Juliet!" Karis greets immediately she sights Juliet, who returns the greeting with a smile. Meanwhile, Alexandra walks in. She greets her Mum and Aunt, you could tell she was in a shitty mood. She is still dressed in her nighties which looks so transparent."Alexs!" Karis who walked up to Alexandra calls out while she hugged her tightly."Hey, chill. Karis!" Alexandra calls out feeling suffocated."The both of you can hug each other and catch up later. Let's go have breakfast!" Mrs Wachukwu says."Yes!" Aunty Stella who was
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Chapter Eight
       Alexandra picks up a magazine and start flipping through. Kenzy drags it away from her and flings it on a couch. This act makes Alexandra glare."Alex, I called you last night, you totally ignored me!" Trisha says now trying to adjust properly on the couch. " I tried calling back so many times, but it was switched off, so don't blame me if you don't get a perfect design!" Trisha complains."My phone has been seized. Just help me finish up whatever transactions there is. I will pay the bills." Alexandra says, meanwhile Karis turns to her with a raised eyebrow."Who seized your phone?" Kenzy asks."Raphael did!" Alexandra says."Woah, what happened?" Trisha asks."I had an agreement with mum. It led to that!" Alexandra who seemed moody acknowledges."So when are yo
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Chapter Nine
 Juliet turns over to Raphael's direction. He had this gentle look on his face."I came to inform you that I will be off for a while!" Juliet says making eye contact with Raphael."Your guys place?" Raphael teases, making Juliet smile."Nah, am single!" She corrects him. "Going over to a course mates place!""Who is a guy!" Raphael smirks. While Juliet smiles."You aren't serious!" She says and turns over to Chris direction. "It was a nice meeting you, " She says."The pleasure is mine!" Chris responds."See you later!" She says to Raphael before heading to the door. Both guys watches her retreat in silence. Immediately she shuts the door, Chris turns to Raphael with a mischievous smile on his face."Sky, this house is filled with temptatio
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Chapter Ten
     Christopher let's out a small smile, . about my behaviour. Because I noticed even my friends can't tolerate me! Because, unfortunately. I always tell them the truth. " Alexandra says now turning to Trisha who had a bored look on her face."Hey! You guys can deal with that later, let's talk about something else, " Ana says with a smile which didn't meet her eyes. Alexandra smiles at Ana, before fixing her eyes back on the magazine.  Raphael, who had been listening to everything but looked like he was concentrating on his phone, suddenly turns to Alexandra's direction. His eyes linger on her for some seconds before looking away."So when should I be expecting you?" Alexandra asks trying to contradict what Ana just said. She puts her magazine away."10 pm will be appropriate."   
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