Bound to the Mafia King

Bound to the Mafia King

By:  Ataima K  Ongoing
Language: English
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As they lay there, Alberto silently prayed that Sonia's love would eventually lead her to forgive him. Breaking the silence, he posed a question that weighed heavily on his heart, "If that person were still alive, would you have forgiven him?" Sonia understood the question and shook her head, her deep-rooted hatred for the man was intense making forgiveness seem impossible. Alberto nodded, his gaze filled with understanding, and pulled her even closer, cherishing every moment they shared. He realized that, for now, he wanted to create lasting memories with her before the truth came to light. (Blurb) Sonia witnessed the death of her parents at a young age and it devastated her. She grew up seeking revenge and in a bid to gather up more resources for herself, she got a job at a company. Working as a secretary, Sonia started a new life determined to concentrate on her mission but ends up seeing herself grow feelings for her boss. Deliberating on the Conflict of her feelings, would she be able to let go of her revenge and enjoy her new love life and what happens when she realizes that her boss has something to do with her past?.

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sanjana sanjay
I have just started reading this today, and I'm already at 84.94%. Till now it is really good and interesting. Must read
2023-06-18 21:03:20
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Delinda Schumacher
41 chapters 6-16-23
2023-06-17 02:22:57
48 Chapters
Episode 1
“Dad, leave my Dad alone" pleaded Sonia to the men in front of her holding unto a man bleeding from his head. “Please” her voice was heard again when a boy held a gun to her father’s head. Her eyes swollen in tears wishing everything would disappear and her father would be safe and sound. Sonia couldn't bare the thought of losing her father, it would be the end of her peaceful life, she was never going to see him again. Laying not faraway from Sonia was a woman unconscious, a barrel gun laid beside her making it obvious that she had been hit in the head with it. being hit on the head with a barrel gun. She slowly her eyes to see a gun to her husband's head, she couldn't do anything because of how weak she was. "Shoot him" a voice came from a man wearing a leather coat and black trousers with a face just like the devil. “Shoot him son” he compelled the boy holding the gun. "Bang" a body was already on the floor, Sonia had just witnessed the death of her father. It broke
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Episode 2
The Vin’s companies was so massive that Sonia was astonished by it. She made to the lady behind the desk. "Hello, my name is Sonia, I am here for the job of a clerical staff". The receptionist smiled at her and directed her towards an office. Sonia walked through the corridor while taking in the view, she opened the door to the office that she was directed to and smiled at what she saw. "Wow" were the first words that came out of her mouth. The spacious office she walked into was so astonishing, she couldn't believe it was her office. "If this is an office for a clerical staff, then what would the CEOs office look like" she hinted to herself enjoying how spacious it was. She moved closer to the table running her hands on them before she sat on the chair, it felt so soft and comfortable. "I am going to do a lot of me time here" she thought to myself. Just as she was rummaging through the files on the desk, the door opened, a tall and handsome young man walked in
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Episode 3
At the Vin's companies, David walked in to see a bright and happy Cara, "Good morning Cara, you look good and happy today" he said. "Good morning sir and Thank you” she answered. He smiled at her and walked away but didn't seem to notice that her mood had brightened up from the way it was. Sonia walked in with a moody face ignoring Cara’s greeting, "Good morning Sonia" Cara couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with her or if she had done something wrong to offend her.Alberto who happen to step in at the same time noticed Sonia’s moody face but what he didn't know was that he also became worried at the same time. He got to his office and sat grumpily on his seat, he picked up his phone and called David." Get me Sonia" he ordered in an harsh tone. Minutes later a knock was heard on the door, "Come in" "Good morning Sir" Sonia greeted as she walked in. "Morning" he replied. "Do you need anything?” she asked. "Come, sit, I need you to read some
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Episode 4
The thought of losing Almano bugged Sonia so much that she didn't even care if she had made Alberto angry for delivering the flowers at a late hour. A knock came on the door but because she was so engrossed in her thoughts she didn't seem to notice David walk in. "Earth to Sonia" he said as he snapped his finger at her still she seemed to not have noticed him untill he knocked on her table and she snapped back, "How long have you been here?” she asked confused by when he got in because she didn't hear a knock. "Not Long, what's wrong with you?” He asked with concern, it was the first time of seeing her zone out like that. "Nothing, just thinking" she reluctantly replied. Sharing her problems was something she never did, all her life she had always kept what she felt to herself. "You know, you shouldn’t let his anger affect you. He had every right to be angry because you were late but all you needed to do was apologize. He waited a long while to you" He stated.“I k
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Episode 5
Alberto looked at her affectionately, then whispered in her ear"Wrap your hands around my neck".She obeyed and the distance between them had closed up, as Alberto could feel her warmth, it was the strangest but best feeling ever, they danced in each other's arms for a while until Sonia leaned on Alberto’s shoulder and whispered"Mr Alberto, I need to go now".His countenance dropped as he watched her walk away.With the event still booming in the middle of the night, cars parked on every angle. A waiter stepped out to pick more accessories when he got knocked out with a stick.Sonia instantly changed into his uniform, fixing her contacts aided with glasses and wearing a brown wig to match the waiter's hair colour, she went straight back into the kitchen to not seem suspicious."You, why are you coming in now?" asked the manager."Sorry sir" Sonia replied."Take this tray immediately" he ordered.She picked up a tray of glasses filled with wine as she strodded to the main hall.She s
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Episode 6
Sonia arrived home, removing her outfit and burnt it in the garbage can.She placed the gun back were she had kept it, lying on the bed, she felt like a huge burden had been taken off her chest.She had been through a lot of training just to get revenge on her father's murderer, she had trained to be faster and show no resilence, she knew her opponent wasn't an ordinary person so she had to be perfect in her work.A phone call woke Sonia from her thought, she picked up her phone as stared at the number deliberating on whether to pick or not."Hello" her sweet melodious voice rang out but there was no response from the other side."Who is this?” she continued.Listening to her voice, he felt peace and warmth, he really wanted her in his arms to take away the pain he was feeling, if her voice could soothe him this much, how much more her presence?.Not hearing anything from the phone, Sonia disconnected the call as she laid back on the bed without realizing who had called.******Three
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Episode 7
The next day, Sonia was invited to Alberto’s office where they both worked together on a project, Sonia got so tired that she began dozing off.“Sir we have a...” Cara walked in to drop lunch for them but was immediately hushed by Him. She found Sonia leaning on his shoulders sleeping comfortably. She quietly left his office but couldn't help but giggle as she got to her corner.David walked by and noticed her smiling, he halted and asked,"what's funny?” "Nothing Mr David" she replied as she continued giggling. It was the first time he saw her giggle to herself like she was crazy, somewhat it captivated him to stare at her, he smiled back and walked away.“Sonia” Alberto called out to her.“Hmm” “Wake up” he whispered.“Not yet” she wrapper her arms around his waist and pulled herself closer to rest her head better.Alberto closed his eyes for a second enjoying every bit of her warmth.“Lunch is here”“Food” she sprung pushing him away.Alberto found himself on the ground bu
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Episode 8
Alberto sat in his room smoking a cigarette when his phone rang, looking at it, he knew it was work related so he switched off his phone as he planned to abstain from work for the day. Standing by the window, he could see four men being led into the vault with their hands tied behind their backs. He could tell those were the burglars who had tried to rob him. In the vault, the men were already strapped to a chair with duct tape Bernard was suddenly quiet giving then the chills as they wondered why they were dragged there, "I have seen this shit in movies countless times, we're gonna die" One of them panicked.“Relax Malachi” the other replied.“How do you expect me to relax when my hands and legs are tied up Matthew” Malachi complained. "Are we gonna die Mr?, Mark asked as he looked at Bernard. "Will you two keep quiet" Luke said getting tired of his teams ignorance. He had been scanning the place and realized they had been there before. "You know very well that I am sc
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Episode 9
At the Vin’s mansion late in the evening, Luke arrived.“I am here to see the Boss” he said to Bernard. “He isn't home, what do you have?" Bernard asked instead. Luke gave a recording pen to Bernard, "From this you will realise that it wasn't a man, but a lady" "So you are saying it was a lady disguised as a man" he asked. "Well from her voice, it's definitely a lady" Like replied. From the evidence they had, Bernard thought it was a man all these time but realizing it was a lady, he was shocked. Alberto sat quietly in his car with Sonia by his side when a call came through. "Speak" Alberto demanded, " Boss, we found a clue" Bernard stated, " I'm on my way" he responded as his mood changed. "Mr Alberto" Sonia couldn't help but notice his switch in mood. "Hmm" he smiled looking at her, "At what age did you start managing the Vin's company?” She couldn't help but ask. "At age 15" he said as he pulled a strand of her hair behind her ear. "You mus
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Episode 10
Mitchell the average man had barely escaped from the crutches of Alberto, he was so angry that he had wasted a lot of his men's life.So he returned back to his base with what he had left. Months ago, at a massive land area located on the east side of Rome was the MFT agency, it was an agency filled with spies and undercover agents who worked for governmental and non governmental organization. The news that the MV9 was stolen right underneath their noses reached Mitchell's office, he was asked by the higher ups to retrieve it before casualties arise. He had been warned of who Alberto was and how powerful he was yet he underestimated him. After one week of planning and training, the day to attack had arrived and yet they had failed woefully, not only was his assistant killed but also his men. "Who was this man, and how dangerous is he" he thought as he sat in his office when a green alert showed on his big screen. Accepting the video call, a man in a military uni
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