"The next champion is Lieutenant Oslo," the Kea says, and I watch as a champion from Glortinon walks toward our line to choose a mate.

He looks like Terrax, but not. His eyes are a darker blue, and his hair is brown, not blonde. His jaw isn't as chiseled, and his cheeks are rounder. All in all, Terrax is cuter, and the only similarity is their luminous glow.

I smirk at myself as he and his newly chosen mate wave to the crowd. It's gotten easier as the champions have chosen their mates. My nerves have left me, and I have grown comfortable with how the selection process is happening. Xiu and Jia have already left us, which wasn't was beautiful. Xiu smiled like a happy child when her champion offered her his hand, and Jia looked like a beautiful princess.

As the glowing champion and his female disappear, I turn my attention back to the Kea handling the list. He looks excited whenever he calls a champion, and it warms my heart. Krystal is excited too. She has watched every fema
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