Alpha Zaine’s Rejection

Alpha Zaine’s Rejection

By:  Veronica Black   Updated just now
Language: English
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In a world of shifting loyalties and hidden truths, Sophia, a young orphaned werewolf, finds herself torn between her destiny and her principles. When she discovers that she is the fated mate of the cruel and powerful Alpha Zaine, she vows to never accept him. Believing herself to be an omega, Sophia has witnessed first-hand, the alpha's mistreatment of her fellow omegas. Little does she know that she is the rightful heir to a prestigious werewolf pack, and that Alpha Zaine's father provided sanctuary to her family in their time of greatest need. As Sophia grapples with her conflicting emotions, Alpha Zaine sets out to prove his worthiness to her. He strives to rectify his past actions, learning to control his frustrations and implementing reforms within his pack. Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and redemption, challenging the norms of their world and fighting for justice and equality. Zaine faces challenges from his most trusted friends and Sophia must contend with the unwanted attention of the Alpha of her birth pack. Every sign seems to lead them down diverging paths, but the moon goddess knows what she is doing by binding the two of them together, doesn’t she? Amidst a backdrop of ancient werewolf rivalries, dangerous secrets, werewolf hunters, and unexpected alliances, Sophia and Zaine navigate a treacherous path towards love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Will they be able to overcome their differences and forge a bond strong enough to withstand the trials ahead? In this captivating tale of love, sacrifice, and redemption, they must confront their pasts and embrace their combined destinies to create a brighter future for themselves and their kind.

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Kathryn Keogh
love this book can't wait for more updates.
2023-11-03 09:29:07
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Love this book, couldn’t put it down ! The storyline is amazing and it is written so well. Hoping for more updates soon author ......
2023-11-02 01:05:36
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Delinda Schumacher
47 chapters 10-30-23
2023-10-31 03:08:35
59 Chapters
Chapter One
Sophia’s POVToday is just another miserable day in my life as an orphan omega, overlooked and forgotten by almost everyone in the pack. Today should have been so different, it should have been a celebration with my family, but I am alone in the world. There will be no party, no congratulations and perhaps most sadly of all, no first run with the pack. To them I am a burden, my life is not something to be celebrated, my presence is merely endured.Today marks my eighteenth birthday, a sacred day in the life of every young werewolf. In the early hours of this morning, whilst the full, blue moon was still hanging in the sky above the forest, I shifted into my wolf form for the first time and the true nature of my being was finally set free.It wasn’t the joyous occasion it would have been if my parents were still here. In fact, nobody even gave me a second look as I trudged out into the forest on my own. The other omegas all remained in their beds, knowing that if they were caught out o
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Chapter Two
Sophia’s POVI stand in silent shock in the centre of the locked room for what must be a good hour or so. My eyes scan the opulent surroundings that hold me captive. The walls are adorned with intricate patterns of vines and leaves, bringing a touch of the outside world into this gilded prison. Soft sunlight filters through the pale green voile curtains, casting a warm orange glow over the room. In any other circumstance it would be the kind of room I would enjoy.No amount of luxurious decor can mask the fact that this is still a prison, a luxurious cage designed to keep me under Zaine’s control and within his reach. This room is usually reserved for visiting alphas and their Luna, only the best for the best. I have cleaned it on a handful of occasions and often daydreamed that I would have had a room something like this. In another life perhaps.The pack must be seen as one of power and influence, and this display of wealth and comfort is all part of the show. It is the polar opposi
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Chapter Three
Zaine’s POVI sit at my desk, rapping my pencil against the highly polished dark oak, my emotions swirling in a maelstrom of anger and disbelief. I barely got a wink of sleep last night. Between dealing with the rogues who once again tried their luck at the southern border and my wolf pining for his mate, I don’t think I managed to steal more than twenty minutes.I felt the second her mind link with me formed. Soon after that our bond became stronger and I knew there was no point in fighting the will of the moon goddess. I hadn’t planned on fighting the mate bond, but her utter disgust and declaration that she would never accept me, made me wonder if this is a fight worth enduring.I could feel Sophia’s turmoil inside me as if it was my own. She is hurting deeply, and the physical pain it caused me was a shock, to say the least. She hates me, so why is it that I feel like the arsehole in this situation? I didn’t choose her, just like she did not choose me. A higher power has seen fit
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Chapter Four
Sophia’s POVThe bathroom shares a wall with his room and as the cool water rains down on me, forcing my tired body to wake up, I hear his door click closed. There must be two, maybe three feet between us, physically at least. Mentally and emotionally, we are separated by a giant, bottomless chasm.Physically, the mate bond is screwing me over. The whole time he was stood in front of me I had my legs tightly crossed at the knees and my arms folded over my chest in some ridiculous attempt to hide my body’s reaction to him.I have spent years daydreaming and fantasising about the day I found my mate. I didn’t really think it would ever happen, the only men I ever see are Mr Fulch, who is happily mated, Luca, let’s just say I’m not his type and he has a colourful reputation amongst some of the unmated men in the pack, and Zaine’s other Beta, George. George is a dick.The only times we see either of the betas is when they come into the kitchen every morning to give us our orders for the d
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Chapter Five
Zaine’s POVThe look on Torrin’s face is one of shock and fear when I come to stop at the top of the stairs and see Sophia sobbing in his arms. Well, not in his arms exactly, they are hanging limply at his sides, but she is pressed up against his chest and he is just stood there, still and silent as if cast in bronze.My wolf tries to leap out of me before my foot even hits the top step. He wants to shred the man limb from limb until only ribbons of his flesh are scattered up and down the corridor. I supress the shift and keep him caged inside my own body, but his roar escapes from my throat and the sound is primal, possessive, a warning.“My mate. Mine.” he growls and snarls inside my skull, pissed that I won’t let him free.Torrin hurriedly starts explaining why my mate is clinging to him like a limpit, and after the first few words my beast is calmed somewhat. At least he stops clawing at my insides trying to get out. She was concerned, for me. She feels our mate bond more than she
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Chapter Six
Zaine’s POVThere is a shadow side to running a pack, things an Alpha needs to do for the greater good. If I back down from a challenge or refuse, my title would automatically pass to my challenger, I would have shown myself to be weak and unworthy. That will never happen. As much as I piss and moan about the shit I deal with on the daily, I would never give up my pack. My people depend on me, and I am the only one who can look after them the way I do.I am bound by moon magic, rituals and laws, as all of us are, maybe even more so. Sometimes it benefits me greatly, but with the light comes the dark. I have killed to keep us safe, lied and deceived to gain power and land and turned my back on those who needed me out of ignorance, choosing to focus my effort and attention where I stand to gain the most.I have the power to change only one of those things, and by doing so I am stirring up a pot which has sat undisturbed and calm for far too long. When the shit undoubtedly bubbles to the
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Chapter Seven
Zaine’s POVThe shower washes away the evidence of my weak will, and my legs regain their stability. I wrap a towel around my waist, tuck it in tightly and step into the bedroom with as much nonchalance as I can muster.I didn’t think to take clean clothes in there with me and Sophia looks over as I pull open drawer after drawer and select some jeans, a t-shirt, a pullover hoodie and socks. I feel the heat of her stare boring into the back of my head and her eyes wandering over the ink on my back. She probably knows what I was doing to myself, she isn’t an idiot and our bond may be fragile and frayed but it is there, she must have felt something.I felt It, her climax when she... no... I can’t allow my imagination to go there or I’ll be back in the bathroom, cock in hand, wanking myself into oblivion. Have some fucking restraint Zaine, I yell at myself in my head. My beast rolls around, cracking up with laughter. I’m glad he finds my suffering amusing. I have never been so aroused, no
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Chapter Eight
Zaine’s POV This morning I had planned on taking Sophia to the southern border and showing her what is left of the rogues after they were stupid enough to attempt another breach. My intent was not to scare her, but to show her the very real threat that prowls the forest waiting for any opportunity to strike. I thought if she saw them, she might understand what drove me to that heinous act which solidified her opinion of me. It doesn’t make it right, but she might somehow see it from my side. After hearing the way she spoke of death when she asked about Quincy, I’m glad I thought better of my stupid plan. Even if she wasn’t averse to death, I would likely have made myself even more of a monster in her eyes. I will only show her the good from now on, she has seen enough of the darkness, felt it when her parents died. I had only had my wolf for a few years when they were killed. I don’t remember them specifically, but I do remember that winter. We lost dozens in one of the biggest assa
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Chapter Nine
Zaine’s POV“You, built this.” She gasps as she surveys the open plan kitchen,dining and living area. I don’t know if I should be flattered or offended that she doesn’t believe me capable. To be fair, when I look around this place, I sometimes struggle to believe I built it too.“Do you like it?” I can hear the eagerness for her approval in my own voice. What is happening? I have never sought the approval of anyone other than my parents. I want her to love this place as much as I do. She doesn’t answer but I catch her nodding her head yes out of the corner of my eye and some of the weight lifts off my chest.I can imagine us living here. Would she tend the garden? I dont know what she enjoys, if she has any hobbies or passions. My mother spent every waking hour outside with her herbs and flowers. Each morning there would be a freshly cut bouquet on the breakfast table and I would pretend not to notice as my father whispered sweet nothings in mother’s ear as she cooked breakfast. I was
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Chapter Ten
Sophia’s POVI’m drowning, fighting for every breath as his lips stray ever closer to my marking spot. He could do it. I wouldn’t stand a chance of stopping him or fighting him off. Would I even want to? I know I should but what he is doing right now feels so… so… good.He did keep his promise to free the omegas. He went above and beyond what he had vowed in my room. He said he would wait for me to be ready, that he wouldn’t do anything I didn’t ask for.I did nod my approval when he caught my eye in the mirror. What was I agreeing to? I had no idea. I did feel something deep inside me, a niggling sensation, a shard of trust digging at my better sense. How can he earn my trust if I don’t give him enough rope to hang himself?He has given me all of the control and I have three options. Keep us here in purgatory, neither of us making a move in either direction. Reject him, try to move on and not reopen old wounds. Or, I could accept him and resign myself to whatever the fates have in st
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