Alpha King's Runaway Mate

Alpha King's Runaway Mate

By:  Alexis Dee  Completed
Language: English
54 ratings
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THE REJECTED LUNA SERIES BOOK 1 - ALPHA KING'S RUNAWAY MATE BOOK 2 - ALPHA KING ARAMIS "Open the door," he shouted at my face, "Don't make me get physical with you, Octavia," he warned me angrily. "No! You have to see your daughter's face," I was holding our days-old daughters and requesting him to take a look at her beautiful face and change his mind. "This is not my daughter and you are not my God damn mate," he shouted as he pulled his nose up in disgust. "Silas! How can you not look at her face and not know she is your daughter? How can you reject me and accept my sister?" I was sobbing and begging for him to hold his daughter. "Because she is my mate and you are just someone with a rouge's blood in your system," every word he said towards me and his daughter was going to be engraved on the walls of my heart forever. "If you walked out of this door and got engaged to my sister today, you will never see my or my daughter's face ever again," I warned him in tears. "Good! I would love to never see you two again," he didn't care and pushed me out of his way. ... Hated and unwanted by her step-mother and half-sister. Octavia had a difficult life growing up. Her father has been the only one who cared for her. A night with her mate and pregnancy was all it took for her to lose all respect. Betrayed and hurt by her own mate, Octavia decided to leave with her baby and never come back. What will she do when she is forced to return to unwanted circumstances? Will Silas realize his mistake before it's too late? Read now to find out.

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Good story. It felt a bit dragging and frustrating seeing the struggles of the female lead while the male lead role was good for nothing and non existent. But in the end it turned out good and made sense when all the secrets are revealed. The story was pretty interesting & intriguing.Good job Author
2023-06-07 04:50:51
default avatar
Enjoyed reading it, recommend it!
2023-05-25 05:59:38
user avatar
Deb Davis
good read, enjoyed !!!
2022-11-12 03:30:51
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Karen Marquise Bearden
Love this book but so heart breaking. I get afraid to move to the next chapter every time knowing how bad Octavia is treated and how much heart break she has to endure.
2022-10-14 08:36:01
user avatar
OMG Amazing! So many people are getting mad at the way Octavia is treated, remember it’s a story, not real it’s meant to evoke emotions & that it does, you will cry, get furious, laugh, smile & breath a sigh of relief! If you can’t handle that don’t read it & certainly don’t get nasty w/ the author!
2022-10-09 05:32:10
user avatar
Although so far this book has me in absolute tears and boiling angry at the incredible ignorance of a so called Alpha King it is well written and very intriguing to the point I don’t want to put it down!!! I am just praying that all of them get what they deserve especially Roxanne, Tessa & Desmond!!
2022-10-06 07:48:36
default avatar
Loved this book! Awesome storyline, written well and held my interest. Great job author will be looking for more of your completed work.
2022-08-18 22:46:53
default avatar
Really great book
2022-07-29 19:33:09
default avatar
Really good book!!
2022-07-27 12:54:06
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Vroom Vroom
Emotional Rollercoaster!! I really enjoyed this book.
2022-05-22 00:54:12
default avatar
Good book.
2022-05-20 06:43:51
user avatar
Hannah Schuman
Good book. a few unnecessary chapters towards the end but pretty good over all.
2022-05-18 14:32:38
default avatar
Violeta Cristaldo
Excelente muy largo
2022-05-06 03:45:37
user avatar
sumitra sheela
good one, ..........
2022-05-05 15:53:04
default avatar
This book will take you on one crazy emotional roller coaster.
2022-05-04 01:32:04
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136 Chapters
Chap-1*Who Stole My Panties?*
When your luck is bad, you find an excuse to screw yourself over, no matter how careful you are. The morning breeze wasn’t very fresh and calming that day. It felt like a million needles were inserted into my muscles. I pulled my skirt down unintentionally when the wind caused my skin to shiver. I tried changing sides, but the sore part of my body was the only part I could stay lying down on. "Ehh!" My lips let out a sigh of pain when I closed my arms on my chest. "Umm!" I groaned, forcing my eyelids open. The very first thing in the view was not the windchimes by my window that I usually wake up to. It was a window of a building on a crumbled plaster wall. It took me a second, but I somehow managed to acknowledge that I wasn’t in my comfortable king-sized bed, but on a goddamn road. "What the heck!" the shock made me pull my body up, so I was sitting and look around at the surroundings. "I slept here." I asked myself out of disbelief. I slept on a street with a dumpster. I began t
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Chap-2*Too Young To Be Pregnant
I hadn’t been able to process through the turn of events after finding out that The Alpha King was my mate.I wish I could just stop there without adding that my mate tossed me out of the car after stealing my virginity in the most uncomfortable way possible.“I am only 18!” I complained, sitting on the stool and watching my image in the dressing table’s mirror. I was basically a few months over 18 but the Alpha’s kids were not allowed to lose their virginity before they have found their mate and have marked each other.It’s been a few days and I wasn’t able to get a hold of Mr. Silas Charming or anyone from his pack. I just needed a moment to speak to him and ask him did he not feel the mate bond?“Ugh!” covering my face in my hands, I let my lips heave a sigh of exhaustion. My pack was celebrating Roxanne Whitlock’s 19th birthday today and obviously, I didn’t get the invite. I
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Chap-3*Nasty Like Her Mother
“Huh! I have told him million times that a rouge’s daughter will always be a rouge. She will scar his reputation someday but he never listened to me,” Tessa was growling and hitting my head repeatedly after she had blasted the bomb on me. It had been a few hours that I passed out after getting the news and woke up way later to her scolding me again.I am pregnant?“Just wait till I tell your father how big of a nasty dirt you are to his name,” she grabbed the test to sprint out and tell dad everything. For a moment, I couldn’t decide if I should follow her and beg her to not do that or just tell her some crazy story about how I got pregnant?“Please wait!” I almost tripped on the table, rushing before her and closing the door to block her from leaving, “please don’t do this. Dad has always loved me and supported me, he will be so disappointed, please!” I begged when her eyes glare at me for preven
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Chap-4*The Alpha King Is The Baby Daddy
The next few days were weird; I was pregnant without any care. I had to pretend like everything was fine by dancing around and doing my normal routine stuff. There were times when I threw up in the school but thankfully, Esa was there to come up with an excuse. I have not told her about my pregnancy, she just thought I was having digestion problems.“Rick Wards!” I mumbled in my mouth, scrolling through his profile on my laptop. He was the Royal Beta of the Reckless Growlers Pack, the Alpha King Silas Charming’s Royal Beta.‘We should contact him,’ I whispered to Icy,‘Do you think he will care?’ she asked back, her agitation had been on the rise now. He was our mate and had got us pregnant, now he needs to come here and mark us so that we can live a respectful life before the truth about my pregnancy hits the news.‘He has to, we are his mate,’ I comforted her with the idea of the true mates not being
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Chap-5*Forced To Get Rid Off The Baby
She hadn’t said a word and left my room like she had seen a ghost. I don’t even care if she believed me or not, it just gave me a bit of satisfaction to think she won’t be able to hurt me or my child if the Alpha King himself accepts me and marks me. Nobody would know if he had marked me before getting me pregnant or after us mating, so it will be a win-win situation for us.I didn’t do anything afterward and fell asleep right away only to wake up in the morning at my stomach growling.‘Our baby needs food and good rest,’ Icy spoke to me when I was getting ready for breakfast.‘I know, just two minutes,’ I replied, applying lipstick and checking my image one last time in the mirror.‘Octavia! You can’t act like that with a baby in your womb. Your first priority should be the baby,’ she argued back again. I know I was pregnant but what do I do now? I cannot stop living so I have to take care
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Chap-6*My Heartless Father*
"You want me to abort the baby?" I was surprised that my father even suggested something like that."You want to keep this baby?" the looking father gave me was enough evidence that he wouldn't ever allow it.It wasn't even about being a pregnant teen anymore, this was my and my mate's baby, I cannot abandon our baby."Thi---s is my mate's baby," I stuttered while placing a hand on my belly. Although they can't see it now, I can already feel the presence inside me."I cannot believe you had this in you this entire time and I didn't see it," it was my father saying those words for me. There was only one person who had made me believe in myself ever since I started understanding things and that same person wasn't even ready to hear me or understand me.
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Chap-7*I Can't Get Pregnant Again*
"What is she doing here?" my father was the first one to volunteer to question my existence. I espied everybody getting on their feet to witness the arrival of a girl, who was not supposed to be present among them.I have quickly passed a glance around to see the Alpha King Silas Charming accompanied by Rick Wards, who was the Royal Beta of him.Silas was breathtaking, I could not believe I have made a baby with him let alone having him as my mate.
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Chap-8*I Suffer Alone*
"How do you still want me to do it when the doctor told you that I will never be able to conceive again," I was watching my father in the eye while he stood arrogantly in my room with no remorse over his demand and heart-wrenching words. We had arrived home just a few minutes ago after my father fixed tomorrow's day for this process.I had been trying to understand why he was so heartless to me, why wouldn't he understand that I desperately wanted to keep this baby.
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Chap-9*He Ignores The Mate Bond*
“It’s a baby girl,” the words rang in my ears before I finally fell asleep. I had a c section because of the baby being in a wrong position.My entire pregnancy was very cursed, and even when I was in the operating room, I was told that nobody came to see me.I was slowly getting my consciousness when a nurse lifted my dress and tucked my daughter in my lap.“Feed her.” the way she said it made me feel a weird strike of pain.“When will I fill out the form for the birth certificate?” it was mandatory that the mother fill out the form right after giving the birth, but so far, I have heard no one talk about it.“What form? Your father and the council have forbidden us from giving any birth certificate to a bastar* child. He doesn’t have a father, anyway.” She shrugged her shoulders and exited the room before I could defend my baby.She was feeding on my breas**
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Chap-10*And They Got Engaged*
"What did you say?" He sounded lost when he asked me to repeat myself.I heard some voices from the main door, so I knew it was time that I head back to my cage, previously called my room.I sprinted away whilst he remained frozen to his spot.I had a feeling that if I had stayed behind for a few more seconds,
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