Alpha and his Human mate

Alpha and his Human mate

By:  Sheenzafar  Completed
Language: English
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She was excited for her first day at Asia's number one college, "Elite College," but had no idea that her first day would turn out to be the worst day of her life and would absolutely devastate her. She didn't know that her one mistake would turn her life upside down. He with his buddies was playing a truth and dare game when he got the dare to kiss the first girl to enter the campus. He was overconfident since he had assumed that every female would die to be with him, but what he didn't realize was that this time his luck had run out... ……. Elevena may be a forthright woman with lofty ambitions. She has no significant family connections. She is stunning, and her primary goal is to achieve her ambitions. Damon is the young master of Asia's number one business magnate and an alpha of his pack, Elite College is also under his family's name. He's arrogant, shameless, and in his eyes, each girl is like a used piece of cloth. No one knows his true identity as a werewolf, and he doesn't want anyone to know, but it didn't stay a secret for long. He has no pity for anyone, but he's also extremely attractive and a gem in every girl's sight. What would happen when the destiny of someone from an ordinary human family is entangled with the ruthless alpha who is famous for his cruelty in werewolf world?

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Delinda Schumacher
118 chapters 3-27-23
2023-03-28 22:11:06
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well written story, fantastic characters and amazing plot although generic
2022-06-24 03:24:14
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Kerilee Davis
there are three chapters exactly the same
2022-05-27 11:30:49
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marie cheryll melis
I like your book I cannot put it down so kindly do regular updates
2022-03-16 23:52:36
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please leave a honest review, I would definitely appreciate it.
2022-03-07 15:06:33
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Noelle Mounce
No idea how this novel(?) has received any positive feedback. Weak storyline with juvenile plots and scenarios, poorly developed, shallow characters. Very disappointing. Not recommended.
2022-08-29 05:04:23
121 Chapters
First day
Because English is my second language, please ignore any grammar or spelling errors. THANKS! CHAPTER ONEElevena had been waiting under her blanket for an hour to hear the sound of an alarm. It was the first time in her life that she was eager to hear her alarm clock go off, and the moment she had been anticipating for so long arrived.*Ring, ring, ring, ring...*When she heard the alarm, she quickly pushed the blanket down her face and turned it off. She was so excited for today that even the alarm, which she usually found loud and annoying, seemed pleasant to hear.She danced down her bed and walked straight to the bathroom to take a cold shower and prepare for today's special occasion."Elevena, are you still taking a shower?" asked a voice, and she groaned, thinking to herself, 'Come on, not again.'She abruptly turned off the shower and exclaimed, "But wait, what is he doing
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CHAPTER TWODamon clenched his fists as he kept them from landing on Elevena's face. If it had been someone else, he would have been dead and lying on the ground by now.Because he couldn't do anything in front of so many people, he was doing his best to keep his inner wolf's rage in check, but that didn't mean he wouldn't do something later.As they considered the upcoming entertainment, the girls smiled as they looked at Elevena. Everyone was waiting for Damon's response, knowing that he would not let her go easily after being humiliated like this."Ouch," Peter murmured, "I told you she's not an easy target."Ignoring Peter's remarks, Damon yelled angrily, grabbing Elevena's elbow tightly to make her look straight in his eyes, "HOW DARE YOU?!!""Do you have any idea who I am or what I am capable of doing to you?"“No! Nor  I'm not interested in wasting my time learning about some jerk's biography,
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First friend
CHAPTER THREE"Where is she?" Damon inquired as he exited the college campus area, Peter close behind."She has already arrived at the castle.  Guards tried to stop her, but she was deafening. Your mother is attempting to manage the situation, but we need to get there as soon as possible," Peter responded.Damon nodded, and they both dashed into the woods. They transformed into their wolf form and quickly vanished.Ignoring everything, they ran inside the mansion, only to find chaos. Damon's mother, Accalia, sipped her coffee, irritably, next to a girl who appeared to be arrogant.Damon rolled his eyes as soon as his gaze fell on her, and he sighed angrily. "Best of luck!" Peter said as he patted his shoulder."Patricia, what brings you here again? How many times do I have to tell you not to come here, and especially not to come near me?" Damon asked."Ask your mother what I'm doing here," she re
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CHAPTER FOURElevena and Damon exchanged glances and said, "YOU?" at the same time.'What does she have to do with this guy, Noah?'  Don't tell me they know each other and she's his new spy,' Damon thought.'What in the world is he doing here?  Don't tell me he's my classmate and I'll have to see his face for the rest of my college life,' Elevena reasoned.Noah smirked at Damon, then stepped forward and hugged Elevena, saying, "Okay, see you later."She flinched at first when he suddenly hugged her, but then nodded, "Alright, see you.""Is this how you're taking your studies seriously, Miss Hale? You're late for your first day," Miss Amber said."Isn't she the popular girl who threw water on Damon?" someone asked before Elevena could respond."Yep, she's the one," someone responded, and they all began to laugh even harder, especially the boys. How could they pass up such an
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CHAPTER FIVEEveryone began to laugh and shout Patricia's name as soon as Miss Amber left. While she was feeling proud of herself for what she had done to Elevena.They were laughing and cheering when Damon angrily pushed his desk away and stood up, drawing everyone's attention to him.He was irritated, but the fact that he was irritated after seeing Elevena get hurt enraged him even more. He had no idea what was wrong with him. He, too, wanted to hurt her at first but seeing others do so only enraged him.He knew that if he didn't warn Patricia right away, she'd do something even bigger to harm Elevena the next time, which he didn't want.At the same time, he knew that fighting her for Elevena would only raise her suspicions, but he didn't feel he had any other choice.He needed to make a decision, which he did when he pushed the desk furiously and glared angrily at Patricia.Everyone froze, and the atmosphere
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CHAPTER SIX"Elevena, are you okay?" Miss Amber inquired, concerned.She was upset about how everyone bullied her and then went so far as to hurt her like this. She wished she could do something for her and as a teacher, it was her responsibility to protect Elevena, but she couldn't, which made her feel even worse."I'm sorry I couldn't help you, but you shouldn't have gone up against those rich kids."Elevena could understand Miss Amber's feelings, but she didn't like it when she said the last line and rolled her eyes, "But why? Just because they have wealthy parents doesn't mean they can do anything else. The way they treated you made my blood boil. How could they have been so impolite and disrespectful to their teacher?”She was irritated just thinking about it again. She didn't care about what they did to her, but she did care about how they treated Miss Amber. She had never seen anyone so spoiled in her life,
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What if she's human?
CHAPTER SEVENDamon's mood had already deteriorated. He awoke to such unexpected consequences, and as if that wasn't enough, he now had to deal with Patricia as well.He was already tense thinking about what would happen in three months if he couldn't find his mate, at which point he would have no choice but to marry Patricia. He could marry any girl except her; the mere mention of her name was enough to make him kill her.He had always disliked her, but his parents forced her on him for the sake of their pack. It wasn't that he didn't want to strengthen his pack, but sacrificing his life was a big deal.Thinking about seeing her face all the time in college and then at home made him even more irritated than he already was. He and Peter both went to his college's private clud, which no one was allowed to enter without Damon's permission.Peter sighed as he looked at Demon's tired face. He was his only friend and wa
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What a Douche!
CHAPTER EIGHT Damon lied to Peter, and why did he do so? He wanted to check on Elevena and see if she was okay because he blamed himself for what had happened to her. He wanted his revenge, but not in this way, and he knew Patricia wouldn't stay quiet and would do anything to get Elevena out of her way from now on. This was one of the reasons Damon despised her. She's so self-obsessed that she believes whenever something bad happens, she's always in the right and it's always the other person's fault, despite the fact that her obsession with Damon was nothing more than a headache for him. Damon was walking towards the infirmary when he had the thought, ‘What if someone sees me going there? What would I say to them, why am I going there?’ He certainly didn't want to accept that he was going to check on Elevena and that everyone would laugh at him. He tried to back up, but his inner wolf told him to go check on her
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CHAPTER NINENoah noticed Elevena walking by herself in such poor condition that her knees were bleeding, but she didn't care and kept going. When he stopped his bike in front of her, he wondered what she was trying to prove."What do you think you're doing, girl?" Noah asked, staring at her knees.He was taken aback when he saw her knees. They were bleeding and swollen, just like before the treatment. He recalled the doctor telling her not to walk for at least five hours, but she never heeded his advice."And why are you walking in this state? Can't you see your wound is getting worse?" he asked, slightly irritated."Well, that's the problem," Elevena said, closing her eyes and sighing deeply. Someone punctured my car, so I'm forced to walk home."Noah raised one of his brows, finding her response boring and lame, "Are you in need of money? Because if you are, you can borrow some from me."Noah was i
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CHAPTER TEN"She said she'd be back in five minutes and went towards the stairwell, perhaps she's in her room, changing or something," Noah explained.Harris smiled and nodded. Anyone could tell how phony Harris's smile was when he asked, trying to be nice, "Well, would you like coffee or anything, just name it?"Noah replied awkwardly, "Coffee would be fine," and Harris nodded.Harris went back into the kitchen and returned with a cup of coffee. Noah didn't want to drink or eat anything made by Harris so he  said, "Don't worry, it's poison-free, you can drink it," Harris's remark made the situation even more awkward. They start talking about different things when Harris out of the blue asked Noah, "What are you?" Noah was taking a sip of his coffee when Harris asked, and he came to a halt. Noah was stymied as he pondered what does Harris meant.Noah had no idea what he was talking about b
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