Alpha's Regret: Chasing My Rejected Luna

Alpha's Regret: Chasing My Rejected Luna

By:  sprachi12  Ongoing
Language: English
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Felicity Amee Taylor loved Massimo De Luca, the future Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack, from the moment she didn't even know the meaning of love. So, when he asked her to marry him, She didn’t think twice before saying yes. Only to realize that Massimo wanted just a perfect Luna for his pack, nothing more than that. She did what Massimo expected of her in the hope of him falling in love with her someday. But her hope was shattered like pieces of glass when Massimo found his fated mate. "Thank you for being an amazing Luna, Amee, and handling my pack. Now, it's time to step down from your position and also to reject each other." Soon, Massimo realized the value of Felicity only after losing it. Before he could undo the mistake that he had made, she disappeared from his life like thin air. * Years later, their paths accidentally crossed. "Please give me a chance, Amee." "Why? So that you can toss me again by saying ‘Thank you." She asked coldly.

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please update
2024-05-22 16:23:33
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lily jane
your skills are amazing you are gifted I must say the way you portrayed the character it was really hard to put the book down I read it in one gothank you for this masterpiece.i loved simo and felicity everything was perfect.i know it sounds weird but I think I'llbe happy if nimo and Soleil are mate
2024-04-10 21:26:09
user avatar
Kitty Rebörg
I really loved reading this book and I'm going to miss Massimo
2024-03-23 05:09:20
user avatar
Gayle Ecklund
I started this story long ago and now as I refresh my memory of it, I realized exactly why I stopped reading it.... I really don't like constantly having to reread sentences because the gender pronouns are all over the place. That really detracts from the story.
2023-12-02 08:20:48
user avatar
Jo Park
I am really enjoying this book. I look forward to seeing if we can work out some of these misunderstandings and mistakes. I hope our male lead really grows the hell up.
2023-11-06 09:35:17
default avatar
Great story (with some scary and sad moments although)! How the author can make you love the characters, this is amazing. Loved all the main characters and two love stories. The author is great!
2023-11-03 23:25:47
default avatar
Love the story. Looking forward to more chapters. It is so intense and exciting. It will be great to see what happens ;)
2023-10-25 18:02:48
user avatar
riya singh
I just love everything you write author... your books are amazing
2023-10-24 15:58:09
default avatar
Really enjoying this story.
2023-10-17 08:15:13
user avatar
Great start!!
2023-10-02 23:36:21
default avatar
So far holds my attention
2023-10-01 04:36:53
default avatar
Moralee Corrupt
Love this book. Great story line
2023-09-30 05:22:19
default avatar
Love this book
2023-09-28 20:58:05
user avatar
Mary Byrd-Edwards
Excellent book. Well written and so captivating it will keep you reading and damn near begging for more.
2023-09-24 11:17:32
user avatar
Gemini Blu
so far I love this story,,,good work,, actually excellent work ...
2023-09-21 14:51:37
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163 Chapters
1: Is she here?
Felicity*I smiled, looking at myself in the mirror. I had worn a pink satin draped tail floor-length gown, featuring a bodycon corset and thigh-high slit, and matching golden heels.This was the last time I was going to fit inside this beautiful gown because I doubted that after pregnancy I would be this slim. I smiled again at that thought.I couldn’t believe that I was pregnant and that Massimo was going to be a father now. My chosen mate, Massimo De Luca, was the Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack. And I had been in love with him from the moment I met him; I didn't even know the meaning of love. So, when he asked me to marry him, I didn’t think twice before saying yes. Only to realize that Massimo wanted just a perfect Luna for his pack, nothing more than that.I knew that discovery hurt me a lot, but by putting on a happy face, I did what Massimo expected of me in the hope of him falling in love with me someday, and it had been two years since that incident.I didn’t know whether he
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2: Thank you
Felicity*‘Dad brought you to my pack from the orphanage. Do you think that she could be your sister? Elder or younger?’I never felt bad whenever Massimo mentioned ‘my pack’ instead of ours, but for some reason tonight, I couldn’t take his words in a positive way. Maybe I was not able to use my mind properly and was scared to lose him.‘I’m the only child of my parents. No need to compare me with your mate,’ I couldn’t help but snap at him, and I gave a small nod to Luna of the neighbouring pack with a smile.I felt his eyes on me, but I looked at him with a smile. ‘I just thought... but never mind, you're too blinded by jealousy to understand anything. But what I don’t understand is why. I never promised you... He stopped when he realised something.‘I hope you aren’t pregnant yet, are you?’‘What is going on in your mind, Imo?’ Instead of answering his question. I finally asked him directly. I wasn’t a fool who couldn’t see how his eyes weren’t leaving his mate until I snapped.‘F
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3: Divorce Agreement
Felicity*I returned to the mating ball because of the responsibilities of the Luna of the pack. Even though these are the last few days of this role from now on, I wouldn’t abandon it.I checked the time before texting our family lawyer’s number to meet me at the packhouse for the preparation of the divorce agreement tomorrow. I knew he would keep this to himself, so I wasn’t worried about this news traveling like fire in the forest.I personally congratulated those pack members who found their mates while cheering for those who couldn’t find their mates tonight.Soon, Massimo joined me, and we acted like a perfect couple to avoid any gossip.*"You know that I can sense your feelings even though you’re good at faking your smile," He said while dancing. Since we were doing the Waltz, we had to come close to each other every few seconds, and his closeness was affecting me. It was breaking the tough face that I had maintained."Your point?"He hissed before speaking, "You started show
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4: In case you are pregnant
Felicity*After the three-hour drive, I finally reached Massimo’s Grandpa’s cottage, where he was spending the last couple of years of his life in memory of Grandma.Others would learn about all this divorce and rejection sooner or later. I wanted him to learn about this from me because Massimo didn’t know how to talk with his Grandpa because they never got along, especially after Massimo chose me as his chosen mate.Grandpa wanted him to choose anyone but me."If you’re here to say Goodbye for the last time, then say it and leave." I heard his voice from the kitchen as I walked inside his small and beautiful cottage. I wasn’t eyeing his homely cottage, but I loved the place where it was built between a field of colorful flowers, along with the way it was maintained by the one and only Grandpa. "If you’re planning to ask for this cottage as alimony, then remember that this belongs to me, not Simo." Finally, he came out of the kitchen with a spatula in his hand."Don’t worry, Grandpa.
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5: Pregnancy Test
Felicity*"I’m pregnant, Grandpa," I mumbled, answering the question that he had asked before."I figured that out already by realizing the amount of perfume you’ve used." He paused before continuing, "Don’t stress over the fact that he will find out about pregnancy because he won’t, not until I want him to find out about my great-grandchild. I might have retired from all the work, but everyone still listened to me before him."I knew what I was doing was wrong for my pup’s father as well as my pup, but the choice that Massimo had given me was also cruel."Join me in the kitchen now. I want to eat my favorite dessert tonight." He changed the topic.After half an hour, we settled on the table for dinner."Why are you helping me instead of your Grandson?" I couldn’t help but ask."I’m just protecting my great-grandchild's mother’s mental health in the early phase of the pregnancy because watching them together won’t be easy for you and stress might lead to miscarriage." I smiled weakly
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6: Rejection
Felicity*On the way to his office, I thought to tell him the truth about fake Amelia. I really hoped that he would trust me. One way to make him believe what I was saying was true was by asking Dad to send my childhood picture. But those proofs were for others, not for the person who knew me for a decade. At the same time, I wondered why Massimo would have called me."Come in," Hearing these two words, I walked inside his cabin and saw him reading a file. I headed towards him and sat on the chair next to him. I didn’t miss him taking a deep breath as if he were inhaling my scent to find out about his pup."So, what’s the matter?" I asked, coming directly to the point. His eyes thinned, and he kept the file aside."How can you not be pregnant?""Did you receive the results of the tests already? I questioned him, ignoring his question."Yes!! And that’s why I’m asking, How is this possible? How can you not be pregnant? Did you take pills to avoid pregnancy?""No," I responded. I could
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7: I still belong to her
Massimo*She accepted it.She accepted the rejection.Tears rolled out of my eyes, even though they were closed. I didn’t know whether it was because of the pain of rejection or the pain of losing her as a perfect partner.I wouldn’t lie, but I wasn’t really expecting any of these. I wasn’t expecting her to hurt my fated mate out of jealousy. I wasn’t expecting her to plan to make a divorce agreement. I wasn’t expecting her not to be pregnant. I wasn’t expecting her to accept the rejection. I wasn’t expecting her to be that strong.Sighing, I recalled how my relationship with her went from good to bad in two days. We could have split like a mature couple without fighting and arguing like adults, but everything went downhill when she attacked Amelia.To be honest, I wouldn’t have trusted her if Felicity’s scent hadn't lingered on her skin.And for the first time, I did something that I had never done before. I raised my voice at her in front of others.But then, she too did something
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8: I lost Felicity
Massimo*I kept getting updates on Felicity from Isla throughout the day. I was positive that in the situation in which she was, she wouldn’t sign the divorce agreement and would need at least some time. Still, I added some stupid terms like she had to leave the packhouse after signing the agreement and no monetary help from my end until the divorce would be finalized to hold her back. After all, she was an orphan and had nowhere to go.Oh boy! She proved to me how wrong I was when I learned that she had not just signed the paper but also left the packhouse with nothing but a purse and her car that I had gifted her on her 20th birthday.I couldn’t just go from being an asshole to a jerk by asking her to return that car or anything that I bought for her.I would have been worried sick for her if there hadn't been a tracker installed in her car for safety reasons. I knew where she was heading, so I already informed Grandpa and requested that he not kick her out as usual, but he disconn
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9: Lost child
Massimo*I stayed in my office, sitting on the couch, not knowing what to do next after changing my password and removing her fingerprint from my phone.This was what I always wanted in my life, but now that I had it, I wasn’t feeling it right. One of the reasons behind this feeling was that I felt guilty for hurting Felicity.Grabbing my phone, I thought to call and check on her because her situation would be worse than mine; after all, she wasn’t an Alpha blood.What if she ended up losing Venus?I hope that won’t be the case. I tried to mind-link Venus, but I couldn’t. Fear crept into my heart as I thought about the worst. I quickly dialed her number, but after one single phone ring, your call was diverted to her voicemail.[How are you feeling, Amee? I’m sorry for the pain. I know my apologies won’t heal you, but I hope you will have the heart to forgive me and we can be back to being friends just like we were before.] I sent her a text and waited for her response, but I didn’t re
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10: It's their loss, not yours
Felicity*I groaned and opened my eyes lazily. I smiled when I heard the beautiful voice of birds."Imo, wake up. You need to hear this beautiful sound," I chirped and looked at the other side of the bed to wake up Massimo, who wasn’t an early bird. I always had to kick him out of bed forcefully so that he could attend the training.My smile immediately fell when I saw the empty side of the bed. Not just that it wasn’t our bed or our room. I should correct ‘our’ to ‘his’ because I own nothing if he wasn’t mine.Tears pooled in my eyes when I realized where I was and why.I ran my hand on my stomach to check on my pup. ‘Venus, is our pup all right?’ I asked.‘Yeah. We might have lost him if I hadn't handled most of the pain.‘Him?’‘I have got a feeling that it’s a boy. In 95% of cases, the firstborn is always a boy who is born to lead the pack and become a leader.’ I didn’t comment on that part because, out of all my seven relatives, only one family was blessed with a female pup as t
Read more Protection Status