An Omega Rank’s Life

An Omega Rank’s Life

By:  YourKrish  Ongoing
Language: English
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Cora is an Omega rank who is constantly bullied. She wants nothing more than to be loved and accepted for who she is. She is the family's breadwinner, yet she is bullied by both her parents and siblings. Her life isn't as colorful as that of wolves, which is why she strives for equality. You should be appreciated regardless of your rank. Until she met a man one day. Will that man be able to assist her in achieving her goals or will he destroy her?

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14 Chapters
Chapter 1
I yawned and averted my gaze. I almost forgot it was my first day of school. I'm glad I got up early, even though I forgot to set the alarm the day before. I scratched my head and took a deep breath. I went straight to the bathroom to perform my ritual. I was embarrassed to leave my room, but there was nothing I could do. I immediately went out after getting dressed and arranging myself. Their happy faces made it appear as if there was no problem, but when they saw me, Mama folded her arms and Papa remained silent. Their auras had shifted, and I could sense it. In my head, I couldn't help but smile. “Sit down and let's eat, Cora,” I said as I slid into the empty seat and quietly ate my meal while they chatted happily. My parent and sibling are both Betas, but I'm the only one who isn't. I'm also baffled as to how that happened. All I know is that an Omega feels the heat every month, and when they smell the Omega's scent when he or she is in heat, all
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Chapter 2
I couldn't take it any longer and just stood in front of them. Hopefully, they'll believe they've gone too far. This is no longer acceptable. I'm not sure if they truly despise us or if they simply despise our rank. Is it because even their mates or partners act erratically when we're hot? Is that correct? "What exactly is your issue? We're all wolves, right? The only thing that isn't right is the way you treat us!" I turned to face them all and stared at them intently. "You have no right to speak to us! What kind of person do you believe you are?" she said as someone inquired while smiling. “Is that still a question? Of course, she is the Omega, and all wolves want to taste her when she is in heat.” My jaw clenched because of what she said. "They even want to taste them!" someone exclaims to the side, laughing maniacally. Their souls are black and hard to see, so they shouldn't just be b
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Chapter 3
As I wiped the table, the man stood up. "Thank you very much, Sir. Please come again!" I pledged cheerfully, but he didn't respond. He simply continued walking. I took the tray with the dishes and glasses and placed it in the food container right away. While nothing else was going on, I went straight to the kitchen and began washing the dishes. I hurried to soap it up because there were so many customers. After all, I'm used to it, so we haven't seen it before. Because a crew member or waiter cannot be slow, I learnt to wash dishes rapidly. I went home right after a couple hours at work. The manager was friendly and helpful in some ways, and he gave us a few minutes to eat. That's also true because I don't eat lunch or dinner at this time. When I go home, I won't be hungry or irritated. When I'm not with them, they usually don't feed me. They are used to it. Assume the food was prepared exclusively for them. They didn't even consider that I needed food. I'm sure
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Chapter 4
I didn’t know what to do when he suddenly appeared in front of me. As far as I know, all wolves go crazy when they smell Omega being heated. But why does the man in front of me seem untouched? I'm confused. Maybe he's not Omega, is he? He immediately approached me and knelt in front of me. Even though he was a little far away from me, I could still hear his heartbeat. I don’t know if he was nervous or just tired of running. I just shook my head and avoided his eyes. I was still panting and sweating, but the nervousness was more dominant because I had someone with me here. He was also unfamiliar with me. The only surprise was that he was wearing a Wolf University uniform. That means he smelled me when I entered this forest. Suddenly, I swallowed my saliva because I was nervous. What if someone smells my scent too? That's dangerous! Maybe we’re not the only ones here in the forest. My palms started to
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Chapter 5
The next day, I immediately took a shower. Even if my body and private parts hurt, I have no other choice because I still have a class. I can't be absent just because my body hurts. If I made that excuse, Samantha and her friends might get even angrier. Even if I don't want to get their attention, even if I'm absent or present, it's still unavoidable because Omega is my rank.   I just gasped and boredly combed my hair while looking in the mirror. What is the best thing to do now after my class? I can't hang out in the classroom because they will only hurt me.   What about in the forest? But maybe the man who helped me is there again. I don't want to see him. Aside from being embarrassing, his fans might have beaten me up even more. That’s scary! It's also impossible that no one likes that man or fan club because he's handsome and I feel like he's also an Alpha.   I patted my cheek lightly and shook my head at the same ti
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Chapter 6
When I noticed that it was 1:00 a.m., I immediately left the kitchen. They put the plates in the sink one after the other, and I didn't want to dump them, so I washed them. But it's too much and every minute they bring new plates, so in the end, I was there to hang out.   Tiresome! I can already feel the pain in my palm. Perhaps there have already been sores from the excessive dryness of the soap. I'll just treat it like at home when I get there. I have a first aid kit there, so it's nice. Instead of buying medicine again because I can't stand it anymore, That costs even more, and the mall is far away from here.   I also notice the man who's wearing a hoodie on the side. It feels like he's familiar. Has he been here before? He seemed to be waiting for something and was also busy fiddling with his cellphone. I just shook my head and went out.    I went home early because I came here early. After my class earlier, I i
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7   Third Person Point of View   "Dude, I saw a beautiful hot wolf when we were heading to the cafeteria," Joaquin said while smiling.   "Man, since when did you see an ugly wolf?" Fredrick asked and ate the burger.   Damien's childhood friends Fredrick and Joaquin were killed by Their parents are friends, and that’s why they also became friends. Even if Damien doesn’t want to be with them because he finds them annoying, he has no choice since they will still follow and bother him even if he tries to avoid them.   They’re at their cafeteria, eating some snacks since it’s their break time. Many of the students are looking at them since they’re one of the most popular students on their campus since their ranks and status are the reasons.   "Can you guys please stop talking about women?" Damien asked, trying to calm his ass. He felt uncomfortable wheneve
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Chapter 8
"Are you feeling better now?" Damien asked Cora, who is now panting and sweating so hard. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, thinking if she should admit what she was feeling after they did that. But when Damien still smelled her scent, he whispered a curse.   "Why is it your scent isn’t fading?" he muttered to her, which made Cora blush because of embarrassment. Since he wanted to help her, he helped her again until they felt tired.   After a few moments, her scent was still there and the heat didn’t fade away. Both of them didn’t know what to do, so Damien fixed her uniform, and when he was finally done, he fixed himself too. It’s the first time that Cora felt hot, even if they've already done that many times, which made her nervous.   While Damien took his phone from his pocket and dialed the number of the doctor to ask for it since he doesn’t know what is happening to Cora. When the doctor answered the call,
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Chapter 9
Days have passed. Damien is always checking on Cora in her class. Whenever he has free time, he will immediately go to their building without her knowing. His friends started to feel confused by the way Damien acted, so Joaquin confronted him about what he was doing in other buildings or departments.   "Yen," Joaquin called out to Damien, so Damien immediately looked at Joaquin, who was now looking at him intently.   "Hey," he said, and began reading their lesson. They’re now in the College of Management building, where many students were looking at them. Joaquin and Fredrick have no choice but to follow their friend, but since they are really confused, they came up with a plan to ask their friend so that they would understand what was going on.   "What are we doing here?" Joaqu
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Chapter 10
Days passed, Damien always waited for Cora in front of their department, and all of the students there always looked at Damien as if they really adored him and couldn’t help but throw a glare at Cora, who did nothing and tried to avoid him as much as possible.   "Can you please leave me alone?" Cora asked and looked at Damien, who was beside her.   He made his lips a thin line as if he was getting angry, but he tried to calm himself and answered, "No."   Cora had no choice but to roll her eyes at him and start walking. She doesn’t know where she should go since Damien doesn’t want to leave her side. Cora began to assume as a result of his gestures and can't help but feel frustrated due to their disparity in social status and ranks.She also doesn’t know if he’s being serious abou
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