An old man's dying wish

An old man's dying wish

By:  dani19  Ongoing
Language: English
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True is an ex assassin,Joe, Josephine is an actress,with a secret disorder,which makes her want to live the life of her characters. True's grandad might not make it quarter way through the new year,and requests one thing from True. That he gets himself a girlfriend. Will True be able to find someone he can truly relate to and can Joe find solace somewhere and learn her who she really is? Can they both work together,pretending to be a couple and get the one thing they both need from the world. Can they both find freedom?

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5 Chapters
New Year's Eve party
Ten fifteen PMUgh! Why did I even agree to come with, sometimes,I surprise myself with my own decisions.My idiotic best friend was a few steps in front,trying to score a date,but he was getting rejected badly.I scoffed,and rolled my eyes,I checked my watch,I've been standing here for at least five minutes,outside of the party.I don't even know whose party it is,but I allowed my friend drag me here and now am regretting my choice.I decided to go in,I grew tired of waiting pointlessly,I passed a glance in the direction of my friend,looks like he actually found himself a date...lucky him.The inside was quite loud,but I didn't mind it,I've been to louder places.It was just like any other,noise,drinks and plenty of ladies.The house was quite large,it had an indoor pool,and an outdoor pool as well.Some fool had taken the chandelier down and filled it with beer.I had my hand in my pocket,walking around,getting shoved by
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True you gotta stay true to your word
"Slow down!"JoJo said,but knew that it was of no use,once my mind was focused on something,nothing could ever shake me. I was fixated on the road,I blocked out the outside world and focused majorly on getting to the hospital. My heart pounding,it brought back memories...."You coward!"JoJo teased,I was stalking a girl from my school,and JoJo found it entertaining."She'll hear us you Jack!"I cautioned.The girl tilted her head and we both retreated to hide somewhere safe,and out of site."You think she saw us?"JoJo asked,his heart pounding,I looked in her direction,she had vanished."True?""She's gone"I said.We came out of hiding,only for the girl and her group of friends to come after us with cans and dirt.We ran as fast as we could,and eventually lost them,much to our relief.We ran so far,and so fast that we decided to save the bus fare money.JoJo's house was closer,and he had a working fan.My parents had rece
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The good,The bad and The True
JoJo held unto me,I was devastated,and heartbroken,the doctors had been in there for about an hour,my palm was sweaty,and I was short of breath.That always happened to me anytime I got nervous or scared,which rarely happens,and when it does it is severe."True are you alright..."JoJo was saying,his voice becoming faint,I desperately watched the shadows of the people inside trying to catch my breath,and before I  knew it,I passed out.*******My vision was blurred, I tried to make out my surroundings,and get a hold of myself.The bed was soft,too soft to be my bed,my guess was right,I was in the hospital.I hated being admitted,I wonder why I was placed in here,I scratched the back of my head,drowsy.I gently got out of bed, the bright light of the room,wasn't helping,luckily I found the drapes and drew the curtains,the fabric of the curtain was soft.I pulled out the drip,but as if on cue, nurse Fumi came in,holding a folder.
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Living the Lie
"When get a girlfriend?"grandad asked,with a comical expression."Yeah true,when did YOU get a girlfriend!"JoJo yelled."shhhh!You're in a hospital!"Nurse Fumi cautioned,and led the other nosey patients away."True, did you actually get yourself a girlfriend?"JoJo whispered to me,in front of grandad,making it less of a whisper."Yes"I placed a lot of stress on the word yes."Who the hell let you date them?"JoJo asked bewildered."What's that supposed to mean?""Am just saying,no normal right thinking woman would ever think about dating you!"JoJo said."Is it true? you really have a girlfriend?"grandad asked."Yes,Yes I do,I have a girl,who I love and who loves me"I said,and I thought immediately about that girl and the new year countdown."It's there"grandad said."What?"I asked,he gently smiled,"your eyes"he said in a metaphoric tone."You gotta be shitting me..."JoJo said.
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Grandad meets the girlfriend
Anon said she would forward the picture of the target to me,that I would get it at about ten pm.I guess I would become an insomniac again,doing these things always deprived me of my sleep,I could barely get a good night's rest.Hiding this from JoJo would be my greatest challenge yet,lying was no issue.The only crisis was that he stuck around longer than needed,JoJo was my Shadow,unless I was good enough to elude my Shadow I would have to tell him the truth.He would be heart broken, we both swore never to go back to that kind of life,we wanted it to be over and done with.My phone vibrated.It was a text from JoJo.I read through it and slapped my head,and cursed under my breath.I speed dialed him,and he picked up almost immediately,he must have been expecting my call."True,drag your sorry self here this moment!""Can't you just stall him?""I tried,but you know he's much smarter than that,he's so strict about meeting your girlfriend""What d
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