Angel Diaries {Mystic Realms 1}

Angel Diaries {Mystic Realms 1}

By:  Nyxie Delor  Completed
Language: English
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"Whoever said one person can't make a difference was wrong."I'm Nyxie, a fallen angel of Heaven. Why? During the wars of Heaven and Hell, I turned on Heaven. Why? Love, but this isn't your typical love story. I fell from grace and now live in Hell. I regret nothing! But in a realm where demons still despise and kill angels, can I survive or will Hell swallow me with its sinners?Psychology (Mental Illness)|Mature Themes

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Julia Nora
great story! definitely will be reading your another books :) i am wondering, do you have any social media to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-19 17:32:53
default avatar
mazing book! Loved it! You tell a beautiful story!
2020-09-22 16:42:14
29 Chapters
I just wanted to say hello and thank you for reading this book! Or at least considering so. I will be your author and host of the adventure, Rayven. What inspired this book? Well, let me tell ya!
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Chapter 1
(- - -) indicates a flashback~Nyxie~I wandered the castle of Hell, adjusting to my new life. Who would have imagined that a half angel would end up being Princess of Hell? It seemed as thou
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Chapter 2
(- - - ) indicates flashbackI was patrolling the recently made grassland in Hell, observing how well the plants had adapted. The jaded jasmine shrubs were thriving, the lily roses were in blossom and the grass was sprouting. So far the plants had adapted well. From what I had seen, the new animals had thrived as well. I was pleased with how well things had turned out. Satisfied, I headed to the castle.
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Chapter 3
Our love making had been very passionate, even more so now that we had rediscovered a deeper connection to each other. I rolled over, seeing Erys sleeping. It was rare that I saw him sleep. He looked so peaceful. I rubbed my eyes and stretched, yawning. What time was it? I glanced out his window, seeing a mid morning sun. So maybe about 9 or 10? Getting out of bed, I managed to find my clothes under his bed. Quietly dressing, I left the room. The castle was eerily quiet. I reflected on my dreams, which I had assumed were more memories of my childhood. I had seen Erys and I playing together as kids, he called me featherfluff and I called him mirror hair. The nicknames we had... We had argued over hair brushing, his hair to be exact.
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Chapter 4
Over the next two weeks, Zuko helped me as more memories surfaced. Though one memory was especially hard to cope with. When I had been mated to Daniel, we had adopted an orphaned tiger cub named Alexisia Esmerelda Myrai. When Daniel and I had split, he had kidnapped her and kept her in Heaven. I hadn't seen her in 17 years. Did she even remember me? Did she know I was her mom? What was Daniel doing to her? All these questions buzzed around in my head. And I couldn't shake the feeling that something had gone terribly wrong. What was bothering me so much? The feeling kept growing and growing. I only paced as my intuition nagged away at my sanity.
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Chapter 5
TW: kidnapping, tortureAll Latin will be translated at the bottom of the chapter
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Chapter 6
I opened my eyes to see Ally staring at me. "Shit fuck, monkey balls, Ally!" I must have molted a pillow. "Don't do that!" I let out a huge breath.Ally waved feathers from her face. "Sorry, Mom but I was just so excited and couldn't wait!""Couldn't wait for what? It honestly couldn't have wait
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Chapter 7
~Ally~Rune was waving her pet rooster at everyone, demanding they look at her cock. The word play was cute but slightly out of taste. She was so glad to have escaped from Daniel. He was controlling, paranoid and just plain obnoxious. He always blamed Nyxie for everything that had gone wrong. For as long as she remembered, he would blame her for everything. Not enough work to provide for them? Nyxie's fault. He was late getting home? Her fault. It was raining? Her fault. It was just plain ridicu
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Chapter 8
~Nyxie~I had gone to my room to work on some clothes. But I just couldn't shake the feeling of restlessness that overcame me. I left my room and started pacing down the hall and to the throne room. Ally must have gone somewhere after I had gone in my room, the others as well. Only Salax was in the throne room. I sat in a chair and bit my finger. What was my intuition trying to tell me?
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Chapter 9
~Kali~Kali greeted everyone the next morning as she came into the royal castle. "Morning, everyone!" Salax, Len and Erys all waved. "How are you all doing this fine morning?"Len answered her question with a question. "How are Rose and the princes
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