Arranged to the Alpha

Arranged to the Alpha

By:  Kay Sharp  Ongoing
Language: English
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A shy 17-year-old girl learns her father has arranged for her to marry an alpha from another pack. Not happy that she is not taking over her father's pack she grows to resent her father, mother as she tries to resist her new alpha but is finding it harder and harder to do.

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is there going to be an update or any more chapters
2021-08-16 02:54:33
15 Chapters
Chapter 1
I woke up this morning feeling anxious for some reason, shaking the feeling I got up and started to get ready for school. Looking in the mirror I scan my body looking at all my imperfections, the scars that are on my legs and arms from countless hours of training, and the small muffin top I have barely hanging over the side of my jeans. I wasn't built like most of our kind I was shorter which meant I was "Stocker" as my dad says than most of the other she-wolfs. Most were skinny and tall and had perfectly portion bodies, however stood at 4 feet and just barely 9 inches. I had thick thighs that rubbed together as I walked and would constantly rip my jeans my tummy was flat with just a small amount of a muffin top and my chest well I was more than blessed with those than most. I found myself lost in looking at my face, at the small scar that runs at the corner of my face, it ran from my right ear to almost the middle of my cheek. I was born with it but no one could ever tell us why I
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Chapter 2
I left school and headed straight home. Pulling in the driveway I notice my mother unloading shopping bags from the car. I hop out and grab as many bags as I can and take them inside. Looking at all the food she has just gotten I ask " What is all this for?" she looks at me and mutters " We are having guests over tonight for dinner" there was something off about that way she looked at me. I brushed it off and asked if she needed help putting things away, she shook her head no and motioned for me to leave her be. Walking away Tia pops up and says " Well that was strange did you see her look?". Tia is my wolf, we've never shifted before, she tells me we are not ready but in time it will happen. "There was nothing wrong with her I tell Tia, She is just trying to put the food away stop thinking too much into it I tell her." "If you say so," Tia says as she fades back into my mind.  I bumped into my brother in the hall, "Watch it small fry" he growled. "What's with you Dilli
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Chapter 3
"Kaedence, did you hear me?" Looking at my father I felt a wave of heat come across my face when I lashed back "Excuse me!? I have trained my whole life to become alpha of this pack, I've worked 100 times harder than anyone else to get here, and for what just to hand to over to the golden child because of some stupid fucking tradition?" cursing made my father leave his seat, "now young lady you will not speak to me in that tone or use that language in my house do you understand?" I snapped back "Oh I forgot I am not the chosen one in this family I don't get to say or do whatever I want" I felt my mother's grip on my hand get tighter. I shot this evil look towards my brother, "you knew, you knew about this and didn't tell me?" He went to go speak but I shut him out "no you don't get to talk to me. I've always had your back, picked up your slack, and have made you into the warrior you are today! with out me you would be nothing!" I hissed. My father slammed his hand down on the table
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Chapter 4
"Kaedence, can I come in?" Dillion asked through my door, "Go away" I shout. I hear my door push open. "Come on now small fry don't be like this," he says. I scoff at his statement. "Look I know you're mad at me but father made me swear not to tell you. I only found out a week ago myself" Giving him I grim look I could see the sincerity in his eyes. "You really didn't know?" I asked, "No! I swear on the moon Goddess, Father just told me last week" he sighs. "I understand if you hate me but just know you're the best big little sister anyone could ask for," he says with a smile while grabbing my hand. Just then a tap came to my door we both looked up and it was my father. "Dillion could you excuse us for a moment" Dillion quickly stood up and left my room. "Yes alpha?" I asked, this made him bare his teeth. "Do not call me that! you are my daughter and you shall address me as father" he snarled. "Yes, father," I said half rolling my eyes. "What you did tonight was unacceptable young l
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Chapter 5
Tia flutter around in my head making me more nervous, "Talk to him" she says "say something, I cannot take this silence" I cleared my throat which seemed to catch Devllins attention. "How long is the drive?" Devllin shifts in his seat as if he was uncomfortable. "It is about an hour's drive to the airport," He said in a hushed tone as if he was trying to be gentle while talking to me. "Airport?" I questioned. He shook his head, "our pack is from Quillayute, that is in Washington" He said still talking in a hushed tone. My eyes widened realizing that I am moving across the states, I wouldn't be just a couple of hours away from the place I called home my whole life. I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding as the weight of his words sank over my body.The rest of the car ride was silent beside an occasional sniffle coming from my nose. Pulling up to a gate at the airport the guard let us through without question. Shifting in my seat as I look around we pull up to jet s
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Chapter 6
I felt like I had slept for hours when I felt a tap on my arm. Stirring around I looked up and saw Devllin looking at me, he looked at me with this ever so soft look on his face which was quickly wiped away once he realized I noticed. He cleared his throat " We are getting ready to land and they need you to put your seat belt on" I shook my head and sat back in the leather seat beside him. He began to tell me that his pack doesn't know much of me being here so we were to go straight to the pack house and not to make any stops until he felt comfortable with me leaving the house. Rolling my eyes "great I really am going to be held as a prisoner" I scoffed. "Kaedence, please try and understand it is nothing like that" he sighed. I pause for a moment and take in that he just said my name for the first time, it sent a small flutter of what felt like butterflies over me. I quickly brush off the feeling," sure, whatever" I huffed. He let out a sigh as if had been defeated or maybe he just
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Chapter 7
I must have stood there for what felt like hours. This was going to be my new home, my new pack. I didn't like the idea much it made me feel more homesick than I already was. I thought of my mother I found myself wondering what she was doing at this moment, was she out in her garden tending to the flowers and vegetables? had I even crossed her mind? I thought of my father, was he even thinking of me? I pictured him sitting in his office in his brown leather chair as I felt a tear fall down my cheek. Hell, I even missed Maddie messing with me. It was then I felt myself cry harder when Dillion crossed my mind. I and Dillion hadn't always gotten along but he was my only true friend, besides Sara. I tried to mind-link with him but he ignored it. Feeling broken I went inside and started to unpack my stuff. Going into the closet I noticed there were already some very exquisite outfits hanging up as well as shoes on the shoe rack. I started putting my clothes on hangers and in
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Chapter 8
I woke up in the middle of the night to the wind howling and thunder clapping and lightning flashing making the whole room illuminate, realizing the power is out I get up to find a flashlight. Not being able to find one I did find a candle and lighter in my room. I placed the lit candle on my side table and walked to my balcony doors watching this storm wreak havoc on the trees outside seeing the ocean waves smash into the side of the mountain sending sprays of water everywhere when I caught a glimpse of a dark figure standing near the edge of the cliff. I swung open my doors and walked to the edge of my balcony instantly becoming soaked from the rain, trying to get a closer look to see who it was. I called out to them but they never moved, I stood on the railing of my balcony and started to wave my arms and yelling trying to get their attention when I lost my balance and went over the railing. I was dangling 3 stories above the ground holding on as tight as I could to the ledge kno
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Chapter 9
As I opened the door a gust of freezing air hit me in the face sending chills all down my body, there was a spiral staircase that was dark and damp, I wanted to go down but Tia popped up "Don't do it, I have a bad feeling about this" she said. I shrugged her off and started walking down the stairs taking each step at a time to make sure I don't slip. I make it to the bottom and see cells. "This must be their dungeon" I whisper. I see a bulletin board hanging in one of the cells, it has pictures of my whole family up there including my own. I step forward to get a better look when I hear a door open from the other side of the dungeon, I quickly turn to run up the stairs I can hear their muffled voices as they get closer, I am taking two steps at a time when I slip and hit my head on one of the steps. I let out a grown "What was that?" I hear one of them say. I can hear them start walking up the steps, I pull myself up and barely made it to the door to close it, I run out of the study
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Chapter 10
Devllin's POV She let out a loud gasp and fell back into me holding my hands right, her hair smelt like cherry blossoms and vanilla as the curls bounced around in my face. Her eyes were brighter than normal, her face full of excitement. I had hung lights across the whole outdoor area, there were flower petals scattered around the floor, I had a table set up for a romantic candlelight dinner, I had spent most of my day setting this up I wanted this to be perfect I need her to know how much she means to me, how bad I want her to be mine not just as my mate but I wanted to taste her lips on mine to feel my hands run all over her body. I crave her touch, her attention, I've only known her for two days but there isn't anything I wouldn't do for her. I hate that she is resentful towards me but I understand. Her face is glowing with happiness, we sit down at the table and I have the whole dinner course planned out, she was acting all bubbly, this is a side I haven't seen before, sh
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