At the end of love

At the end of love

By:  Godwin Hosanna Aga  Ongoing
Language: English
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Growing up in a broken home and opposite a married couple who did nothing but fight, Diana Young swore off marriage and everything to do with it. People say that love ends when marriage starts and since marriage is love's destination, it was kind of ironic. But Diana believed it was all the bit true.Everyone's disappointed at the pot of gold that is not found at the end of the rainbow. Love was like that, she thought. A disappointment. Perhaps she just needed the right person to show her the real pot of gold. What is really found at the end of love, because maybe, just maybe, love doesn't end at all.

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20 Chapters
                     Dedicated to my late parents–Mr and                     Mrs Godwin Alfa.                      ~~~~****~~~~  Unicorns and rainbows were all that mattered to me. What else would matter to a six year old?I smiled to myself and held the tiny hand of my little sister."I'm your Mommy now," I said sweetly to the two year old that was only interested in drinking from the juice box in her hand.Snatching the juice box from her hand I said, "call me Mommy."She opened her little mouth to cry, but I quickly stuffed it with her pacifier and plac
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Chapter 1
"I believe in love." I mockingly mimicked the stupid cheesy romance movie that was playing on my curved screen TV and rolled my eyes.  This was something I would have said if I was actually in a perfect relationship. Plus, there was no such thing as a perfect relationship. Never have I ever had a guy that gave me peace. Instead, I always ended up with brutal and selfish men.  "My love for you is like a rainbow." The ginger head boy said to his supposed lover and immediately, I picked up my remote and switched the TV off. "Love my ass!" I spat, laughing hysterically then I sobbed–what a drama queen. I laid on my blac
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Chapter 2
Lightening flashed and illuminated my symphony blue room that was neatly arranged by Curt and-my eyes involuntarily rolled themselves at the mention of his name. I needed to get rid of everything that reminded me of him. Sadly, I couldn't throw my room away. Maybe, I could sell my house and travel to Hawaii–definitely a big no.My body was weak and I couldn't explain just how bitter I felt inside of me. Why didn't I just end the relationship if I wasn't happy with it? Well, you guessed right. He was a silver tongued devil! That was why trying to end it was like squeezing water out of a rock.Taking in a deep breath, I turned to face the door with my body secured under my warm channel duvet. I was a sucker for that designer. Heck, I even got a channel vibrator. Okay, there was no such thing as a channel vibrator–I was lying and no, I definitely did not own a vibrator.The soft knock on my door drew me out of my
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Chapter 3
I stared at him in disbelief and blinked once then twice before his words echoed in my head again.Magic handsMagic handsMagic handsI snapped back to reality and my eyes couldn't help, but drift down to view inbetween his legs that were wide open. His black briefs clung to his body like a second skin and a cold shiver ran down my spine at how richly endowed he was at that area."Am I getting the back massage or what?" He questioned."Should I call you a massage therapist?" I questioned, pointing at my bag."I want the massage therapist standing in front of me." He flashed me a wink."I'm not a massage therapist, sir.""Just give me a massage.""Th-There's no massage oil." I fished out an excuse from my head and gave myself a high five in my mind."Says who?" He ached his brows and pulled out a bottle of oil fr
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Chapter 4
He tightened his grip on my neck and I could have sworn it was Eddie because it smelt like him, but I wasn't sure because my hallway was dark. I clawed his hand that was around my neck and struggled to breathe.  "St-st-help." I tried to scream, but it came out as a whimper. Finally, he released my neck and punched the wall beside my head severally–caging my heart in fear. "How dare you?" He growled in such a way that it echoed in my hallway.  I bent a little and rubbed my neck, coughing like a cat that swallowed a bone.  "Answer me!" He thundered and I searched for the light switch on the wall.  "What-what hav
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Chapter 5
I took a step out of my body and walked into memory lane, feeling numb.I crept out of my room in a loose night wear that was in form of a big blue shirt. Glancing left and right, I slowly pushed Sam's door open and saw her sobbing on the floor. It weakened my heart. Her head was on both her arms and her jet black hair was orderless. "Has he gone?" I inquired.She looked up at me with bloodshot eyes and a swollen cheek, trying to force a smile. "Sam, are you okay?" I asked, feeling compassion for her. "Yes, he just left and I'm fine." Her voice shook, but she tried to compose herself. "Help me." She stretched a hand to me so I could help drag her up. I held on tight to her warm, shaky hands and pulled her up with the little strength the fifteen year old Diana could muster. I hated the life I wa
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Chapter 6
I bent rigid to the spot with my butt still facing the attendees. I shut my eyes tight and prayed for the divine intervention of God. Let a big chunk of the roof fall on them, especially Mitch.I widened my eyes and felt a heavy feeling in the depths of my stomach.Hello, brain! This is the time you tell me what to do. I blinked once, then twice before deciding to check if I had granny panties on. To my disappointment, It was a red g-string. No wonder I heard wolf whistling from the back."What's that?" The fat man asked and strolled behind me to feed his eyes with what the others were eating.Finally, I stood upright and waves of embarrassment hit me in the face as their eyes bored holes into my skin. There was this lump in my throat that I was finding hard to swallow. If there was something I hated so much, it was embarrassment.Suck it in, bitch!
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Chapter 7
One, dramatic flash back.Tcee and I were seated in her car on our way to the salon–she had promised to drive and spoil me to stupor tonight. Excitement was rushing through my veins and I couldn't wait to drink all my heartaches away. Plus, I had to see my therapist tomorrow evening–I sighed and rested my elbow on the door.Eddie made his way into my head and I shoved him out immediately, I needed nothing to spoil my mood tonight. He was probably too scared to show his sorry ass in my house after getting his butt kicked by my boss."You okay?" She asked with her eyes on the road and the gentle breeze blowing frosty strands of her hair around."Yeah, I just remembered I have this hydrotherapy thing tomorrow." I rested my chin in my palm and pierced my eyes out of the window, counting the trees we passed."I heard those stuffs are relaxing." She made a r
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Chapter 8
There was this great feeling of euphoria in me that I couldn't help, but laugh at nothing in particular with my hands in the air.  "I believe I can fly!" I yelled, spreading my arms like they were wings. "I believe I can touch the sky!"  Wings sprouted from my back and I widened my eyes in amazement. There were pink clouds around me and even on the floor–mirroring cotton candies, I bet they tasted nice.  "Woah!" I laughed, staring strangely at my fingers because there were fire works shooting out of them. In no time, I had gotten the attention of the crowd and they cheered for me, beckoning me to use my new wings.  "One, two...three!" I jumped off the table and landed
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Chapter 9
I quietly made my way into the sitting room and almost had a mini heart attack when I saw a man sitting on a black sofa with an apple tablet in his hands. This house was definitely familiar because a bitch owned it, a bitch I knew! I clenched my jaw, wishing I could break those glasses sitting comfortably on the bridge of his nose. My jaw unclenched when I remembered he had saved me from selling my virginity in the club, but what if he touched me inappropriately? I clenched my jaw again then released it when I remembered he made me lay comfortably on his bed. Perhaps he didn't touch me.  He was still oblivious of my presence so I slowly took a step back, but bumped into a flower vase and sent it crashing noisily on the floor. Mitch snapped his head up and gazed emptily at me without blinking or moving a
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