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It's a typical day in Sunhill, a small town in America, until a body is found in a dark alley. The death is ruled a homicide, and the investigation begins. As the police try to uncover the truth, more bodies were discovered. The whole town is suddenly in the grip of fear as their once peaceful home is long gone and now a place of tears and sorrow. It became clear that there's a serial killer on the loose. As the bodies pile up, fear grips the town of Sunhill. No one feels safe anymore. They're afraid to leave their homes at night, and parents keep a close eye on their children. Everyone is on edge, and it seems like the killer could strike at any moment. The police seem to be trying their best but they couldn't apprehend the killer. A group of high schoolers, who were sad about the events occurring in their hometown were determined to find the truth, but they have no idea what they're up against. They may be in over their heads, but they can't give up now. The high schoolers decide to launch their own investigation. They know they have to work together if they want to solve the murders. But as they delve deeper into the mystery, they find themselves being targeted by the killer. They start to receive threatening messages, and one of them even disappears without a trace. They're running out of time, and they must find the truth before it's too late. Some of them start to suspect that the killer could be someone they know. Will the killer be caught before they strike again? Will they be able to solve the case before they become the killer's next victim?

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21 Chapters
It was a typical day at Sunhill High, and the students were all in class, working on their latest assignments. In Ms. Johnson's class, the students were getting ready to start a new science project. Alice sat at her desk, looking confident and self-assured as she waited for the class to begin. Next to her, Nora sat quietly, her eyes fixed on the teacher's desk. The tension in the room was palpable, and the students could feel it in the air.Ms. Johnson stood up and began speaking, "Good morning, everyone! Today, we'll be starting a new science project…" she paused. "I've divided you all into groups of four," all the students groaned, revealing their disinterest. Ms. Johnson continued. "The groups will work together to complete the project. For this project, you'll be researching a local ecosystem. Each group will be assigned a different ecosystem, and you'll need to research its plants, animals, and other characteristics. You'll then write a report on your findings and present it to
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"Oh there is a wallet here," Fred called the attention of the others. He picked it up and made to open it before Nora snatched it from his hands."Give it to me me," she said."Fine," Fred raised his hands defensively. "Hey! That is not fine. You can't just snatch something from someone like that." Alice fired at Nora. She snatched the wallet from her hands. "Give it back," Nora yelled."No I won't," Alice said. She tossed the wallet over to Reggie as Nora advanced towards her. "There is a passport, some money and some stuffs.." Reggie said, his voice trailing off.As Fred looked more closely at the bag, he realized that the body was inside it. The person had been stuffed into the bag and left in the forest. "Guys you need to see this," Fred said in horror. They all moved closer to the bag.The group was horrified, and they didn't know what to do.Suddenly, they heard the sound of sirens approaching. The police were on their way. The group looked at each other, their faces white
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"Where is Reggie?" Fred asked "He is busy training with the rest. What do we do?" Alice cried."Keep your voice down, you're attracting people's attention." Nora hushed. "Let's go to the chemistry lab. It's the most isolated place when everyone is in class." She added."I'll get Reggie." Fred said before running off. "Hurry!" Alice said as they all split up.Fred ran off to the boy's locker room. He found Reggie with the rest of the football team."Hey nerd, what are you looking for? You're lost?" One of the boys said."No I'm here for Reggie." Fred said "Reggie can I see you for a moment?" He turned to Reggie."Why would you want to see the hottest jock in school, nerd?" The same boy said, advancing towards Fred."Back off, Thomas," Reginald said.Thomas turned to Reggie."Really man?!" He said."I'm not gonna repeat myself again." Reggie said.Thomas glanced at Fred one more time before retreating his steps. "Let's get out of here," Reggie said to Fred. "Thanks for standing up
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The four friends sat in the police station, their hearts pounding. They had never been in a situation like this before. They were all scared and confused. The officer had just left the room, and they were left to sit in silence, trying to process everything that had happened. They had no idea what was going to happen next. All they could do was wait.The door opened and the Sheriff walked in holding a transparent bag containing a wallet in his hand. "Dad!" Nora called."You're in big trouble girl" he said through gritted teeth.He set the transparent bag down on the table in front of the four friends. "Your fingerprints were found on this wallet," he said. "We need you to tell us how that happened."The friends looked at each other, their minds racing. They were all thinking the same thing - what should they say? Could they deny it? Would that make them look guilty? They had no idea what to do."Please, just tell us the truth," the Sherrif said, his voice stern. "We found the wallet
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On the other side of town, Nora was facing her parents' reaction to the news."You should have told us you were going into the woods!" Nora's father said, his voice raised in anger. "We had no idea where you were!""I'm sorry," Nora said, tears in her eyes. "I didn't mean to worry you. I just wanted to explore a little.""You could have been hurt!" her mother said, her voice trembling. "What if something had happened to you?""But nothing did," Nora said, trying to stay calm "and I was only there for a school project, we already explained everything to you dad." "Your teacher asked you to go into the woods?" her mother asked, her eyebrows raised in disbelief."Not exactly," Nora said. "We were just doing a research project on local flora and fauna, and we wanted to see some of the plants up close.""That doesn't make it any better," her mother said. "You should have told us where you were going.""I'm sorry," Nora said again. "I promise I'll be more careful in the future.""We're goi
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Nora walked into the classroom the next day trying to maintain a calm demeanor. There was no teacher in class so it was really noisy.She spotted Reggie with the rest of the football team. They seem to be discussing something funny as they all kept laughing occasionally.Alice was typing away on her laptop. She seem oblivious of her surroundings. Fred was in a corner, with his head buried in a book.Nora exhaled sharply. She approached Fred first."There has been an emergency," she whispered.Fred looked up from the book with a confused expression on his face."I'll explain everything later, alert Reggie and meet me in the chemistry lab. I'll go get Alice," she said and walked away from him."Why does it always have to be me who gets Reggie everytime?" He mumbled.Alice was so focused on her laptop that she didn't see Nora approaching. She finally looked up when Nora tapped the desk. "What do you want?" She asked with a stern voice "I thought we all agreed not to ever speak to each o
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The group of four sat in a diner in town. The only diner in Sunhill that is always open anytime. They had the picture of the dead body in front of them, and the picture of the woman they saw at the gas station."So what's next?" Fred interrupted the awkward silence between them.They exchanged glances. "Let's start with Nora and Alice," Reggie said."What about us?" Nora asked."How about you both quit attacking each other and try to get along?" Reggie said."Please, that's the only way this is gonna work?" Fred added."Then you both should choose another booth and also get to know each other," Nora said.The boys nodded and left. The girls sat in awkward silence."So?" Alice said. "I'm not promising to be best friends with you, but I can try my best to not hate you," "Why do you hate me?" Nora asked."I hate your guts, you're too honest which is sometimes annoying and you seem to have a perfect life, acing all your tests, with perfect family, why would I like you?" Alice spurted ou
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Fred walked through the streets with numerous thoughts in his mind. He was oblivious of his surroundings. Reggie ran after him panting. He caught a glimpse of him walking absentmindedly."Fred!" He called in a high pitched voice.Fred turned slowly to face him. "What do you want?" He asked harshly. "I'm so sorry for what I said. I really didn't mean it. I know I've been a real jerk to you these past few years and I'm very sorry. Please forgive me," Reggie said looking apologetic. Fred nodded. His eyes getting teary. "I just want my best friend back," he said, his voice cracking. "I'm sorry," Reggie said. They hugged each other.Alice and Nora watched the scene from a distance."This is so cute," Alice said."Like a little reunion huh," Nora said.They both giggled. A car sped towards Reggie and Fred. They didn't notice it as they were still in each other's arms. "No!!!" Alice and Nora screamed at the same time as the car ran over them.The girls stood shocked in a spot as the
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Nora stood up immediately when she saw her father enter the hospital. She ran to him and hugged him tight. "Dad," she whimpered. Akex gently patted her back. "Everything is going to be fine," he said. She disengaged from her father and pointed towards the emergency unit. They were about to leave the spot when Fred's mum rushed into the hospital. "Where is my son?" She cried, her voice trembled. Nora pointed towards the emergency room and Martha ran towards it. She tried to push the door opened but it was locked. She slumped to the floor and cried her eyes out. Alice, who has been sitting on the bench and watching the scene unfold before she finally stood up. She walked to Martha and gently patted her back."He'll be fine," she said weakly. Alex and Nora walked towards the two."Nothing is going to happen to him, okay? You need to pull yourself together," he said. Nora made to speak when Alex's phone started ringing. "Excuse me," he said and walked to a distance.Nora and Alic
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Chapter Ten
"That was weird," Nora muttered. "Maybe he just doesn't want to allow strangers in his car. Don't think too much about it," Alice said. "And now we have to walk back to the hospital," Nora scoffed. Alice chuckled slightly. "Let's hurry back. The boys must be awake by now," Alice said. "I doubt that's possible. They were injected with sedatives. It will take a while for them to regain consciousness," Nora said. "Let's just go check on them," Alice said, rolling her eyes. Nora nodded and they walked off. ...Alice and Nora walked into the ward and met Martha still sitting by her son's bed. The boys were still unconscious. "You're back," Martha said and quickly dabbed her tears away. "I thought you left already," "We went to check on…" Alice nudged Nora slightly. She spoke instead "We decided to step out for a while to get some fresh air," Martha nodded. "You need to go home now. It's late and your parents must be worried about your whereabouts,""We'll just stay for a wh
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