Betrayal or Love?

Betrayal or Love?

By:  Symplyayisha   Completed
Language: English
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Samuel Carter was at the point of giving up on love when his path crossed with Gabriella King; a beautiful young woman who ended up making him feel what he hasn't felt in a very long time. But what happens when Samuel was forced to choose between the two most important women in his life. His daughter, Bella, and the woman whom he loves most, Isabelle.

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54 Chapters
Chapter One
Eleven months ago, Gabriella King joined a trending dating site. She honestly had no idea what made her do so when she would rather spend her time in her room, reading one hell of romantic novels and imaging herself being one of the characters and falling in love with the Hero who was every Girl's dream. 
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Chapter Two
Gabriella groaned and buried her face deeper into the pillow at the sound of her doorbell. She was not expecting anybody so at first, she thought she heard wrong or mistook her dream for reality.After a while, the person outside her apartment showed no mercy by continuously pressing the bell which left Gabby with no choice but to go open up.She was prepared to lash out on the individual but words terribly failed her when she opened the door.
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Chapter Three
"Okay, it's time to open the final gift bag," Sera announced, picking up the bag and handing it over to Gabby.Gabriella brought out a medium-size rectangular box from the gift bag. She opened the cover and was greeted with a small card which was neatly placed on top of a folded dress and beside the beautiful dress was a matching pair of heels, purse and jewellery.Gabby picked the card and read out the words in it.
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Chapter Four
A lot of thoughts were going through Gabby's head on her ride to the address Sam gave her. Even though she didn't see it coming tonight, a part of her was shy and extremely nervous about meeting Samuel. But at the same time, she was excited for what tonight held for them. It was definitely going to be a step forward in whatever was going on between them.After a couple of minutes' drive, the taxi driver informed Gabby that they had arrived at their destination.Even though S
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Chapter Five
"Thank you sam, you made my day. Thanks for all the gifts.""You're welcome. I hope you like everything I got you."Gabriella replied with a positive nod."I like them very much and thanks a bunch for the MacBook. You just rescued me from spending my savings. I had planned to go get another laptop tomorrow."
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Chapter Six
Gabriella swallowed painfully before she spoke. Whenever Sam's skin came in contact with hers, she felt something like a jolt of electricity which made her shiver. Staying sane whenever their bodies were in contact was something she's been trying to put up with tonight."Bu....but I didn't come with a change of clothes.""I'll give you one of my shirts to sleep in and I'll have a dress delivered for you very early tomorrow."
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Chapter Seven
He intertwined his hand with hers and led her to the adjoined bathroom.Gabriella didn't take notice of how fancy Sam's bathroom was because her mind was filled with the probability of what was going to happen in the next few minutes.Before Samuel proceeded to do anything, he asked again, looking deeply into her eyes. "Are you sure you want this?"
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Chapter Eight
Gab was beyond exhausted when Sam finished with her. He had amazing fingers and tongue, and to top it all, he knew how to use them well. Gabriella only told him to stop when She thought she was going to pass out from pleasure. She honestly lost count of how many times she came.Samuel showered kisses on Gabby's sweaty face as she came down from her high. He unbuckled her heels and let them fall to the floor. Then he dashed into his walk-in closet to get one of his shirts for her.
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Chapter Nine
"I honestly don't mind going in with you," Sam said to Gabriella as he watched her unbuckle her seatbelt.He insisted on bringing her back to her apartment instead of taking a taxi."Or are you shy of people seeing us together?"She chuckled, "Of course, not. My apartment is just a bit messy which would
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Chapter Ten
Bella was on the phone while Sera pulled Gabby into a bone-crushing hug after she ushered them in."Gosh, I missed you."Gabby rolled her eyes but returned Sera's hug. "It's not up to 24 hours that you last saw me. I know you don't really miss me. You just wanted to know what went down between Sam and I but sorry to burst your bubble, nothing happened."
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