Grand wedding.


After the not-so-intense battle against Axel, and the crowning of Ace as the new ruler of the land, Alexia, Aaron, Xavier, and Xeelany returned to their own kingdom. And Ace promises to come for her wedding. Each of them had a lot to do in order to ensure that their kingdom would be well-prepared for the future.

Alexia, being the wise and experienced ruler that she was, immediately called for a council of advisors to discuss the next steps for their kingdom. They talked about strengthening their defenses, improving their trade relationships with neighboring kingdoms, and preparing for any potential threats that might arise in the future.

Meanwhile, Aaron was busy getting accustomed to his new role as king. He spent most of his time learning about the kingdom's history, meeting with his advisors, and getting to know his people. Despite his lack of experience in the ruling, he was determined to rule well eventually.

After fewer days, he got crowned a
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