Billionaire Bride

Billionaire Bride

By:  Tcee Eke  Completed
Language: English
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Hailey Parker, a naive young woman of twenty-one, gets more than she bargained for when she gets into a deal in an attempt to protect her fiancé. Leaving the only place she had known all her life, she soon realizes that she had gotten way more than she'd bargained for and lots of buried secrets spill out in the open leaving her broken and defenseless. With everything in her, she wishes to go back to the girl she was before, but if wishes were horses bitches could ride. Her horrible nightmare had just begun. Will she rise above the rushing tides or will she let it sweep her under?

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"Hello.""I'm sorry, Miss Parker. There's been an accident."With shaky hands, I gripped the phone before I crumpled to the ground.My face was white from shock and my almond-shaped hazel eyes were red and puffy from tears.This was all my fault, I wailed. If I had just listened and not turned her out then this wouldn't have happened.Without saying a word I listened to what was being said over the phone. I couldn't understand much except that my grandmother was dead.That sentence had shut my brain down.Out of all the people in the world it just had to be my grandma that was involved in that ghastly accident.Well, maybe if you hadn't sent her out then she'd still be alive, a tiny voice sneered in my mind.I was guilty and I would leave..."Hailey!"I blinked furiously, widening my eyes in full panic mode as I took in my surroundings.I had been rudely pulled out of my thoughts by... My eyes zeroed in on the man dressed in a white tuxedo and I swallowed looking around.I was in a ch
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"Horrendous!"Is it that bad? Who was I kidding? Anyway, everything Susie doesn't select or do herself was horrendous. But no kidding, the dress was kind of archaic."Quit battling with your mind and bloody speak up. You and I know that you know that the dress is bad!" My best friend yelled again.I sighed musing over my thoughts. This was a tradition in my family, to wear an ancestral dress for our wedding but deep down I knew this wasn't what I wanted."Will. You. Speak. Up. Hailey!""Susie, could you please keep your voice down. You would wake grandma up," I pleaded, running a hand through the fabric of the dress as I stared at myself in the full-length mirror in my room that was the only thing I bought.The rest of the things in my room—the bed, recliner chair, bookcase, and books -- I bought some romance novels that I hid from my grandma.Those little things that made up my room were handed down to me by my mother before she passed away. God bless her soul though I scarcely knew
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"Mmh... Right there baby just go a little lower!"I stopped instantly raising my face to look at my boyfriend beneath my lashes. His eyes were closed and he was still moaning.Suddenly his brown eyes flew open and our eyes locked.No, sparks did not fly, I don't think any other sparks could fly with the way he was staring at me right now."Why did you stop?" Duncan asked, pouting rather childishly.I chuckled. "That look does not suit you."He frowned, sitting up on the bed and throwing his shirt over his head. "That's not what I asked."Ugh! Grumpy Pants, I mused."You said I should go lower," I replied, shrugging.He blinked like he was trying to understand what I said. "Yes?"I rolled my eyes. "I can't go lower 'cause that would entail me to pull your briefs down and see your manhood and do whatever it was you were suggesting."He still looked confused. "And?"I groaned now, standing up from the bed and walking towards Susie's closet—yes we were in her room sinning, that's what gra
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Three"Wake up, Hailey!"I groaned angrily, rubbing my sleepy eyes as I stared bleary-eyed at the smug face of my best friend?What kind of best friend wakes you up in the middle of the night or before morning?Right, Susie.Rolling my eyes I glared at her. "What?!""Shush!" She placed a finger on my lips, and I attempted to bite it off. She was quick to withdraw her hand, giving me a questioning look.I shrugged. "A girl's gotta do what she can to survive."Susie shot me a glare before giving me a sweet smile. "Granny is asleep."I rubbed my eyes again, yawning, "I know but why's that relevant?"Susie grinned from ear to ear, "It's time to go."I stared at her, still looking confused. "What are you talking about right now?"Susie facepalmed. "It's ten days to your wedding and we made a to-do list to remember."Suddenly alarm bells went off in my head. I remembered a to-do list but that was like when we were kids.Warning bells went off in my head and I eyed her suspiciously. "Yeah? W
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I swallowed as I stared at the 6ft5 figure standing a few meters away from me and my thick-headed friend."Hello, Sir." I greeted politely with a smile trying to gain back his attention on the good side.He ignored me and focused his steel blue eyes as cold as ice on us."If you had taken your time to read about the church history you would have known that a vestibule is meant for baptism and as Catholics say baptism..." He left the sentence hanging, fixing a penetrating gaze on Susie."Er... Family?" Susie gave him a coy smile.I mentally slapped my inner mind for agreeing to let her come with me, she was an embarrassment to me and the church. I had to salvage the situation so not waiting for him to give an answer I butted in quickly, "Baptism is the door to the church."He turned his cold eyes to me and nodded, "You're the bride.""Yeah?" It wasn't a question, he said it like he was sure.What gave it away?"They all know what a vestibule is so they'd like to make a good impression
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I believe we all need to calm down, I wanted to say but bit back my tongue as I met Duncan's eyes. He was scowling at me.For the love of God, I just want to spend some time with my husband before kids. Is there anything wrong with that?I turned away from him and focused my attention on the two main characters in the room—Susie and Father Ryland.I feared one of his veins might pop if he kept on turning more red with anger.I glared at Susie but the darn girl barely acknowledged me. Ugh! Typical Susie."Susie, you need to apologize to this honorable council for that foul language you use here," Father Ryland stressed the word "foul" like it was a curse on his tongue.Susie made a face, her phone directly in front of Father's face. "Guys, it's not a crime to use the word 'shit' in the church, it's just an exclamation word."She was doing a live video and was sharing personal information with the public! The nerve of this girl.I facepalmed, then quietly stood up and snatched the phone
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"Father Ryland said you did excellently well in today's class, Hailey."I nodded, still frowning at grandma. She had yet to tell me where she had gone this morning."Why the frown honey? You did not enjoy yourself?" She asked me worriedly.My excuse of a friend scoffed, "There's nothing to enjoy in that boring place."Granny turned her piercing eyes to Susie, "Indeed. I was told what an excellent orator you were today."Susie grinned, "You know you can always count on me granny to make you proud."I rolled my eyes. Soon she would realize that granny was making a mockery of her."Yes," Granny nodded, a glint in her eyes, "Proud enough to have been excluded from all conversations."Right, grandma did it."Granny, I wasn't excluded, they just didn't want to talk to me," Susie sulked.Granny turned to me ignoring her, "What is the problem, sweetie?""Where did you go to that was so important, granny?" I inquired curiously.I saw something flash across her face then it disappeared immediat
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🎶 Wake up! Wake up!! Wake up!!! 🎶I groaned as I tossed around on the bed trying to locate the source of my nap interruption.I located the darn phone under my pillow, right beside my ear where it was blaring off the alarm ringtone.My phone flashed at 9:30 pm and I released a string of curses that should granny hear it she'd probably die from a heart attack.Curses and damnation upon Susie!Turning off my phone, I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. As quietly as a mouse, I crept into my room without making a sound, and opened my wardrobe, pulling out the pieces Susie gave me, calling it a dress.Fucking bloody hell!Please, allow me to curse to my heart's content tonight, I'm pissed as hell right now and the cause of my anger will be in front of my house soon.Peering at the silk fabric in my hand, I pulled it over my head and winced at how tight the dress was.It clung to every inch of my body, revealing all my curves in a way that would tempt a man to sin, the emeral
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🎶 Red cups and sweaty bodies everywhere 🎶I looked around and saw they all had red cups in their hands and they were all sweaty.🎶Hands in the air like we don't care 🎶They didn't care, else they won't be here in this noisy place. The music was noisy.🎶 'Cause we came to have so much fun now 🎶Fun? They were having fun by smoking and grinding bodies together?"For once admire the scenery and stop over analyzing everything," the voice of the devil—Susie echoed in my ears.I glared at her. This is what she called scenery? This poorly lit place flashing with multiple color lights that were harmful to the eyes, loud music that could blow your eardrums, tons of sweaty bodies grinding together, alcohol in abundance, hormonal teenagers making out, outrageous games—the list was endless. So this ain't scenery.I felt a tug and saw a random guy was holding my wrist. Dude, let go."You look hot!" He yelled through the loud music.I glared at him. "Let me go!"He chuckled, his breath stank
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I groaned holding my head in my hand as I sat up on the bed. Wait—a bed? How did I get to bed?My eyes flew open instantly and I regretted it as the sun rays almost blinded me."Ow! This Sun is a bitch!" I growled."Keep your voice down for fucksake!" Another familiar voice growled beside me.I pried my eyes open and saw Susie snoring lightly on my bed. My grandma was sitting down on the recliner chair in my room."Holy mother of Mary!" I yelled when I locked eyes with her."Have mercy on you!" She yelled back at me.Susie sat up rubbing her eyes, "What's all this ruckus about?"I stared at granny, my heart pounding in fear. Did she know what happened last night? How had I gotten back home? I just can't seem to remember anything.I shot Susie a questioning look, she shrugged."Granny, good morning," I greeted timidly."Good afternoon, Hailey," she replied."Why are you sitting over there granny?" Susie asked in a teasing tone.Granny glared at her. "It's none of your business."I ment
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