Bitter Sweet Love

Bitter Sweet Love

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Crystal Blues, a young woman from a low-class family, endured the tragic loss of her parents when she was just twelve years old. Left with the weighty responsibility of caring for her younger sisters, she faced a challenging path ahead. Fortune smiled upon her when her path crossed with an archangel in the name of Mervin Brooklyn who offered his assistance, thus lightening the burden she bore. As fate would have it, Crystal eventually obtained evidence pointing to her parents' murderers, only to discover that they were part of a formidable and powerful family. Life took an even more complicated turn when she found herself entangled in a complex love triangle. Her affections were torn between Mervin, her guardian archangel, and the daughter of the family responsible for her parents' demise. Fuelled by a burning desire to bring the responsible family to justice, Crystal made the bold decision to reveal the damning evidence she held against them. However, the tables quickly turned, and Crystal's loved ones were thrust into jeopardy, becoming bargaining chips in exchange for the proof of the family's wrongdoing. Now, she stands at a harrowing crossroads, forced to make a life-altering choice that could either rescue her from impending tragedy or condemn her to a painful repetition of history.

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20 Chapters
Chapter one
"Crystal! You won't believe what is being broadcast worldwide now!"Cullen, Crystal's junior sister shouted from the living room. Crystal, whose eyes were swollen due to a restless night, stopped scattering her clothes all over the room as she dragged her exhausted body down the ground from her bed and found her way to the living room. She had been searching for a dinner dress to wear in the evening for her boyfriend's wedding. Yes, she has a boyfriend. But since her boyfriend's parents do not consider her as a marriage candidate to their son, today, Mervin Brooklyn, the only heir to LV Corporation, was getting married to Miranda Griffin. A model and heiress to the Griffin group. The third successful group in Las Vegas after LV Corporation and BG Group.Upon reaching the living room, her legs trembled under the weight of her body as her chest tightened. Her blood boils the more her eyes fixed on the TV. It was a wedding highlight. The highlights of Mervin Brooklyn, her Boyfrien
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Chapter two
Mr. Brooklyn was dumbfounded. He blinked for a moment before parting his lips."Fine"Those words come out thick as if they were being forced. Then he continued "Do not think that I have given my concept yet. Get ready in two months. This lady here will be called to our hospital for a pregnancy test" He raised his head and looked at Crystal. His stares were shooting razors into her fresh skin and she tried as much not to stare back at him."But, if it is found out that it was just a scheme to get my permission, this girl will rot in jail. And as for you Mervin, I won't mind that you are my only son. I will disown you" His every word made Mervin shiver as he kept swallowing hard. Mr Brooklyn gave the two a last glance, before evacuating the hall. As if Mr. Brooklyn's stares were never enough, Mrs. Brooklyn's own was worse. She looked at Crystal as if she might swallow her alive. Mervin could hear Crystal's breath seize." Am watching you" she spat before following her husband outs
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Chapter three
"If that was meant to be a joke, then it's not funny at all"She felt the sincerity in his voice. He meant it. But how can she just get pregnant overnight? She was not ready for it. They agreed to practice purity before marriage, now he is indirectly asking her to make love with him.No!That was a capital 'NO' for her."It was never meant to be a joke, I mean every word I just said"He does not want it either, but to save their love, that was the only solution. There was an awkward moment for a few minutes. "Since you just made me jobless, what will I be doing at home all day?" Crystal clacked the ice between them. It was obvious she was no longer interested in their previous conversation and Mervin decided to let her breath. Of Course, he already knew that it would take him millions of years to convince Crystal. But as of now, he better follow her lead.He followed Crystal to the kitchen and hugged her from behind while laying his head on her shoulder. A smile beams on her
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The Phone Call
Crystal felt relieved when the doctor who was in charge of examining Cullen after she regained consciousness, announced that Cullen was fit to be discharged. Cullen was hit with a dry stick in the head whilst she was captive. That led to her being found unconscious when the rescue team arrived.Riding in the car, Mervin was reclining on his seat. He seemed to have been lost in thought.His mind went back to what had just happened earlier. He knows the Griffins for being ruthless, yet, he never imagined they could go to this extent. Surely, Crystal and her sisters were open to another attack anytime soon.Picturing Crystal's house Which was a few yards away from a neighborhood road, it was easy for the Griffin cousins to launch another attack. Thus, Mervin concludes after pondering for a moment."Marko, take us to the safe house please" he instructed his driver. He tilted his head and faced the outside of the moving vehicle.As per orders from Mervin, the driver changed Lanes. He to
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Mervin's Battle
Her eyes were fixed to the wall clock. It was already past midnight, yet Mervin had not returned home since he left. She felt uneasy.She panicked. Even sleep could not obey her. Her eyes were wide open as someone afraid that would miss a train to heaven once she fell asleep.Seeing that it was taking longer than expected, fear gripped her. 'Have they locked him in their house?'She laughed like a maniac to her thoughts.Mervin had passed the age to be grounded by his parents. He is not a baby that can be locked in his parents' house at will.She got tired of tossing and turning on the bed, so she stepped out of it and found her way to the living room.She walked straight to the window and pulled the curtains to one side.Peeping outside from the window, she sighed sadly when she saw no sign of Mervin's car in the compound.She let go of the curtains and walked to the couch. Throwing herself on it carelessly.The couch seemed not to have given her the comfort she was looking for, thi
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Let's Break the Holy Vow
MIGHT CONTAIN +18 CONTENTS   It was already morning. Mervin rested his head on the headboard of his bed. Despite the clock on the wall ticking 7 a.m., he showed no desire to get up to prepare for work.       He was lost in thought. His short conversation with his parents the previous day was still hunting him. He just could not digest what his parents were up to as his mind rewinded what happened when he reached home.     …       Walking into the huge Brooklyn Mansion-like palace, maids and guards kept greeting him till he reached the living.      Mr. and Mrs. Brooklyn's eyes were fixed on the TV watching an ongoing program.     "Am here"      Mervin announced. The couple shifted their gaze from the TV to Mervin who remained s
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Bonding Their Love
NOTE: THIS CHAPTER CONTAIN 18+ CONTENTS. "Are you sure about this?" Mervin asks, blinking in disbelief. His eyebrows were raised as he tried to put meaning to what Crystal just said. It's not that he does not understand what she was trying to say. But it felt odd. Crystal, a girl who never allowed him to even scratch her bare back, was permitting him to get intimate with her? Of Course who will not find her odd? As if Crystal read his mind that seemed to have been hesitant to get back into action and happened to be questioning her reasoning in the current situation, she closed the space between them. Her eyes shoot affection, she moves her lips towards Mervin's own. Looking at her soft cherry lips, Mervin swallowed hard. She closed her eyes like a temptress making Mervin get action by her action. Surely, there was no remedy to breaking the spell Crystal was casting on him. Mervin raised his right hand, capped Crystal's left cheek, and smashed his lips on hers. Entering his
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Annoying Paparazzi
Amanda picked up a jewel box on the dressing table and slowly opened it. In the jewel box, were beautiful golden earrings and a matching necklace that brightened up the room.  "Wow!"  She exclaimed as the jewel box dropped from her hand back to the dressing table.   Facing the huge dressing mirror, she whispered, " You love her? Dgold Jewels is the perfect place to buy her a gift that will put a smile on her lips" She winked.  "Cut!"  A man who had his arms folded to his chest as his eyes were glued to the PC in front of him. Shouted.  Hands-clapping noise filled the whole room. No one could agree less that indeed, Miranda is the goddess of modeling in the country.  Miranda stood from where she sat and tucked her hair behind her ear as
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The Pregnancy Test
Standing before the huge dressing table Mervin was lost in thoughts. From the day his parents called to inform him about the pregnancy test day that they had set, he never stepped out of the house nor did he fall asleep peacefully.He looked into the mirror, his eyes felt heavy manifesting how badly they wanted to close for hours.He puffed in and out air from his nose then fixed his tie. Picking the watch from the dressing table, his bedroom door busted. He turned towards the door. Crystal stood before him wearing a short flawless red gown. She took a few steps closer to him as her hair swung freely behind her."Are you ready?" Mervin asked Crystal.She faced the ground and took a deep breath then she raised her head and looked into Mervin's eyes. " Mervin, we have to stop it already. I do not wish to humiliate you nor make you lose your birthright." She muttered.Her voice was trembling, her eyes turned red as tears threatened to stream down her cheek any moment. Her hands clappe
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Mia And Teddy
The situation in the waiting room was so chaotic that if the paparazzi were allowed in, they would have sold news about the conglomerates like hot bread.All eyes were on Crystal who seemed bothered that Mr. Brooklyn had ordered his guards to drag her out.She sat on the ground with her eyes all swollen due to the floods that were falling from her eyes.It's not that she expected the results to be positive. Yet, being hit by reality, made her throat sour.The guards took gentle steps towards Crystal and were about to pull her from the ground.All of a sudden, Mr. Google shouts " Stop!"At once, there was total silence in the room. All eyes were on Dr Google who sighed." What is it? Is there more to what you have already said to us?" Mr. Brooklyn said with curiosity written all over his face.Dr. Google closed his eyes and opened them after some seconds." Miss Crystal here is A week and some days pregnant"The announcement made the room as silent as a graveyard. They all could hear t
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