Blamed By The Alpha

Blamed By The Alpha

By:  Lady Jas  Completed
Language: English
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When the brutal Alpha of the Wide River pack turns up in the middle of the night demanding the assistance of a midwife, Nell's heartless mother forces her to go with him to help the Luna. The pack's heir is sickly and Alpha Liam forbids her to leave, even though she is worried about her seriously ill father. A battle of wits commences in which there can be only one winner. Threatened with slavery, bullied and privy to secrets she would rather not have known about, Nell makes a discovery of her own which turns her world upside down. The growing attraction between them only complicates matters. But will the Alpha stand by her at last, or will he reject her?

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The story is good but sometimes I felt lost with what was happening with the characters and their emotions.
2023-03-23 11:53:33
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The plot seems good n has potential. But the flow of the story is not good. There's a lot of contradictions between emotions n behaviour. A lot of jumping around. A lot of it doesn't make sense. Towards the end, cheating on ur mate is taken as a trivial thing.
2023-03-17 08:47:25
default avatar
The plot was a little hard to follow as it had unmentioned time skips and pov changes throughout. The characters, particularly the male characters are unlikable cheating jerks and the female characters just let them get away with it.
2023-05-12 17:05:59
67 Chapters
Chapter One - Wanted
They came to the door in the night. Werewolves from the shifter pack on the other side of the forest. Nell could hear the raised voices from where she sat, worrying, beside her father’s bed. From what she could make out their Luna was about to give birth and the Alpha was demanding assistance from the best doctor for miles around. Martin Field was going nowhere. He still had a temperature and was weak from lack of food. “Someone must come. Now!” Nell flinched on hearing the dominant tone. Hopefully, Mom would stand her ground. She usually did. But she was in for a shock. “My daughter will go with you.” Surely she wasn’t about to send Olivia? The unkind thought as to her elder sister’s usefulness came and went as Nell observed the turning of the doorknob. “There’s no change, Mom,” she whispered, as if fearful the werewolves might hear. Rosemary Worthington Field’s thin lips formed into a sneer. “Get your coat, Nell. You’re going on a little trip,” she said. “Me?” She couldn’t
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Chapter Two - Don't Assume
The ride did not take long. Watertight was a sprawling community of cabins laid out in a rectangle within which was the packhouse. It was lit up by more than moonlight and she had time only to hear the loud beat of popular music and smell corn on the cob before she was hustled to the birthing chamber. This pack seemed to be making a celebration out of something which could not be guaranteed. She swallowed. What if something went wrong and she couldn’t save either mother or offspring? “What are you waiting for? Go inside. My aunt is with her and can send for whatever you need.” “Yes, Alpha Liam,” Nell said, wondering why he was so reluctant to look at her now. The she-wolf was muscular, as expected, but also filled with compassion in that she offered Nell a hot drink from the outset. They lingered in the small kitchen area. “You must be perished,” she said. “I’m Deborah, by the way. Have you been doing this long?” “I’ve done several assists.” “Please tell me you haven’t lost a pu
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Chapter Three - The Visit
A week passed. Deborah’s daughter, Holly, was petite like her and snuck her in some clothes. The Beta turned a blind eye when he showed up, though she knew the yellow dress didn’t suit her. She made them both a pot of coffee and they sat on the couch for a chat. Because it had been on her mind a lot, she blurted out what had been eating at her resentful heart since day one. “Why did you come to our house in the first place? Deborah’s more than competent.” Jack blew on his drink to cool it before replying. “She’s like you,” he said. “Unappreciated.” “I’m glad someone thinks so.” Nell hesitated. “Why doesn’t the Alpha come and see his half-sister? Is he too busy?” “That’s only part of the reason,” the Beta said, avoiding her eyes now. Nell waited, but it seemed he wasn’t about to say any more. “Do you have pups of your own?” “Not yet, but Louisa’s still hopeful. We’ve been mated a year now.” “Then there’s plenty of time,” she assured him, hoping that was the case. Alpha Liam s
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Chapter Four - The Wrong One
Being Alpha wasn’t something he had been raised to do and the eighteen hour days felt like a curse. Yet, ever since a rogue killed Simon, his elder brother, there was no alternative. Liam knew he was prone to blaming people for what he believed to be his inadequacies but he couldn’t help himself. The fact that he hadn't yet found his mate was another failing on his part. If she was anything like Pamela, the pack slut, who these days filled him with revulsion then he would have no alternative but to reject her. In some ways he envied his Beta. Jack was settled with Louisa, though there was no sign of her becoming pregnant yet. After a long day wading through paperwork and a tedious meeting about an impending shortage of gas, the Alpha decided to go for a much-needed run. He checked his watch. Nell would be back soon. He couldn’t help imagining the look on her face when he suggested a trip to the forest another time. One thought led to another and he found himself standing outside th
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Chapter Five - Party Time
“What do you mean, I won’t be Fallon’s main carer from now on?” “Olivia’s here now. Aunt Deborah thinks she’s more than competent.” Nell was sure her anxiety must show on her face. “Please, Alpha,” she begged. “Let me check her over at least.” “No,” he said. “Would you punish your own half-sister, too?” “You flatter yourself, human. Very well. But I’ll be there the whole time,” he warned. “Thank you, Alpha. You won’t regret it.” “Hurry up. You have seventy suppers to prepare.” At first she thought she had misheard him. Had he said “seventeen”? Yes, that must be it. Fallon was sleeping when they arrived. Nell didn’t miss the knowing smirk on her sister’s face. What on earth was she wearing? Those shorts were far too tight. She must have packed her own bag. Was she staying, too? How would her mom cope, living on her own after all this time? Well, that was the least of her worries now. Stooping to plant a kiss on Fallon’s chubby cheek, Nell turned to the Alpha. “I suppose you
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Chapter Six - Catching the Alpha's Eye
Nell reflected that it was just her luck that the music had changed to a slow ballad. She knew all the excuses in the world wouldn’t save her now. This was bound to upset a lot of people. Well, it couldn’t be helped. Alpha Liam was the last person she wanted to antagonise. He looked good in his charcoal grey suit and was actually clean-shaven for the occasion in contrast to the majority of his male pack members. Was that a new aftershave or a scent wafting in from the garden? It was unseasonably warm which was why the windows were open. Accepting his outstretched hand, Nell told him, “I’m flattered, but you really ought to know I have two left feet.” The Alpha leaned down a long way to whisper in her ear, “That makes two of us. The difference is, I’m paying people not to notice.” She wanted to giggle but didn’t dare. He was so hard to read most of the time. Then she was being pulled in close for an unnerving slow dance. The top of her head barely reached to his chest and he was st
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Chapter Seven - Regrets
Liam stood people watching from the open doorway, reluctant to re-join the crowd at his own party. Turning twenty-five without a mate was sending him down the feral route. He sometimes believed he would end up as crazy as his mother.Aunt Deborah was trying to catch his eye. She seldom used the mind link with him, even though he had encouraged it. Now would be a good time to make her see sense and he continued to ignore her, knowing only too well what she wanted.Uncle Alan sauntered over. These days he was the pack’s accountant, but for once he didn’t want to talk shop, thankfully.“What did Nell do to upset you?” he asked, offering him a drink.“That’s my business,” Liam said.Accepting the cup of punch, he scanned the crowd, wondering who was babysitting Fallon. The Beta was absent though he could see Louisa by the French windows deep in conversation with three other she-wolves.Was Nell now alone with Jack? Well, that was one pack member who wouldn’t dream of trespassing on his te
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Chapter Eight - Spending the Night
Nell really couldn’t believe his audacity. “Will this take long, Alpha?” she countered. “I’m kinda busy right now,” he told her. When he moved aside and she saw the half-naked she-wolf lounging on his couch, the blush was inevitable. Yet she couldn’t understand why she was so angry. “I thought you were partial to redheads.” “Did you now?” “You’re impossible,” she stormed, resisting the temptation to stamp her foot. “Don’t tell me you’re jealous? You are, aren’t you?” She turned on her heel and was about to march off in the wrong direction when his voice stopped her in her tracks. “Henry was right. He said you had a little crush on me. Well, as you can see, you’re not the only one. You can go now, Selina,” he added. Sulking, the beauty slunk away without even bothering to retrieve her top. If Nell didn’t know better she would have thought it had been staged for her benefit. “Is that all, Alpha? If so, I’ll bid you goodnight.” “Not so fast.” Relieved not to be within his gras
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Chapter Nine - Decision Time
Liam didn’t get much sleep. He’d hated the whole idea of a party and taken his resentment out on the one person who deserved it least. Over-indulging had been a way of avoiding the consequences but he didn’t have the headache which would have alleviated some of his guilt. He doubted Nell had noticed his inebriation; she probably couldn’t tell the difference. Though he seemed to recall foolishly telling her about Simon.Give these females an inch and they wanted the whole fucking mile. Like the one who’d emerged from his en suite unexpectedly wearing little more than a grin. It wasn’t the first time that had happened to him and he doubted it would be the last. Nell had been shocked, bewildered and ultimately, disbelieving when she saw Selina lounging on his couch. He could see it in her face, she suspected him of setting out to trap her into something offensive to her sensibilities. A very moral woman, Nell, unlike her slut of a sister. Even he could see that much.Sometimes, in her co
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Chapter Ten - Being Summoned
It was a difficult task now to pick up Fallon to soothe her. Nell managed it by sitting on a chair close to the window. Perhaps she should have held out for surgery, make the Alpha pay. Occasionally, her eyes strained to see the forest in the distance, and not because of her employer’s inexplicable behaviour. For her, it held its own pull, which was odd because a much scarier version figured in her nightmare, the recurring one which seemed to have banished all others.A dwelling was on fire and, because of its hidden nature, no-one came to help. She could see a girl straining to give birth and couldn’t understand the significance of the filigree chain and symbol which graced her forehead. Her clothing was ragged, a mixture of sage and purple in hue, and she was all alone in her travail.Sometimes, a man’s face convulsed in grief appeared. At others, she fancied she heard the cry of a baby. The most bizarre of all was when she saw people with light hair gathered in a semi-circle chanti
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