Her Alpha

Her Alpha

This is a 《Movies 》 fanfiction

By:  Peggy tecia  Ongoing
Language: English
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Winter Steel has always been dreaming about having adventure and having fun while her friends where dreaming about having the perfect mate, all her life dreams comes crushing down when she finaly meets the most ruthless, awful Archie Black, Alpha of the Red moon pack and who is also her mate, what would she do,will she choose to be with her mate or go on a run.

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Her Alpha by Peggy tecia is a fantasy romance novel about the lives of werewolves. Winter Steel prefers to live a life of adventure rather than find a mate. She is different compared to her friends or anyone in her age group. However, when she discovers who her mate is, Winter is in a dilemma. Her mate is Archie Black, the Alpha of the Red Moon Pack. Not only does Archie have an awful personality. He will also never allow the freedom Winter seeks. Does it mean she has to go rogue than submit to him? But how far can Winter run away from her fate?

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Hannah Gonzalez
is this book abandon
2023-07-11 11:16:57
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Great Book! Waiting on more chapters!
2022-02-20 23:13:11
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Maria Makatuki
Great start I hope you finish it. Waiting patiently for some more chapters ...
2021-11-13 16:39:33
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great book but I hope u finish it!
2021-10-02 15:40:22
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Peggy tecia
I put on my hard work on this book and I hope you all love it
2021-05-01 19:08:23
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Angel Maronge
Good so far just need more chapters
2021-07-20 02:19:12
14 Chapters
'Crystal I think they're gaining on us!' I shouted at my wolf 'Well if you could just go back we wouldn't be in this predicament now would we?' She rolled her eyes'Feisty now are we?...and where would the fun be if we just sit around home acting like a good Alphas daughter?'  I smirked knowing damn well that I have gotten to her nerves or our nerves at that matter'Mom is going to kill us' she said before disappearing to the back of my head. By that moment I was about to cross our east border but to pair of hands caught of guard, the smell of mint and a little mix of earth hit my nose and instantly I knew who it was."I swear i was about to turn back and come back home" I turned around and put on my sweetest pout I could muster."Um no you wasn't....in fact you don't show any signs of stopping" he glared at me with the same color eyes that our mother has"I swear Xander I was about to go back home" I said "dad is going to flip whe he h
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It took mostly 30 minutes from the east border to get to the pack house but I was expected to be  there in 2 minutes, I ran as fast as I could leaving Xander behind and when I emerged by the tree line I found my friend carly giving me sad eyes at in telling me  that "they know" I ran my hand in my hair and walked towards the kitchen door steps and went inside the pack houseAs always the pack house was busy, i went straight to the 5th floor where all Alpha's family stayed and my father's office was there too, I stood by the door thinking of ways to get out of this without being pushed but was interrupted yet again by my dad "I said 2 minutes winter" my dad shouted by the other side,  I flinched a little and knocked on the door "come in" he said...as I walked in I was met with a pair of blue agonizing eyes, I swear if looks could kill I'll be a puddle of flesh in the groundTo the far end of my dad's office sat my mom on black sofa as she looked
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After that conversation with my parents I left the office and went to my room to wash-up then I spent my afternoon reading some adventure novels, dinner came by but I didn't have the strength to go downstairs at the dinner table, as I was about to take my second novel out of my shelves I heard a knock at the door and I instantly knew who it was "Its open" I yelled, and the door cracked open  as her sweet melody voice hit my ears "and may I know why you're angry with food""I'm not mom, I just don't feel like eating " I said "you know he loves you right, and the same goes with me...we were just worried about you" she said with sadness in her eyes I signed "I know mom, it's just that I want to run you know and be like a free bird or wolf at this matter and have a little adventure""Hun-" I cut her off  "I know I should be  preparing my self to meet my mate like all my other friends"She smiled a sad smile "with that being said,
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"Do you miss me that much that you think about me and can't see where you're going?" Jack spat "are we being cocky right now?" I spat back"Mmm seems like we aren't in the mood" he said "well I've just trained over six hours without food" I posed with my most dramatic posture I can master"I've been training with your brother and you know how he can throw a mean punch but I'm not complaining" he said "well I sure you can take a punch with this mean looking bod-" I was about to finish my comeback when I heard my brother clearing his throat and I jumped back a little from Jack, Jack is my brother's friend and next in line beta to the moon rising pack,ever since we where young he has always been cocky and flirtatious around me and he always thought we would be mates because I've always flirted back, while to me it was nothing more than an innocent flirt And my brother always told me to stop misleading him because he could see that Jake really did liked me, and w
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The dress
"Dude!" My brother boomed "um yes what where you saying" Jake exclaimed "Never mind" said Xander, 'you should stop giving him the impression that we like him' Crystal chimed in, 'but I haven't done anything I was just minding my business eating these delicious muffins' I said 'Well stop flirting with him every chance you get because our mate wouldn't like to know that you were busy flirting with other Males while we should be waiting for him' she snapped, 'don't give me that sassy attitude' I said and shoved her to the back of my mind"Urggg!" I exclaimed, "what's wrong" Carly asked "it's just Crystal, she's been giving me attitude these days you know" "Oh well I bet she's the one on the right her" she said "are you taking her side?" I quickly questioned, "I agree with Carly on this one" Xander chimed in, "what!!" I said "I pity Crystal she got stuck with a human like you" xander spat while smirking "you guys...stop pulling my leg" they all
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Alpha's daughter
'Crystal!Crystal! Crystal please don't leave me...please say something' I pleaded 'wi I can't bear this pain' she whispered 'Crystal please I can't live without you, please dont leave me' I cried 'He doesn't want us wi, he doesn't want to even look at us' she whimpered disappearing at the back of my mind, thud! I was awoken by the sound of lightning from outside "its just a dream its just a dream" I murmured those words to myself "I can't let our mate hurt us, I can't let you leave me" I murmured "but if I reject him that would hurt me too right, but I haven't turned 18 yet to be lured by the mate bond, maybe if I reject him now while I'm still 17 I wouldn't be affected by the heartbreak" I murmured out loud "damn me for not paying attention while they were teaching us about mates" I scolded my self then sighed "if I find my mate at the ceremony then I will reject him right there" after some more hours of staying awake I eventually fall back asleep 
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An Alpha Luna
After washing up I wore my blue summer dress which made my eyes pop,and putted on some saddles when I was downstairs I bumped into Carly who was with her brother greyson "sorry" i muttered to her. She was wearing a beautiful yellow dress "it's my fault I'm just so anxious that I can't think nor pay attention" she murmured " okay okay now let's go should we" I said and we went outside the pack house staircase, we found our parents there " bunny you look lovely, I don't know why you never wear dresses really" she muttered "I just like jeans mom" I said and a black SUV followed with other expensive cars parked by our road side and Alpha Kyle and his mate luna Charlotte came out the car to meet with us followed by his beta and Gamma, "Alpha Turner its good to see you again" Alpha Kyle exclaimed shaking my dad's hand " ahh Alpha Kyle luna Charlotte and your beta and Gamma you are welcome this is my family, my luna wendy our son and soon to be alpha Xander and my daughter Wint
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The ceremony
"What's wrong""They have arrived" all the color in Carly's face have drained "have you seen them up close" I asked "no i didn't go near them, I was busy helping with tonight's decorations but the luna and alpha went to great and welcome them" she said "Oh my godess, are you guys done with the decorations?" I asked, "yes, but I'm afraid to go back downstairs" she said looking worried "I know, I don't want to go there too" I said "No it's not that it's just I smelled-" we where disrupted by my brother budging in "wi, mom said we must get ready the ceremony will start soon" he said "are they really here?" I asked "y-yes but for now they are at dad's office discussing the alliance" he said giving me a sad smile then he left , after that I went to my walk-in closet and took out my new dress, Carly went out then came back with her makeup kit and new dress and shoes."What were you saying earlier before we got interrupted" I asked, she looked scared and
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Alpha black
My heart hummed in my chest as if my life depended on it as I turned around I heard a feminine voice "mate" Carly boomed after the Male, and realization hit me like a brick, 'oh his Carly's mate' I huffed a happy sigh, as I turned around I saw the most PG 18 makeout section I've ever seen,"Eww Carly get a room would you" I beamed not only of their makeout section but because I was happy my friend has found her mate, wait but I dont know this male, "oh sorry wi, I can't hold my self" she beamed with excitement "um okay, care to introduce your mate?" I asked."Oh where are my manners" boomed the Male with a smirk on his face, "I am Zayn Jones, beta of the Red Moon pack"as he said those words I saw the color drain from Carly's face and I realized his dominance aura radiating from him, I got scared for my friend, "Carly, are you okay", I asked trying to make her come back from earth as she stood frozen."It's nice to meet you Beta Zayn, I am Winter Steel this her is C
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Chapter 10
Archie's P.O.V"Say it" I growled, "p-please please let me cum" one of the she-wolves I bang  most of the time begged for her release, I like it if they beg, it makes me know that I am in control, and most of them love to submit and let me dominate them in the bedroom, it's a give and take type of thing.The she-wolves of my pack love to throw themselves to me or my beta and friend Zayn, and we can't restrain ourselves, but we are cautious to who we bang, I mean I am a 28 year old Alpha without a mate nor a chosen mate, I need to blow off some steam and that's where the she-wolves come in handy.I trusted inside her harder and more aggressively, when her walls clutch around my big cock, "yes alpha, more please" she moaned and I was sure if my room wasn't soundproofed she would have been heard from a mile away, I slapped into some few more times while rubbing her clit and that's when she screamed my name and came undone, after some few trusts I reached my own c
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