Bleeding Flower

Bleeding Flower

By:  The Faceless Man  Ongoing
Language: English
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The white rose lay on the floor dripping with blood. A small,shiny blade lay beside it. A beautiful object in such a terrible and painful condition. The blood stain on it did not hide it's immaculate and beautiful nature. She puffed smoke in the air and took a sip of the liquor beside her,as she glared at the bleeding rose with sad and anguish filled eyes,it told a lot about her and her agony. She was as beautiful as the rose in front of her. She took out an envelope containing different photos of different people in it,she stared at the image with a mixture of rage and disgust. “Revenge!!!“ She yelled as she fell to the ground crying” “I'll not sleep,I'll not rest until you all are dead!!”

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The Faceless Man
I'm loving the book, can't wait for it to be completed.
2023-03-18 18:59:40
8 Chapters
A white rose lay on the floor dripping with blood. A small, shiny blade lay beside it.A beautiful object in such a terrible and painful condition.The blood stain on it did not hide it's immaculate and beautiful nature.She puffed smoke in the air and took a sip of the liquor beside her, as she glared at the bleeding rose with sad and anguish filled eyes, it told a lot about her and her agony.She was as beautiful as the rose in front of her.She took out an envelope containing different photos of different people in it, she stared at the image with a mixture of rage and disgust.“Revenge!!!“ She yelled as she fell to the ground crying”“I'll neither sleep nor rest until you all are dead!!”
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They say everything that has a beginning has an end.It was just like any other morning, the atmosphere was cozy and the beautiful morning sun illuminating the day and bringing warmth, the birds singing melodiously and the wind rustling mildly.Two prison guards were seen with batons and dressed in their partially rumpled uniform, they walked furiously and their looks expressed danger.They opened one of the prison cells and a beautiful lady was seen walking out of the cell, immediately her hands were cuffed and she was excorted by the prison wardens.The lady was probably in her mid twenties, she was average in height and emitted a dangerous aura, her paled face and messy hair did not in any way hide her beauty with her glittering eyes like a gemstone.The wardens led her to a room filled with more wardens, a reverend and some other people.She was placed on a chair and her hands and legs were tied to the chair, her neck tied to the relaxing area of the chair. On the faces of the peo
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Chapter One
A lady dressed in all black was seen walking out of a hotel room, she wore a beach hat which prevented the receptionist from seeing her face clearly as she passed out of the reception room, she seemed uneasy as she walked by with the beach hat covering her half her face, she got into a black car and zoomed off.A few minutes later, a scream was heard alerting the hotel's security team as they rushed into the hotel room.A man in his late fifties was seen lying lifeless on the bed in a pool of blood, an unfamiliar drug was lying around on the floor, on the side was a knife with its cutting edges drenched in blood and stab wounds could be found around the body of the man.He wore a white vest which already turned red as a result of the bleeding, short male underwear was around his waist, his eyes were cold and wide open showing he died an extremely painful death, a white rose with blood stains on it was placed on his chest.The man was identified as George Aaron, he was a wealthy busine
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Chapter Two
Detective Peter Jones was seated in his partially fancy office. Tthe furniture in the office looked a bit old but were still beautiful, frames with the pictures of the president and governor of the city hung on the wall, a small national flag was on the top of his desk and on the other side was a pile of books.Detective Jones seemed to be lost in thought when a young police officer walked in probably a junior officer.“Good morning sir” he greeted “good morning” Jones returned his greetings immediately." Sir the forensic result is here", the junior officer announced as he dropped some files on detective Jones's desk and exited the room. Immediately, detective Jones started going through the files when he remembered white bloody rose on the victim's body.He checked the files for DNA samples on the rose,the forensics tests prove the DNA sample of the blood of the rose and the man's blood did not match, he thought to himself that whoever killed the man must have dropped his or her bl
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Chapter Three
Detective Jones and Maria arrived at the garden owned by one of the most popular florists in the city,they stepped out of the car as they headed to the door. A woman who was probably in her late fifties walked out."how may I help you, she asked"“Good morning ma'am, we're from the city's police department and we want to ask you a few questions” detective Jones replied"Did I do anything wrong" the woman asked in a confused tone.“No ma'am you've done nothing wrong. I'm looking for a particular type of rose, the white rose specifically. Do you have them in your collection.” Jones asked looking serious.The woman noticed the sudden change in his countenance while he asked this question. As she delayed a bit before finally giving her response."Yes detective, I had only two plants and I sold them two weeks ago"“May I ask who you sold them to” Detective Jones replied.“It was a young woman in her twenties, she looked rich and was extremely beautiful, she really looked like my late daug
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Chapter Four
Mrs Angela walked out of her car gracefully and majestically as her butler opened the door for her, she walked into the building of Lebans group of companies and took her seat in the board room.Mrs. Angela was a wealthy young woman in her late twenties, she was a self-made millionaire as she earned her first million when she was in her university days and she married a billionaire who died a few years after their marriage since they had no children, he willed everything to be her.She stood up from her seat she began"good morning to you my fellow members of the board,as you all know,our board members have been the targets of a brutal serial killer, first was Mr George and next was Mr Ramsey. As it is now, we have no idea who could be the next. And this is why I called for this meeting with the board,so we can all tackle this issue together."“Madam,the police officers are here and they want to have a meeting with the board”Mrs. Angela's secretary informed.“Send them in” She order
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Chapter Five
It had been three days since Christopher was abducted, there was no news of his abduction or call for a ransom demand. It was obvious that whoever kidnapped Mr Christopher was not after money but probably held a grudge against him.His family made public announcements that whoever could find him or provide useful information on his location would be rewarded handsomely. Flyers were made indicating that billionaire Christopher Penworth was missing.Social media aided the spreading of rumors about missing Christopher. Some said he was dead, some said the mysterious woman was a ghost who was killed by a Lebans group of companies while others insulted the police for being unreliable and incompetent, they claimed they lived in a society where the police couldn't protect them.Detective Jones and Maria were often stalked by curious press officials who wanted detailed information to publish.“Detective Jones, who do you think is responsible for the abduction of Mr. Christopher” A press memb
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Chapter Six
It was another bright morning of a beautiful day, the morning sun stood fixated on the sky happily smiling and the threes shook their branches at intervals obeying the commands of the wind.Detective Jones walked into the city's police department as he was greeted by a few of his colleagues.“Have you seen Maria”he asked a female officer he came across.”No sir" she replied.“Strange, Maria has never been late” he thought to himself.Maria had always been very punctual and it was anomaly for her to be late."Maybe she's having car troubles”he said to himself to relieve his anxiety as he took his seat in his office.Maria came to work very late, she looked like she hadn't slept in days, her hair was a bit messy and her clothes rumpled which was unusual.“Good morning ma, captain wants to see you.“She fixed her hair a bit as she walked into the captain's office.“good morning captain” She greeted.“Good morning Maria, are you okay? Because you definitely don't look like you.““I'm pe
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