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The Hathaway family has always been a family filled with joy and happiness until the unfortunate incident. Now it is up to Alexa to fix things before its too late. Now our brave young hero would have summon every last not of courage left in her to face and overcome the great evil lurking on their very midst. Will she be able to?, or will she fail and end up losing her life, or worse her family?

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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in tpuch with y ? i have sth to discuss abt the book
2022-03-25 12:43:04
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Stephanie Fullagar
What days do you update
2021-06-16 19:22:11
17 Chapters
   The fresh air coming from the slightly opened window soothed Alexa Hathaway as she laid gently on her bed.It was another Saturday and Alexa loved Saturdays.    She'd say that it was specially created for her to explore the whole of New York, rather than being stuck with their maid Josie, not that she was a bad person. She was a really sweet woman, really sweet but also really boring. That day was no different, she'd tour most places she never had the chance to surf her whole seventeen years. The only thing that bothered her was the old woman that was following her. She remembered when she stopped for ice cream, the woman was there. When she stopped to see her favourite baker, Mr Sloan, the woman was there again. That was when Alexa was certain that the woman was stalking her and it was kinda creepy. 
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    Alexa woke up feeling as confused as ever. She didn't understand what the old woman meant because as far as she knew, she was powerless or as the cheerleaders at school would say completely ordinary and useless, so she didn't understand how she could be powerful. Alexa was still trying to think but was interrupted by a knock on her door."Alexa, come downstairs. Mom and dad wants to talk to us".Chris said from behind the door.Alexa climbed out of her bed and went to open the door."What do they want to talk about?"she asked.Chris shrugged his shoulders and said "How should I know?""Kay,I'll be down in a minute."She took a quick shower and picked out a pair of jeans with a blue shirt with flats and went downstairs. Everyone was gathered at the dining room so she sat down and waited. Her dad cleared his throat and began."I know you're prob
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   The stranger was your typical bad boy. He looked really cool in his all black outfit and black sneakers, like a dark angel. He was blonde, just like her and he had blue eyes that really sparkled when he smiled."Guys, this is Aiden white, he is my friend from school and he is going to be staying with us till we go back to school....if that's okay with you" Jenny said, smiling."Of course it's okay with us, Aiden, welcome to our home" her mother said.Aiden smiled and looked at Alexa and she introduced herself and the guys."Nice to meet you Alexa" Aiden said as he extended his hand. She did the same and they shook hands. Then he left and was talking with the guys. The party was great, Jenny loved it and she even got a present from Josie. A silver necklace with a cross pendent. It was really pretty and Alexa was even a little jealous because Josie had never given her anything that
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       It has been three weeks now and Alexa's dad hasn't been found.  Her mom was in the hospital cause she tried to kill herself. when David asked their mom why she did that, she said she didn't remember. That she remembered going upstairs to her room to rest for a while and the next thing she knew, she was in the hospital. The cops were also looking for Josie, but it was like she vanished from the surface of the earth. Alexa was sure that Josie had something to do with Jenny's death cause the cross that was on her door was exactly the same with the one Josie gave to her.  Aiden and Alexa became very close, Aiden was there whenever Alexa needed a shoulder to cry on, which was often because she'd been crying a lot lately.   Chris stopped coming home,  he said bad things have been happening since Aiden entered their home. They had a fight once when Chris confronted Aiden and accused him of killing Jen
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  Alexa woke up feeling as disoriented as ever, she looked around and realized that the surrounding wasn't familiar. She tried to get up but she was chained to the bed.   She tried to remember how she got there but with no luck. She was still trying to gather her thoughts when someone appeared at the doorframe."Enjoy your little nap?, I heard you put up quite a fight. You're a feisty little lady aren't you?""Who are you, and what do you want with me?""You have something that belongs to my mistress, and she wants it back" the person said firmly. Alexa wanted to say something when she heard a voice in the background."Mistress said not to talk to the prisoner"
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Chris."What the hell was that about?,"He said as he got up from bed. " I mean, I never have dreams and when I finally do, it's about my twin sister who's missing."Alexa was the only one who usually had dreams in their house, so the fact that he dreamt of her was pretty odd. Especially because of what he saw. He went down to the living room and found David and Aiden at the dining and didn't hesitate to tell them that he saw."Hey guys, I had a weird dream last night,""You had a dream?, well that's a first." David said playfully and he and Aiden laughed."I'm serious, I did..and it was about Al
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     The cops arrived at Tim's playground and searched the area but they couldn't find anything till an officer finally spotted a hatch that led to an underground cave. It was really big once they got inside and they felt like they were just going in circles. They searched for a few minutes before they found a cell. They were examining it when they heard a deafening scream. They hurried to the direction that they felt the voice came from, and when they got there, they found a room with candles all around and they noticed some people wearing black robes that had hoods. Among those people, they spotted the Hathaway siblings and their guest trying to stop the hooded people from escaping but their efforts weren't enough. Then in t
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Alexa and Chris wondered what was taking them so long. The young man, Drake, had ask if he could leave and Chris said he could. The twins stayed there waiting patiently until they saw a girl running out of the inn.She was blonde and she looked older than Alexa. The Blondie looked so  frightened that she didn't noticed that Alexa and Chris were standing there. When she noticed them, she started to run in the other direction but they went after her. When they caught her Chris tried to hold her down so she doesn't escape but she was struggling too hard so Alexa joined and they succeeded in holding her down.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Officer Gale managed to open the door and they both ran outside to find Chris and Alexa restraining the blonde girl.He
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After they left the station, they went to the hospital to check on their mom and what happened next was like a miracle. They went to her ward and talked to her like they usually do, and after a while they went home but they had barely gotten home when the doctor called them that their mom had woken up. Alexa was overjoyed, she was smiling so sweetly, the smile that Chris had missed so much. They wanted to go back to the hospital but the doctor said they should wait till the next day because she needed to rest.After they had dinner that night, they tried calling Aiden but his number was switched off. That would be the tenth time they'd be trying his number. Dave said not to bother him, that they would call him in the morning.
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Chris brought out his phone and was about to dial the number when Aiden roughly shoved Alexa and ran out of the room. Chris ran after him but he was too fast, he got out of the house before he could get to him.  Dave glanced over at Alexa and he felt bad for his little sister. She looked so heartbroken, he had no idea what Aiden could've done to hurt her that much and honestly he didn't really care. The fact that he even hurt her at all was enough to make him hate him. Chris came back up and told them he had called the cops and they would get there in a couple of minutes. About ten minutes later, they heard a knock on the door and when Chris opened it, it was officer gale and he looked like he had bad news. "Can I come in?" "Of course. Is everything ok?"
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