By:  CJ Adler  Ongoing
Language: English
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'If kisses were snowflakes, I'd send you a blizzard' ~ Madame ChatterzBenley Macallister is on a downward spiral. Luck has never been on his side. Things go from bad to worse when the nineteen-year-old loses his job, his best friend, and the love of his life all in the same year.Feeling unfilled, Macallister turns to drink as a way to cope. Nonetheless, as luck would have it, another curveball is thrown his way, three years later, when a raven-haired girl accidentally enters his life, purposely refusing to leave it.MacAllister quickly finds his hands tied with the new addition. He's left with two options -- to either fight the oncoming blizzard of change or to embrace it fully.

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38 Chapters
PrologueThe Past (2 years earlier)"I love you," I say as I smile down at the beautiful, petite brunette before me.
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1The Past (2 years earlier)"You're late, Benley," my manager informs me, tossing the apron my way.
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2The Present (2 years later)"Hello, Benjy!" the chipper voice of my overzealous mother echoes into the phone. "Are we still on for tomorrow night? Your father and your sisters are expectin
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Chapter 3
                                                             Chapter 3The Present "Hey, wake up," someone pokes my shoulder.I stir when I hear a clicking sound. I open my eyes to find the mystery girl snapping her fingers in my face. It only then registers that I'm in the passenger seat and that she's currently driving my car.
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4                                                          The Present 
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5The Present"Heard you got yourself a new girl?" Greg arches an eyebrow at me, curious. "Want to tell me when that happened? Didn't realize you were capable of keeping one."
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6The Present"What is wrong with you?" I ask her, rubbing at my ear. I'm pretty sure she's bruised me. "Why did you have to manhandle me in front of all my friends?" Greg wi
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7The PresentIt's a couple of days later and I'm back at my safe haven, the bar.
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8The Present"'Get to know her', she said," I mock with a scoff and roll my eyes, annoyed. Bell is so delusional. I almost put myself out there again because of her. Okay, I didn't really but I want her to think that I di
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9The Present"I can't believe you guys convinced me to come here," I mutter, frustrated. "Number 1, the people I'm with suck. Number 2, the place I'm at sucks too." Sometimes, it's good to complain.
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