As soon as Lily and Kyle arrived and greeted my parents, Lily ran as fast as she could up to my room. “What’s wrong you called me like 5 times during the drive?” She asked out of breath. Without a word I pulled her into my room and shoved the invitation into her hands.

“What is this? I thought you were in trouble. I missed your calls and then you wouldn’t pick up the phone. What’s wrong with you?” Every word she spoke getting louder.

Luckily our parents had the sense to soundproof our rooms once we turned 15 even though that was more for when we mated and they thought we would be staying in the pack but Chris and Kyle used it to get away with a lot of stuff.

“I got this today. It came from the palace.” I said.

Lily instantly stopped talking and paled. Looking at the invitation she cracked a smile at me and started laughing.

“Good one Scar. You really got me this time. I’m going to go and help Kyle settle back into his room.” Lily said as she turned to leave. I grabbed her arm.

“Stop I’m serious. I told you about how Shane and I walked in the garden for like an hour on the boys’ birthday. Now I get a hand written invitation to his crowning? When our father got our invitation for the whole family like a few months ago. I need you we haven’t talked in ages and I’m going crazy here.” I said as I started to get a little annoyed at how she reacted especially after not seeing each other in a month.

“Ok so you two just talked right? You even said he told his brother he was making friends. So he probably thinks of you as a friend now. He probably doesn’t talk to many people who have an ordinary life. You even said he sounded sad about not growing up around other kids.” She said while putting her arm around my shoulders and sitting us on my bed.

“I don’t know what to think. I was walking through a garden, at night, with a prince. When he asked me to tell him about myself I mind blinked. After all whenever I looked at him he had that smile on his face.” I said. Thinking back now and remembering that damn smile, it was so natural. Even now from memory it gave me butterflies in my stomach.

“Why would he send me a handwritten invitation after one small conversation?” Looking at Lily she was concentrating on something else.

The way her eyes where glazed over I guessed she was mind-linking someone. As I was looking at her she began to smile and I knew she was talking to Kyle.

“It’s ok I’m overreacting go be with my brother.” I said as I stood and headed to my adjoining bathroom.

After another shower to clear my fuzzy brain I came into my room to find Lily gone. The invitation sitting on my bedside table. Putting on jeans and one of my more, ‘girly’ as my brothers would call it, tops. I made it downstairs and everyone was sitting down to eat. Mom smiled at me as I sat next to her. After making small talk with Lily’s dad Greg and her mom Ray I excused myself to isolation in my room again. After a few episodes of Supernatural a knock pulls me away from Sam and Deans adventures.

“Come in.” I called. Chris opens the door with two plates of chocolate cake.

“You rushed off after dinner you almost missed out on cake I had to stop Kyle just to save you a piece.” He said sitting next to me.

“Thanks, I just didn’t want to be around love sick Lily.” I replied.

“Ah” Chris said as he rolled his eyes. “Well you know you will get that too. Next year when you’re 18.” With a chuckle he put a massive spoon full of cake in his mouth and moaned.

“Yeah I know it’s just, she’s my friend and now all she can talk about is Kyle or Luna stuff.” I said as I had a bite of cake. Damn this is GOOD.

“What’s up? You seem frazzled by something today.” Chris asked.

I reached over and handed him the invitation. His eyes lit up as he swallowed another piece and cake.

“Damn sis you’re getting the attention of a prince?” As Chris asked me making my mind again go back to the party and with that those damn butterflies returned.

I hummed in response and shove another bite of cake in my mouth. He raised an eyebrow at me and I shrugged swallowing.

“I don’t know what to think of it that’s why I was excited to see Lily but all she wanted to do was run off back to Kyle and told me I was over thinking it and he just wanted to be friends.” I said begging the butterflies to go away so I could finish the chocolate cake.

“Well if you feel a connection with him he might feel one with you. Wolves are very turned into our feelings especially ones over 18.” He said as he finished his cake and eyed the half I hadn’t finished yet.

I giggled and handed the plate to him making him look at me waiting for my approval to eat it and I nodded at him.

“I don’t know how I feel I had an hour long conversation with him one night a month ago. I wasn’t even sure if he remembered it.” As I said this Chris leant over and kissed the top of my head before standing and picking up the now cleaned plates.

“Well from that handwritten invitation I think it’s safe to say he does remember you.” He shut my door and his words lingered in my head as the butterflies fluttered harder in my stomach at the thought of Shane remembering me.

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Bella Jersey
I feel bad for Scar having no one else she can be completely honest with
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Bella Jersey
Lily might have to fine turn on her Luna skills. Luna is not just about being with her mate. Luna by definition is mother to her pack.
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seriously i think Lily is not a good friend anymore .. n its really rude while her best friend tried to explain n talk she mind links Kyle even though they r 2gether 24/7 now ... Lily is ignorant. I feel bad for Scar, If He is her Mate they cant be 2gether cuz he is promised to a Princess

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