The Palace

After a day of trying on elegant gowns and shoes, giggling and gushing over each other like old times. Lily and I look at the guys and they look so bored I actually felt a little sorry for them. During our first set of dresses I noticed that Lily was sporting my brothers’ mark. It was something actually very beautiful it was a crescent moon with 5 stars around it.

“The stars are the number of pup’s we are supposed to have.” Lily said with a twinkle in her eye.

I smiled at her knowing we had always talked about our love for children and Lily had wanted them for as long as I had known her. Heading towards lunch as our stomach’s growled. After lunch Lily and I were discussing shoes to go with our new dresses and the boys looked like they were so disappointed.

“Boys do you want to go and do something else while we go shopping again?” their eyes lit up and Lily laughed.

“Yes, we can go to the palace and take one of the tours.” Kyle said in response.

Chris nodded his head and they high fived. Both Lily and I giggled.

“Just don’t forget you two need to get your suits before tomorrow night.” I said as Lily and I walked away.

We spent the rest of the afternoon looking at shoes that were far too expensive for one night. Even after we laughed at the type of people who would buy these types of heels for one night Lily decided to get the pair she hadn’t put down for hours.

Again standing in front of the mirror with Lily dressed up in a beautiful gown. Only difference is that we are in a hotel room twice the size of either of our rooms back home and I have butterflies doing back flips thinking about seeing Shane again.

“You look so hot.” Lily said while grinning ear to ear. I felt myself flushing bright red.

“Thanks, so do you.” I said as I looked her up and down.

In a simple black silk, floor length gown with dark blue shoes and matching the sapphire necklace she had gotten from Kyle she looked even more stunning than normal. Her tall slender frame perfect for the gown she had chosen, her blonde hair tied back in an elegant bun. Turning back to look at myself one last time. Wearing a wine red dress that was hugging my curves, black shoes that matched the height of Lily’s and emerald earrings that had reminded me of Shane’s eyes.

We had been given looks all the way out to the car making Kyle growl a low and protective growl. Lily giggled at her mate’s reaction to others looking at her and I smiled at my overprotective brother. Stepping out of the car at the bottom of a grand staircase I saw my mom and dad dressed in black suit and purple dress made me smile. My younger brothers running up and hugging I patted their heads smiling at my parents.

“Come on kids we are going to be introduced together.” Mom said.

Starting up the stairs next to mom and I saw Mr. Stanley standing at the top by the doors. He nodded towards me and I blushed a little.

“Alpha Christian Black of Crystal Moon Pack and his family.” The announcer standing at the top of the stairs inside said so loud I jumped at the noise.

After being introduced we went down into one of the dining rooms where the royals and a lot of packs from around the world were. Feeling very overwhelmed I stuck to my parents and Lily like glue until I saw the princes’. They look unbelievably hot in full black tuxedos all the way down to their dress shoes. Shane smiled over at me as he saw my eyes lingering on them making me drop my eyes and feel my cheeks get warm again. As he was speaking with a rather stuffy looking couple then walking out of the room, Jamie wondered over to me.

“Your highness” my family bowed as I followed suit.

“We are pleased to be here with your family on this special occasion.” I had never heard my father speak so formally before.

“I wouldn’t have thought we would be seeing each other so soon after your son’s birthday Alpha Sander.” Jamie replied his eyes wondering to me every few words.

“It’s especially nice to see you again, Scarlett was it?” He said in a smooth voice making me freeze.

“Yes your highness this is our only daughter Scarlett.” My mother shot back quickly when she saw I had lost the ability to speak.

“I know we met at the party. She ran right into me actually, while accompanying my brother on a walk through the gardens.” Jamie said with the slightest hint of a smile. I become hot and flustered.

“And I apologized for it your…” he cut me off with a wave of his hand.

“Call me Jamie I insist. That highness no sense is more my brothers tastes.” He turned to my dad.

“Alpha Black would you mind if I stole your daughter away for a dance?” My dad without saying a word and wide eyes, he just nods and Jamie bows offering me his hand.

Lily bumps me from behind and I reach out and it. Heading towards the dance floor I finally found my voice again.

“You know my father isn’t Alpha anymore but he’s too proud to tell you. My brother took over last weekend.” As I said this Jamie’s grin widen.

“I will personally apologize to your brother later.” He whispered in my ear.

Spinning me on the floor as music from a live band plays. He pulled me into his arms and put his hand on the small of my back and pulling me even closer. I smile to try and hide the blush I know is turning my face tomato red by now.

“I must say you do look lovely tonight.” He said as we swayed to the music making me blush so much even my smile couldn’t hide it.

“Thank you Jamie, you don’t look half bad either.” I croaked out.

After a few dances the music stops and he stands beside me without dropping his arm from around my waist as we turn to see Shane at the top of one of the grand stair cases with a beautiful tall woman beside him. Seeing my eyes grow wide at her beauty and hearing the gasp Jamie looked at me before leaning down.

“That is princess Charlotte of Emerald County. Future Queen to be.” Jamie whispered in my ear my heart dropped as he said that I could never compete with her.

“She has been here since she was a teenager and her parents have made it clear neither her nor Shane will get out of this marriage.” He said before dropping his arm. He took my hand and kissed before leading me back towards my family.

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