Chapter 2

Lilly's POV

"I can't believe your dad is finally okay with this!" Sally squealed, pulling me into another hug.

I hugged her back, "Me neither, but he did make me a big huge list of rules, he is probably just trying to discourage me from going, I swear," Sally chuckled at my words and shook her head, "Still, this is so exciting, we both are going, I might burst from happiness, I can't help it!"

I smiled at her enthusiasm and crossed my legs over the bed, thinking about what's to come. It is exciting. A new country, a new place, a new me, and most importantly, a new beginning.

"Did you tell Chase?" Sally's words broke through my thoughts and my smile slowly dropped. I shook my head, "We haven't talked a lot lately," I mumbled, fidgeting with the cover of my phone, "Actually we haven't talked at all for like two weeks," I pulled into a deep breath and looked at my lap, "He is busy with finals, I am also busy with mine, so it's okay, whatever."

I felt her hand rest over mine, "Lilly, are
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