Chapter 38

Lilly's POV

The music starts to play from the other side of the school, and as the ring of guitar and bass kicks in, I blot my face and nose into the arm of my thin shirt.

I am such an emotional mess, in the middle of the school's theatre. All alone.

I cry some more and realize that I can't do this. I can't handle this. Not yet.

I need to see him.

I decide to get the hell out of here but I stop when I hear footsteps nearing me again from behind, thinking it's Conner, I sigh, "I told you I want to be alone," I start to say but I am suddenly surrounded by a familiar scent that swirls me into an endless loop of emotions.

"That's not an option," He says and a shocked exhale bursts out of me, and I use it to my advantage and take a huge inhale, melting into his warm voice.

I immediately turn around, my gaze drifting up to fall onto the one boy who has stolen my heart, my mind, and all of my senses.

Fresh tears fill my eyes as I gaze at him, his ocean blue eyes dimming a bit when he reads m
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