Edgar opened his eyes, it was narrowed and rigid, he lifted his eyebrows while his forehead furrowed, terror overtook his face. He folds his hand and ready to attack the Witch.

"What are you doing in my palace? look around I own his kingdom! nobody can take it away from me, you want her right? but I won't give her to you! as an Ashek who happens to be the first of all Ashek should know that any promise made to a witch must be fulfilled no matter what!" Sounds of a kitten heel as Lame steps forward from the throne.

"But I think the promise should be fulfill willing not forcefully!" Wizard Zudan tells Lame.

"Okay then release her!" Lame orders the armies with a frown face while breathing heavily.

Edgar controls himself as he stops the attack he wanted to made on the Witch, Edgar has no trace of a smile on his face. Then Lame asked Rosita to give her a life in exchange for her promise!

"What! can't I give you something else?"

"No! you promise to do whate
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