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Lame did not listen to The Dragon king and she continues to chant those spell with a loud voice, The dragon king also increased the fire around the circle with his breath, Katrine was shouting and crying for help while The head of Rebel and his men ran off with their horses and leave the witch.

Lame couldn't stand the heat also as she stops the spell she was chanting, she stretched her left hand towards the fire and said some words so that the fire will quench but it did not. Lame felt pissed then she look up at the sky then shouted at Dragon king to stop the fire right now!

"I will only do that if you dropped the knife on the ice, drop it now!" The dragon king was furious with the Witch as he speaks.

"I will never do that! ha, ha, ha, ha," Lame tries to use magic and disappear from the circle but she couldn't use her power. The Dragon King said to Lame that has she forgotten, no witch or wizard can use his or her power in the circle of a Dragon's breathe!

So she
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