Broken Love

Broken Love

By:  Ajiboye loveth  Completed
Language: English
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Beauty Bentel was adopted by a woman who lost her family in a car accident, Mrs. Jane Pablo. As she changes Beauty's name to Sunshine because of those after her life. Sunshine fell in love with a guy named James Kane whose family was the one that destroyed and killed Sunshine's first family. Mrs. Jane Pablo tried all her possible best to make Sunshine stay away from James after finding out the truth.Then she had no choice than to let Sunshine know the kind of family James comes from. This turn Sunshine to a cold-hearted person and she make sure that the Kane family was destroyed.

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149 Chapters
Hazardous Woman
There is a city where people live in peace and happiness and there's one man in that city whose name is Ford Bantle.Ford Bantle is 41years old. Born in Philipino. Works as a businessman. People we commonly associate with him as a gentleman, with a good heart. He's a very rich and influential businessman, he has a very lovely family his wife's name is Rita Bantle, and their lovely daughter Beauty Bentley she's a very beautiful girl. Beauty is 3years old, and her father loves her so much even more than he loves his wife because Rita Bentle keeps a serious friendship with his husband enemy; Mrs. Clara Kane. Mrs. Clara Kane is a very wicked and greedy woman to the extent that she killed her husband because of properties. Her husband's name is Mr. Kane, who is Mr. Bentle's best friend in business and he had two sons John Kane and James Kane. When Beauty was 3-years, Mrs. Clara Kane told her best friend Rita Bentle to kille
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Clota doesn't really like Sunshine because she doesn't trust people easily, after the meal James took Sunshine home. Clota called Clara and ask her maybe she has done a background check on Sunshine but Clara said no, that she doesn't need it because Sunshine is from a wealthy family so she took her glass cup of wine and go to her room.Clota called a private investigator to do a background check up on Sunshine Pablo and she said in her mind that nobody would destroy our family. When Sunshine got home, Jane asks her about the dinner meeting, she said it was fine and James' family was so nice and she goes straight to her room. Jane was so worried because she always wants Sunshine to be happy so she decided to tell her the truth. When going to Sunshine's room Jane's phone rang it was her private investigator, he told her that he has known the prison where Rita Bentle was, the investigators send the address. The following day Jane decided that she will tell
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Heart Of Revenge
James called her on the spot and told her that their family has a dinner party that night and he wants her to be there. She agreed and end the call Sunshine hate black clothes because she always thinks black clothes make her look ugly and James knew about it. On that dinner night Sunshine wore a black sexy gown when James saw her, he feels so surprised and asks her why she wears black clothing? Sunshine said it because she thought it would suit this dinner, and also she wants to change her mindset about it giving her an ugly look. James laugh it off and said that really fits her and she is pretty in it.James introduced sunshine to the family again on that night but clota was not happy seeing her then she leaves. Clara hugs Sunshine and pecks her told her to enjoy the party. While Sunshine was looking around she saw John sitting all alone then she walked up to him and greet him ask maybe she can sit with him. John said why not. Su
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Clara was waiting for John so that she can speak with to him concerning the issue between him and James, John arrives while he was about to enter his room Clara stop him and walked up to him.She asked maybe he has changed his mind and ready to give out the company but John did not utter a word he just walks out and enters his room. Clara then called James and asked maybe he would come home and what will he like to eat?John heard the phone conversation and he said in his mind that he doesn't expect his mother to support him because she never cares for him like she cares any always support James.The next day, Clota prepared herself and lied to Clara that she has some important issues to attend to very fast and she picked up her car key to go out, Clara told her not to do something silly because she knows her. Clota told Clara to trust her, and she leaves.Sunshine was at home getting dress because she is visiting her mother in prison that day, after getting
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John was so shocked by what Sunshine said and he did not want to believe her, but Sunshine said she has those files with her and that is why she chased her so that Clota won't tell Clara about those files but it amazes her when she discovered that Clota slips off the stairs.And Sunshine also said the only person that knows about the secret again is the Clota driver and she tried to get rid of the driver but the bullet hit him on his arm so John should find a solution to it before the driver will wake up and the police might want to investigate him, who knows he might tell them about your dirty secret.And police might think you plan all this. John hugs Sunshine and thanks to her for helping him out while Sunshine hand over the files to him. John went back inside and apologize to Clara for rising his voice towards her. James asked Sunshine why she is following John up and down.John face James and said he is disappointed in him for not trusting his woman the John l
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Benita said Sunshine know about her sister and her husband that died years ago, she has been the one taking care of their twin, but now their nanny is quitting her job because she couldn't pay them again.And she doesn't know maybe it will be okay for Sunshine if she brings those children to come and live with them here, Sunshine was not happy with Benita request because she doesn't want anybody to intrude her mission but she had no choice because Benita is a good friend to her.Then she accepts her friend's request, she tells Benita to bring those children over. Benita was so excited as she called the nanny back and tell her to send those children with the next flight to the Philippines and promise to credit the nanny account.********************Sunshine was inside her room thinking that instead of avenging her parent's cries from Kane's family that she will also look for evidence to prove that her mother is innocent so that she can be free.And also
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Two Forces
The next day, the investigator called James and tell him that Benita's sister was killed with her husband and Benita has been the one taking care of the twin ever since then. Even though the burden is too much for her, that is why she relocate from the state and all her sister's properties are being controlled by Clota Elvis.James was so shocked and hang the call then he was so confused and said to himself that maybe Sunshine is helping Benita to avenge, then he remembered all the love memories he had with Sunshine. But James refused to believe that Sunshine will want to avenge anything on him as he drives home.     James met Clara at home and he asked her maybe she know any Thomas family? The wine Clara was drinking almost fell from her hand and she said they are so many Thomas family in the world.Then James with angry mood told his mother to explain any Thomas family she knows to him. Clara breathe out and asked James how did he know about Thoma
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Benita first went to a pharmacy to get an injection and went straight to the clinic, she hid in one corner calculating the time that Clota next injection will be ready. Benita saw nursing heading towards the ward Sunshine told her that Clota was. The nurse was holding a kidney dish that has an injection inside it. Benita rushed and told the nurse that there is an emergency outside and the nurse should go and check, please. The nurse dropped the injection she was holding to call other nurses.Before the nurses arrived Benita has changed the injection and leave. After the nurse discovered that there is no emergency outside she was so surprised and came back to take the injection and went straight to Clota then inject her. After five minutes Clota started jacking, the emergency bell rang and the doctor rushed in to check he was so surprised that Clota is awake early, then the doctor injects her with ketamin so that she will sleep.When Ben
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The Game Just Began
Benita was angry and said maybe that is why James found out about their identity and about her sister. Benita took Denis inside and talk to her and beg her not to do such again. Sunshine received a call that Clara has to hire the maid.Sunshine was happy and asked maybe they have given the maid instructions and the drugs to use? the person said yes. Sunshine celebrates by drinking wine because her plan is manifesting.Jane dressed up to look for Ma'am Sonia's sister, when Jane got to the address given to her she saw Leah Ma'am Sonia's sister but she refused to speak with Jane. She warns Jane to please leave and should never come back because she doesn't want to be missing like her Sister. Leah went inside the house and closed the door Jane was asking her the meaning of that statement but Leah did not answer Jane. Jane had to leave and go back home. Leah sneaked out and take a cab after Jane left.                  &
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Sunshine was so happy after she drops the call she called someone and told the person to proceed. She smiles and said to herself that the game just began! ***************Four men banged into John's office one police officer and three other putting on a suit, they worked for the person that has 50% shares in John's company. One of those men said for the past four months a dime has not been pay into their account.And also when their boss wants to access the company joint account he was denied to it. John was so surprised but he knows that the company has a lot of depth to pay. The company has borrowed a lot of money and spent it on F. R. B Company.Because F. R. B company carries most of Kane's family secrets. John brings out his phone and called the man to please give him 48hours, he will seek it out and also pay for the four months allowance.After dropping the call, one of the man men's pick up his call their boss asked them to leave John's off
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