"Edgar" Wizard Zudan called his name slowly.

"Ooh yes wizard" He stopped laughing and smiles

"Give me that sac"

Wizard Zudan stretched his hand and collect the zac, Wizard Zudan turned to follow Owen but he still feels surprised with Edgar's look then Wizard Zudan stopped and walk up to Edgar where he was standing.

"Why are you laughing at her highness?"

"Nothing Wizard let go and treat her" He smiles as both of them followed up and when they got into the Lame chamber, Wizard Zudan was treating Lame and he wanted to give her medicine by pouring it inside her mouth but Edgar hold Wizard Zudan's hand, he turned his head to look at Edgar's face.

Edgar smiled to him and collect the medicine then dropped it inside Lame's mouth. Owen leaves before to get water for her highness, he comes back in, Wizard Zudan and Edgar are done with Lame and they're ready to leave, the first thing Owen saw was how Edgar is busy smiling as if nothing happened.

"Hey kid, w
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