True identity of Edgar

Owen walked in, Wizard Zudan, Rosita and Edgar leave what they're doing and started staring at Owen because they were surprised to see him, Katrine offers him a seat but Owen refused to sit.

"Let me go straight to the point, the witch is planning to bring back Ashek" He said with a frown face.

"So why are you telling us this?" Wizard Zudan asked.

"Because Ashek might want to attack Rosita since she is the one that lures him to death"

"Thanks for telling us you can go," Rosita tells him.

Owen turned around and wanted to leave but Wizard Zudan stopped him and asked why did he betray the witch? because he's on her side now and what if the witch finds out?

"I know I shouldn't be here to say something like this because I know that her highness will punish me if she finds out, I did this because I don't want to lose any of you even if we're not on good terms." Owen turned back and leave after saying these.

"But did you believe what Owen says?" Katrine
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