Found Knox in a restaurant

Chapter 7

Charity POV

I tossed on the bed for the umpteenth time and squeezed my face when I heard my stomach grumble hungrily. Now I regret leaving the school earlier. At least I would've gotten the chance to have a free meal there if I hadn't left earlier. What was I going to eat now that I came home? 

With the little strength left in me, I dragged myself from the bed and headed to the kitchen hoping to find something I could eat to give me strength, but I was met with an empty kitchen and I felt like crying my eyes out.

"Not now, please. I don't have a dime on me," I whined, facepalming myself frustratingly. I have spent my savings on my rent and I was left to starve now.

"I am an ulcer patient, please," I whined, almost in tears.

"When were you diagnosed with an ulcer?" My subconscious mind asked me, and I sighed before I walked back into my room and crashed against the bed.

My phone beeped, and when I checked it, I sighed and shook my head. The video of me teaching that bitch a lesson in school earlier today was on the school website already, which I found really crazy. It's not that I wasn't expecting something like that though.

"Ugh! Do these people ever study?" I mumbled and shook my head unbelievably. 

My phone beeped, and when I checked, my heart dropped. It was a text from the principal.

'Come to school first thing tomorrow morning' Slowly, I raised my eyebrows shockingly. Did I get myself in trouble by doing that earlier? Am I going to be expelled from the school? I asked myself. Yes, I didn't care about it earlier, but now I was scared of being expelled once again. It was a nightmare I won't ever want to come true.

"Ugh! This is so frustrating," I groaned as I tossed my phone on the bed. Since I didn't have anything to eat or some money to get myself something to eat, I just lie on the bed and stared up at the ceiling, waiting for the time I would finally fall asleep. Who knows, maybe sleeping and waking up would do the magic and I won't be hungry anymore, but deep inside me, I know that was never going to happen. It has never happened before, and it won't now just because I wanted it to.

Seconds slowly ticked into minutes and soon an hour passed, but that was the height to which I could hold the hunger, so I quickly had my bath and left to find something to eat. I might as well find a part-time job because I needed the money most this time.

My phone beeped, and just like a miracle, I got an alert of a hundred dollars from my aunt, followed by a text from her.

'I know you must be having a hard time now. I'm sorry I haven't been there for you but don't worry dear, I just had some shits to deal with over here. Hope you are having a nice time in school over there. I love you, Cha Cha baby and I miss you' You know the feeling when you are at gunpoint and thinking you were going to lose your life, but somehow, a savior came to rescue you? That's how I felt when I got the alert. 

"You are such a darling, aunt. I love you with everything in me," I whined excitedly, and without bothering to reply to her text, I dashed down the road and headed to the nearest restaurant.

"A plate of pasta," I placed my order confidently, feeling so proud of myself even though it wasn't the money I worked hard for. 

"Here is your order, Miss," the voice sounded so familiar that I was forced to raise my gaze to check who the waiter was, and I was shocked to find that it was Knoxville, one of the members of the toxic bullies in my school. What the hell is he doing here?

"Cha Cha, right? What are you doing here?" He was shocked to see me too, but the expression I was expecting wasn't there. I was expecting him to look embarrassed and maybe try to hide his face from me, but the expression he gave me was quite different. He rather looked proud doing this, and that only made me curious.

"It's obvious... I came to eat. What about you?" I raised my eyebrows curiously, and he scoffed.

"You are funny. I'm wearing an apron and just finished serving your food, so what does it look like I'm doing here? I'm a waiter, of course," He shrugged, and I scoffed as I slowly nodded my head.

"Enjoy your meal," He smiled at me before he walked away. Unlike the other members of the group, Knox was different. I found him to be this coolheaded young man that wasn't so much interested in bullying others. My curiosity almost made me lose my appetite, but realizing that I was hungry, I couldn't give in. 

As I eat, I kept peeling glances at him serving other customers, and the more I tried to get the pieces together, the more they kept falling apart. The last person I would expect to see in a place like this working as a waitress was a student from my school since 99.99% of them were all from wealthy homes, but the one I never expected the most was someone from the group. Is this some joke or are they copying and pasting people here? I mean, it couldn't be Knoxville that I know, right?

"Stop thinking about him and eat your food before it gets cold, Charity. You have no business with him," I said to myself, but still, I couldn't concentrate.

I was finally done eating, so I called his attention to come get his money.

"Don't worry, I will take care of it," he smiled at me as if we were friends.

"I know you are shocked to find me in such a place. This is what I do," He smiled at me confidently, and I slowly nodded my head even though I had so many questions to ask him. 

"See you in school," He uttered, turning to leave.

"Excuse me..." I called his attention, and he stopped to look at me. I stood up.

"I haven't said thank you for the other day since you haven't been coming to class. Thank you," I finally got the chance to thank him for saving me from the toilet the other day. Maybe I would've been rushed to the infirmary if I had spent more time there that day, but he was nice to save me when every other person ignored me and wanted me to die inside.

"It's nothing. Stay away from trouble," He offered me a piece of advice before walking away, and I left the restaurant too...

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