Picked a fight with Knox

Chapter 8

Chase POV

I scoffed after I watched the video from yesterday for the second time again this morning. The new commoner is pretty interesting. I thought I should throw her out of the school before, but fuck it. I won't ever do that. I had something in store for her this time.

My phone beeped, and a text from Mom popped on the screen.

'Are you dropping by to have breakfast before you leave for school? I already made something for all of you' I scoffed when I read the text. Going to the mansion to see her was the last thing on my mind, knowing that will frustrate the living soul out of me. I didn't have the energy for her nagging.

'No, Mom. Knox already made breakfast, so we will eat here before leaving for school' I replied to her text, and as if she was waiting to get my reply, her message popped up on the screen again.

'You are going to kill Knox. Do you all ever do stuff for yourselves? Anyway, don't you dare skip class today if you don't want me to go crazy' I rolled my eyes and tossed my phone on the bed.

I didn't have the intention of going to class today, but I needed to do something over there, so I decided to go. I dragged myself into the bathroom, had a long and relaxing bath, and came back to get ready for school, and once I was ready, I left my room to join the boys downstairs. They were already gathered in the dining room and having breakfast. Imagine having breakfast without me. 

"The fuck! Do you want to die? Who told you to have breakfast without me?" I growled, pulling out a chair to sit on when I got there.

"Who were you expecting to come to wake you up?" Knox scoffed, and I rolled my eyes.

"That's why Carl is the youngest..."

"I'm the youngest, but not your errand boy, bro," Carl chipped in, and I scoffed.

"Guys, did you see the video clip? Wow! That girl seems interesting, honestly," Jaxon broke the silence once we started eating.

"You saw that too, yeah? I find her interesting too," I said affirmatively.

"She has a pretty nice body too. Should we tease her?" Carl smirked as he leaned forward, but Knox was fast to slam his spoon on his head.

"That hurts. I didn't do anything wrong," Carl whined, and Tristan rolled his eyes.

"You are crazy, Knox..."

"You are talking about a woman like that. Have some respect," Right from time, Knox was never in support of us bullying the students, and I didn't like the idea of him being such a weakling. If not for the fact that I like him so much, I would've kicked him out of the group before now.

"There you go again. Are you a saint, huh?" Tristan scoffed angrily.

"No, I'm not. At least I'm not bullying others to satisfy myself," hearing this from Knox, Tristan slammed his hands on the desk and rose to his feet.

"Hey, kid. Do you have any idea we are not age mates? How dare you talk to me like that?" Tristan yelled at the top of his voice, grabbing the glass of water and throwing it on Knox's face.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing, Tristan? How could you do that to him?" I intervened, enraged. I could always stand other people being treated badly, but I could never stand it when the person is Knox.

"What? Are you going to hit me, huh?" He yelled at me, glaring at me daringly, and I scoffed.

"Hey, what's wrong with you?" Jaxon rose and pulled Tristan back.

"Hey, you should stop fighting, please," Carl also spoke up, and I sighed. I felt like punching him hard in the face, but I tried to hold back my anger. Knox was just sitting on the chair and staring into space. I could tell from the look on his face that he was angry but just trying to hold himself back.

"Knox, let's go get you changed upstairs," I tried to touch him, but he stood up to his feet and sighed 

"You should go ahead without me. I don't think I can make it to school today," He uttered in a low tone that I could barely hear him, but I still did, anyway.

"Knox... Mom said we shouldn't miss class today. She is going to be mad if she finds out you did..." I couldn't finish my statement before he walked away, leaving me hanging.

"Did you see what you did?" Jaxon turned to Tristan and yelled at him.

"What did I do? I only said something about the new girl, so why the fuck was he getting worked up about that?" Tristan still didn't admit that he was wrong.

"You didn't have to throw that water on him..."

"You were here when he was disrespecting me and you said nothing. How the fuck was it my fault that I reacted that way?" Tristan yelled at Carl who was going to say something. 

I glared hard at Tristan before I left for Knox's room to convince him.

I managed to convince Knox and we finally left for school, but he insisted he wasn't going to ride with Tristan and the other boys, so we rode to school together.

We soon got to the school and headed to the class. I was thinking I'd find that girl in class, but as expected, she wasn't in school yet.

"Chase..." That was Xee's voice as she walked over to me. Xee was one of the popular girls in school, and we've had a thing together in the past, although she has been throwing herself at me for some time now, I wasn't interested again. At least for now. I may change my mind later and play a game with her, who knows?

"Did you see what that thing did to me?" She whined as she came to sit on the chair in front of me, but ignored her and plugged in my earpiece in my ears. I guess she was embarrassed because she stood up shyly and walked away.

"Hey, what's up with you and Xee? She looked hurt," Carl teased me, raising his voice for the whole class to hear, but I ignored him and looked straight.

"Ugh! You are one hella annoying jerk," He rolled his eyes, turning his face away.

The homeroom teacher soon came to class, and the first lesson we had was mathematics which was being taught by Mr. Greg.

"Attention. Bow," The class president said as he stood up, and everyone greeted the teacher.

Just when he was about to call the attendance, the door opened and that bitch walked inside. She was wearing a suit as always, her long hair was packed up in a ponytail. She had little or no makeup on her face. Although I hated her because she was classless, but admitting her beauty wouldn't be a crime, right? Well, she was earthly beautiful with the perfect body shape that would drive any man wild, but definitely not my kind of man. She was endowed with beauty, the definition of perfection, I could say that she was the prettiest girl in the whole school, but that didn't mean that I like her, anyway. Fuck her beauty.

"Why did you come late to school, Cha Cha?" Mr. Greg asked her.

"I'm sorry, Sir. The cab that drove me to school broke down on the way, so I was delayed," The whole class burst into uncontrollable laughter, hearing her excuse.

"She can't even afford to take a bus to school? What a pathetic life she is living," one of the students said rudely.

"If you can't come to school, you should drop out and stop trying to be pathetic," Another one yelled, and I swear I saw her scoff and rolled her eyes.

"Kids!" Mr. Greg scolded them, and they went mute before he turned to face her.

"You can go to your seat," He said to her, and she bowed. I watched as she headed in my direction, and it turned out I was sitting in her seat when she finally stopped in front of me. The chairs in class have been accommodated by the students. Since we rarely come to class, we barely had seats in the class, so we always make use of anyone available whenever we came to class, and whoever owned the seats would have to miss the lecture that day.

"Excuse me, you are in my seat," she spoke to me politely and confidently, and I scoffed.

"Are you talking to me?" I raised my eyebrows, and she scoffed.

"You are the one in my seat, so that should answer your question..."

"Find somewhere to sit, Charity. You are delaying the lecture," The teacher said, and she sighed before she walked to the back of the class and stood close to the wall.

Barely five minutes into the lecture, one of the junior students took permission from the teacher and whispered something in his ear, and after he was gone, Mr. Greg turned to face the class.

"Charity, Xee, the principal wants to see you two," Hearing that, I knew things were about to get really messy. Let's see what will happen...

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