Chasing His Rejected Luna

Chasing His Rejected Luna

By:  King Victory  Completed
Language: English
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Liam finally turned his eyes to her, "you couldn't get your wolf. I can't have a Luna without a wolf so therefore I, Alpha Liam Watson of Blood moon pack rejects you, Scarlett Osborne as the mate I was supposed to have. Olivia is now my mate. I have marked her and she would be having her Luna ceremony in three days time" Everything slowed to a stop for Scarlett as his words washed over her. She felt like the weight of the world was pressing down on her chest and she couldn't breathe as she fell to the ground. *** What was supposed to be the best day of her life became the worst day when Scarlett could not get her wolf. It became even worse when she injured the soon to be Luna and was banished from her pack by the man who was supposed to be her mate. Broken and in pain, Scarlett wanders around until she comes to a stop in a human town. All she wants now is to heal and try to forget about her past. Easier said than done especially when she finds out that she is pregnant. Pregnant from the one time she gave herself to alpha Liam.

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Great story.
2024-06-17 09:07:42
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Sandra Gibbs
I enjoyed the story, but it needs a lot of clean-up work. And I stress A LOT OF CLEAN-UP WORK! There were a lot of wrong characters placed, where it should have been someone else that the writer should have been talking about. A lot of paragraphs do not make much sense. I have more, not enough space
2024-05-26 08:09:12
default avatar
This was a brilliant book couldn’t put it down. Just hope you have sequo
2024-05-12 16:33:48
default avatar
I loved both stories!
2024-05-04 12:03:04
user avatar
A very beautiful story
2024-04-20 13:03:27
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Jideofor Ifeanyi
I would be glad if she ends up with Alex it's becoming quite boring and predictable when the male lead gets the female lead back after all his screw ups atleast give the supporting male lead a chance to be the who get the woman at the end
2024-04-09 19:29:19
default avatar
Marguerite Knowlton
Love this absolutely amazing
2024-04-09 06:32:19
default avatar
Darci Prescott
These stories are amazing. Looking for an update. It appears, after reading the comments that the book is finished and the author hasn’t updated since three months ago. Please let us know when to expect an update of your plan of Willow’s story. I understand we all have a life. Peace. ...️
2024-03-22 22:33:34
default avatar
A very interesting book. Had me on the edge of my seat. The first book was good and the second one is also interesting. Can't wait for Willow and Marshall to be together. Hurry up author!
2024-03-02 15:14:48
user avatar
Scarlett's story was great, entertaining. but willow's storyline just lost me. not Interesting, entertaining and just lame. sorry, had to give up. don't like reading about cheating and how it unfolds. especially to willow.... good luck on other stories
2024-02-25 04:30:14
user avatar
Vikki Lee
This book is one of the best. Read it and enjoy watching the characters grow and change!! The author really knows how to capture her audience.
2024-01-29 20:24:52
user avatar
Kris Tina
im loving the story...keep up the updates...
2023-12-22 11:10:19
user avatar
Boss Lady
Lovely book, definitely a good read......
2023-12-15 05:40:37
default avatar
I genuinely love this book
2023-12-04 01:19:39
default avatar
Need the next book!
2023-11-16 13:25:04
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200 Chapters
"Wh..What's going on?" Scarlett finally cried out as she looked down at herself to see what was happening but everything was how it used to be.. She was supposed to be morphing into her wolf not standing still like a soldier at attention. The clock had already struck twelve, twenty minutes ago and she was already twenty one. By right, she was supposed to have morphed into her wolf twenty minutes ago and by now she would be having her Luna ceremony but all of that was not happening. Scarlett looked around with wide eyes and the look she saw on the faces of her pack members made her heart stop beating. When it did start beating again, it was fast like she was running a marathon. Her breath clogged up in her throat when her eyes fell on her boyfriend and Alpha. Panic filled her and she felt like she couldn't breathe anymore when he shook his head then turned around to disappear into the dark of the night. The woman who had been standing beside him gave Scarlett an evil smirk before tur
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Olivia is pregnant
Everything felt so surreal as Scarlett watched Liam leave with Olivia. Her father was that one that walked up to her and picked her up. She remained quiet and still all the way home. She was still quiet even after her father brought her to her room and dropped her on her bed. Quiet, when Willow helped her pull off her white gown and wiped her of the dirt that clung to her when she dropped to the ground. She had been like that for two days. Just lying on her bed and saying nothing. “There's nothing really wrong with her. She is just in shock. This phase will be over soon. maybe you can just tell her things you feel like would make her want to wake up” Scarlett could hear a familiar voice telling her father. “Thank you doctor” Scarlett's father, Aaron thanked the owner of the voice before turning to look at Scarlett who was on her back and staring at the ceiling. After the door shut behind the doctor, Aaron walked over to the bed and sat down. He took Scarlett's hand in his, “Scarle
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“I didn't touch her, I swear. She was the one who threw herself down the stairs” Scarlett briefly explained when she spun around and saw Liam standing behind her with hardened eyes.Instead of replying to her, Liam shoved her out of the way and raced down to where a now bleeding Olivia was. Scarlett stumbled from the force of his push and would have fallen to the found had it not been for Willow, who caught her.Scarlett watched from the top of the stairs as Liam gathered Olivia into the arms he always used to hug her in the past.“You better pray to God that nothing happens to both her and my child” Liam told her before rushing out of the pack house.Scarlett froze, and her mouth dropped open in shock at Liam's words. When Olivia told her that she was pregnant with Liam's child, she thought it was a lie. Liam couldn't have cheated on her, but hearing it from his mouth now, she knew that it was true.She collapsed to the ground as hot tears filled her eyes. She suddenly felt like she
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Liam did not turn around to face them, “what is going on is that Olivia lost my child, and she is in a critical condition right now”As the words about Olivia having a miscarriage sank into Scarlett's brain, she froze in shock. She recovered almost immediately and scrambled towards Liam on her hands and knees, “you know I could never push anyone down the stairs. I didn't even know that she was pregnant. Liam, believe me, I did not touch her”She was almost close to him when Liam's men caught her and pressed her down. She struggled, but couldn't release herself from their stronghold. It was useless. They were not just werewolves, they were trained fighters, while she was just a regular girl without a wolf. She could not escape from them. When Liam finally turned to face her, his face was cold and devoid of any emotions. He had never been one who smiled nor was one who expressed emotions, but Scarlett had never seen his eyes so cold before. She shivered as fear ran down her spine.“You
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It's been two months already since two men rescued Scarlett and brought her to the city. Scarlett never heard from them, and when she asked the hotel's receptionist she did not get any meaningful information about who these men were.They not only paid for her stay at the hotel, they also asked the hotel to call a doctor for her and also got her new and warm clothes. After three days, she was able to get up from the bed and move about because of her werewolves blood.Scarlett did not have enough time, nor did she try to create one to sit down and think of her life. She wanted to forget everything like it was a bad memory. It was easier said than done. Not when she sees everything in her dream every time she closes her eyes. Not when every man who had dark hair and green eyes looked like Liam or every blonde-haired woman looked like the antagonist of her life story, Olivia.The money that was given to her by Liam was only enough to rent a small house in town and buy enough food to last
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After doctor Imelda's words, all the colors drained from Scarlett's face, but she immediately shook her head in denial, “I'm not pregnant, doctor. I think you should conduct another test” she couldn't have gotten pregnant from that one night she spent with Liam, right?Doctor Imedal gave a tired sigh like she expected this and has gone through stuff like this countless times, “you are pregnant, Miss Scarlett. I'm very sure of it” she explained slowly.Scarlett clasped her hands together as she immediately made a decision. There was no way she was keeping the baby. Liam wouldn't want the baby, and she didn't either. There was no way she was going to give birth to Liam's child. She didn't even have enough money to feed. How was she supposed to take care of a child? She was not even emotionally stable, either.Scarlett turned to Mr. Bandini, “can you give doctor Imelda and I some privacy? I want to discuss something with her” Mr. Bandini was on his feet before she completed her words, “
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keeping the baby
Scarlett's eyes turned cold, “and who are you to tell me what to do?” It was okay if he helped her, but it was not okay to poke his nose in her business or try to tell her what to do just because he helped her.“Your friend” he told her before moving close to the bed, “why don't you use my phone to call him? You might not be together with him anymore, but no man would want his child aborted. You can work out something with him for the child. Believe me, you don't want to kill an innocent child because of the issue you have with the father. You might regret it for the rest of your life”Scarlett went cold at Alex's last words: you might regret it for the rest of your life, and she lost her appetite. She pushed the remaining food away from her.He seemed to have noticed because he immediately apologized, “I'm sorry if I offended you with my words. I'm just trying to look out for you and make you think twice about your decision. Regret is not something I wish on anyone, not even on my en
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she owes him her life
It's been three whole weeks since Scarlett found out that she was pregnant and decided to keep the child. Just as she thought, it wasn't easy for her. Doctor Imelda had told her the last time she went to the hospital for a check-up that she had noticed some abnormalities with the child, as it seemed like her baby was growing faster than a regular child.Scarlett knew that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her child. The only reason her baby was going quickly was because it was a werewolf baby. Werewolves gave birth faster than a regular human. She knew that she would go into labor at exactly seven months, but she could not tell the doctor that. There was nothing she could do about it, so she would just let them draw their conclusions when the time came.The pregnancy was not going easy on Scarlett as she not only had to go to work every day, she also had to battle with morning sickness and all the other troubles that came with being pregnant. She had nearly collapsed a few times
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will affect the child
“Scarlett” doctor Imedal raised her head from the documents on her table to smile at Scarlett and Alex, “I'm glad you could make it”“Yeah, me too”“ I doubt you would have made it if I didn't come to drag you” Alex whispered for only Scarlett to hear, earning a glare from her.“Shut it” she snapped, making him snicker as they both took a seat in front of doctor Imelda.Scarlett had missed her appointment twice when she forgot about it. She did not have a phone and refused the one Alex bought for her, so he couldn't reach her; he went on a business trip. On her next appointment after that, doctor Imelda had not been happy and had told her countless times about why she should not miss her appointment again: her pregnancy did not look normal to doctor Imelda and her body was not well, she needed to be monitored.“Alright, let's move to checking the baby to see if he or she has decided to reveal their gender”With a deep sigh that was released through her mouth, Scarlett stood up and wal
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Tiffany's diner
“What do you mean when you told doctor Imelda that you would take the matter of me not doing laborious work up with me?”“ You understand what I meant, Scarlett. Doctor Imelda is right. If you want both you and the baby to be fine, then you need to stop stressing yourself "“ I need to stop stressing myself” Scarlett said with a sarcastic smile, “I have to stop stressing myself then who would feed my baby? The only thing that's stressing me is my job, and if I stop that, who would feed me and my child? Would manna fall from heaven to us?”He was about to start the car but allowed his hand to drop from the ignition key to his lap. He moved on his seat to face her the way the seat belt could allow him before dragging him back,” Of course it wouldn't, but I can be bringing you manna every day”Scarlett looked away from him to face the window, “Don't start with me, Alex. I have already told you before that I wouldn't be accepting more things from you. You have done more than enough for me
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