Chasing Raven

Chasing Raven

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Carmiella Brookes a kind hearted teen in her senior year of high school, who despite all the things life has throwned her way, she still manages to stand on her own two feet despite her troubled past. Keeping a positive outlook in everything and being a ray of total Sunshine to all her friends. She and her family are then visited by an unexpected housemate who is staying the rest of her senior year. She finds out how troubled he is and she is determined to help him through his fight with his demons, making him aware he is worth all the saving the world could offer. With her crazy bunch and scared friends, Follow Carmiella and Bryan's love story as they face all odds and conquer their demons, giving both themselves a brighter day to look forward to.

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Aider Kwin
Intriguing first few chapters. Leaves you on the hook from the very start. Nice job author🤍
2021-06-09 22:15:06
6 Chapters
Chapter 1
"You should have used the door"They say you fall in love a thousand times before you find your true love, you only get 1true love they say. Love is common but true love, that's rare. I always wonder why the hell I have never been in love in my entire life of 17 years. Maybe that's funny. "Carmella!", The name shook the house as if it was an earthquake. I pulled down my ear set in frustration and all my thoughts died down as the frustration washed through my face. Like seriously what is it now? "Carmella!", She didn't fail to call louder. You would expect a woman like my mum to learn by now that noise was also irritation. Maybe she'll stop calling along at the third time. "Carmiella!", louder than the second time. Gosh! What is wrong with this woman. "Mom!", I screamed back still sitting on the bed trying not to move an inch from the bed. "Get your ass in this kitchen now!", she finally yelled and soun
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Chapter 2
"She was practically the synonym of beauty" Bryan's POVI reached out my hand so she could come in through the window. I noticed her trying to look away from my freshly slit arm. She was deferent, she didn't seem disgusted or terrified, or uncomfortable, all I saw in her eyes were a little pity, almost like she understood, but who am I kidding? No one can understand. She was on her way to a club probably, her dark liner could eat her out and her show of tummy as well, she seemed to be used to her sneaking out ritual."Club or party?", I asked trying to read her expression but it seemed totally impossible. She just stared at me. "Club", her lips finally mumbled out the word. She finally broke the stare and like a devious smile just washed up her face from nowhere. "You wanna come with?", she asked her smile getti
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Chapter 3
I"party pooper" Carmella's POV"Carmiella!", The familiar voice rang in my ear as water poured down my face. Can't I have a shower in peace? "Carmiella!, It rang again, I grabbed my soap and rubbed my hand starting my soaping again for the third time. "Carmiella!", It came again with a furious knock on the door. "Mom I'm in the shower", I yelled not caring and soaping delicately. "Bryan is waiting!" Get your brown ass out of there now!", She yelled and that rang in my ear more. Shit we share the same bathrooms, shorter baths. I dropped my soap and immediately started rinsing my body. "I'll be out in a minute, sorry", I called out still trying to finish up fast. I got out of the shower and went to the door to unlock. I opened it and saw him leaning at the side of the door. He loosely tied a white towel on his
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Chapter 4
"I'm not worth these tears"Carmiella's POVI waited outside the school for Tessy so we both could head home, well stop at our spot where we usually talk. She's probably talking to the baseball team, she's grown some sort of interest in those group of guys, just like how she had interest in the basketball, the track and the swimming team. I feel Tessy is probably one of the reasons I've not fallen in love with anyone. She's slept with half or let's give 70% of the whole school. Tessy was kinda the definition of a how, but she could car less about how the school saw her, or even how the town saw her, she was her own girl. Not just because she's a duster child, but because she just is independent."Were you waiting for me?", Bryan's voice came from behind me startling me. "I was in art class sorry, I got carried away", he brought out his car keys. "Ummm.....", I starte
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Chapter 5
"She's a breath of fresh air"Bryan's POVShe continued to sob but it reduced the closer she leaned more into me. All I could do was hold her I couldn't do anything more than that. Why was she crying so long and hard, for someone she didn't know. She didn't know why a cut to my wrist was necessary, she didn't know what I had to do to fight my demons. My demons were my pain, my never ending pain. Yet she cried like she felt them. "I'm so sorry", she said with what I hoped were her final sobs, trying to pull out of my arms. "I'm so fucking sorry", she said her voice tinier than before. She took both palms to her eyes in attempt to get rid of the leftover tear. "I don't know why the hell I'm crying", she said finally, still avoiding my gaze. As confused as I was at her crying, I couldn't wrap my brain around the fact that I could hug her. I pu
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Chapter 6
"Come the swings are free"Carmiella's point of view His perfect teeth was covered in strawberry ice cream, as he continued to bite into the ice cream like it were a marshmallow. He looks far more approachable biting an ice cream than when his face is straight all the time. I wish i could always make him feel this way, happy. I took my eye away from him before he could notice me staring. I looked around the park stopping at the swings. Oh the swings are free. I literally hopped up the park bench to feet, tossing my left over ice cream into the bin. "Come! The swings are free", i announced practically jumping up and down like a little child. "Umm....sure", he said looking a bit confused."I don't think allot of girls go to the park and run for the swings like you just did", he said as he tried to get comfortable in the swing despite hi
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