Chosen By The Alphas

Chosen By The Alphas

By:  Anna R. Case  Ongoing
Language: English
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Harmony White's life has never been easy, even before her sadistic stepfather turned Harmony into a wolf against her will. She has chosen to live her life as an Omega, suppressing her inner wolf, and resisting those who attempt to claim her for their packs. Well, at least until the night two warring Alphas bring the fight right into the middle of her small mountain diner. And both Alphas decide to make a claim on her. Alpha Roam of the Stonemountain Pack, sexy and brooding, his violence proceeds him, but he excites her body in ways she's never felt before. Or Alpha Grey of the Timberland Pack, charming, hot as sin, known to not tolerate disrespect towards she-wolfs, and his caresses ignite something feral inside her. Caught in the middle of a feud, which Alpha will she choose? Her choice has the power to make or break a pack. Are two Alphas better than one?

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loving this book so far! not your typical werewolf story which is really refreshing!!
2023-08-21 05:35:02
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Christine Owings
33 chapters 4/14/23
2023-04-15 04:43:28
79 Chapters
Chapter 1
From the moment the girl stepped foot inside my diner, I knew she was in trouble. I could tell by the way she wore her long, strawberry hair down covering her face like a shroud, and she chose a booth in the back that had a view of the whole place. It also made for a quick exit out the back door. She slid into the booth, her keen green eyes kept scanning the joint but not making eye contact with a living soul in it. She flinched when the door opened, and I could smell the tang of her blood in the air as she chewed her thumbnail down to the quick. I could tell the girl was in trouble, because I had once been her. She couldn’t be more than nineteen, which was another red flag of her being here all alone at this ungodly hour. My diner was on the backroads, the bypass to the highway, and these twisty lanes that curved around the mountain, were dangerous even when the sun was high in the sky. The only faces I usually saw at this time before dawn, were truckers after they’d dropped their
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Chapter 2
I shook those dark thoughts off like a dog in the rain and waited for the love birds to finish their display of affection. Then I approached them with a killer smile and two glasses of iced water. From the way they were going at it, I wondered for a moment if I would need to pour the water on them to separate the mates. I tried to remember the last time I had been looked at like I hung the moon in the sky, and I deflated. Unless my old hound dog Tom counted, but his loyalty was easily bought with chicken and belly rubs. Tom certainly got more action than I did, half of the town’s mutts were his.I tried not to be offended that lover boy clearly didn’t see me as a threat while he sized me up. I might not have looked like much, all five- foot- two- and- three-quarter- inches of me, but I was a solid one hundred and thirty pounds of muscle and packed a mean right hook. But a mean right hook wasn’t all I packed, behind the counter I had a baseball bat and my shotgun, Old Faithful. The sho
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Chapter 3
“It’ll all be alright Lily. I won’t ever let anything happen to you, Moon as my witness. We’ll make him understand,” promised Rand.Poor Lily was shaking like a leaf. What a pretty name, I just hoped the Alpha didn’t pluck this pretty little redheaded flower. She-wolfs were usually protected at all costs. So, chances were, even if this was a rival Alpha, he’d try and beat the beta into submission and claim Lily for his own pack, best case scenario anyway. Worst case, he was a raging feral who couldn’t be reasoned with, tore Rand apart and then possibly did the same to Lily out of spite. That was where Old Faithful came in, to get him right with The Moon and to remind the bastard this was my land.Chris was semi-oblivious to the danger we were facing. He didn’t know what had the rest of us all so worked up. He tried to peer out the window, but the night was too dark and unforgiving to see much. Thick lines of trees also helped to hide most of the sins of the creatures of the night.
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Chapter 4
Things were about to get ugly. The beta had twice refused the command of his Alpha, and then to further add insult, he had thrown down a challenge. I feared the time for talking was done and they were about to settle things in the wolf way. With claws and teeth. By the anger rolling off the Alpha, Rand being his nephew, wasn’t going to save the beta’s hide.Fuck, they were going to tear my diner apart while they tried to do the same to each other. And I couldn’t afford another insurance claim, or my premiums would skyrocket. I didn’t know my own strength sometimes and accidents happened, both by the hand of nature and my own. Last New Year’s, I knocked some holes in the wall, screwed up some wiring, and caused a minor electrical fire when my semi-sober ass decided to use my stepfather’s picture as a dartboard. Luckily no one was injured except for the raccoon who had taken up residence in my wall. Also, a tree fell on the roof two years back, and a drunk, handsy college guy fell thr
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Chapter 5
To say I was a bit distracted was an understatement, but it was the reason I was the last wolf to realize we had company. Sure, I was vaguely aware of the cloying scent of cedar and sandalwood, the crunch of gravel outside, a howl carried on the wind, but I was still entranced by the Alpha before me and the things he was doing to my body. I hated myself for this weakness, for not being able to control the wetness spreading between my legs, the tautness of my nipples, the burn where his mouth touched against my skin. But it felt so damn good. And the bastard knew exactly the effects he was having on me alright. “Rand!” cried out Lily, increasing her grip on her mate. “Maybe we’ll have better luck making him understand,” soothed Rand as he stroked her cheek, “I’ll relinquish my place in the pack and my allegiance to my Alpha, Lil if that’s what it takes for us to be together.” “He has to understand! He’ll give you a place and protection among our pack,” the hope in Lily’s voice near
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Chapter 6
Perhaps I was going to be the death of these Alphas too. In the midst of fangs tearing into hide, my climax coated the air, causing the mateless wolves in the room into a frenzied state. Suddenly, I had two pairs of glowing eyes locked on me. I wondered if their animalistic need to mate would take control and override their need to fight. With their wolfs in control, which instinct would win? The wolf with fur of black, let out a growl of a different tone altogether, but it was Alpha Grey that prowled closer to me, his nostrils flared taking in large whiffs of my moist heat. He appeared to be the younger of the Alphas, perhaps also less experienced, and the most affected by my surge of come. His wolfskin showed more signs of injury, blood adorned his pelt, but he’d kept the older wolf from his neck and held his own so far into this wolf fight. However, the dark wolf wore a smile of blood coating his teeth and muzzle. His bites were calculated, vicious, swift, and his claws slashed t
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Chapter 7
The Alpha of Stonemountain Pack must have had a heart beneath that stone after all, and some deep down connection to his humanity while he wore his wolfskin. Though he had threatened to end his own nephew to keep the pack from dishonor, he did not stand for someone else threatening to kill his beta. A disgruntled, potent roar echoed through my diner and I nearly dropped my shotgun to cover my ears. But to do so, would not have ended well for me. While the dark wolf still wore his fur, he’d likely get his pound of flesh from me instead, and Old Faithful was likely the only thing standing in his way. Alpha Roam let go of the grey wolf, but he sure as fuck wasn’t happy about it. He snarled his fangs at me, blood dripping off his teeth, and menaced closer in my direction. I retrained the gun on him, and he knew I had no reservations about shooting him for a second time. The evidence of which he wore on his fur, now stained darker on his front leg. I didn’t dare take my eyes off the wolf
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Chapter 8
I set my trusty shotgun aside and leaned down to pick up what remained of my coffee pot. It was my lucky one, had been with me since I had taken over running this place. It had weathered a couple fights and survived a round of steamy counter sex I had indulged in with a sexy fireman from town. Man, that guy could light my fire, pun intended and had crossed a fantasy off my list. He had smelled like smoke and spice and his hose was thick, and long. But tonight, it seemed my luck had run out. Alpha Grey winced as he drug his torn up carcass to his feet. He refused Lily’s help to rise and I snorted. Males were all the same it seemed. I checked him out. I wasn’t a saint by any means, a naked hot man was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. His body sang to mine even bloody and bruised. And I liked the song very much, it promised a crescendo that would leave me wanting an encore. He was so tight and perfect, and The Moon knew what it was doing when it created him. His huge cock was the thin
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Chapter 9
The young beta held the Alpha’s gaze briefly, before he downcast his eyes as a sign of respect. Rand was trying to get on his good side, and also following wolf etiquette. Lycans were taught from cubhood to show ultimate obedience and respect to their Alphas above all, and it could be a matter of death for those who never learned that lesson. Hotheaded Alphas had challenged their wolfkind for such offences as staring them in the eyes too long, among other tiny infractions they saw as disrespect. It was a shame they often let their females be treated with so little of that same respect they demanded. Hypocritical bullshit at its finest.But Alpha Grey seemed…different. Maybe it was just because Lily was his sister that he’d allowed her to address him without his proper title. He had treated me with more decency than Alpha Roam had. But it was far to early to tell the character of this Alpha. He was likely also a wolf in sheep’s clothing, just waiting for me to let my guard down to poun
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Chapter 10
My cabin was a bit messy as I wasn’t expecting guests, so Lily and Rand were gracious enough to wait on the porch, while I trotted inside and gathered them up some essentials. My hound dog Tom had returned from his night on the town for his first breakfast of the day and was more than happy to keep the mates company. He lapped up the droopy ear rubs and then rolled over and showed his belly. Tom may have been an Alpha on the streets, but he was a submissive on his home turf. He’d assumed the position for belly rubs and Lily especially was more than happy to comply. I had already explained they’d be bunking in a hunting cabin I owned a couple miles into the forest. The cabin had come with the land, and hadn’t been nothing fancy, but it had gotten a facelift not long after Mom started dating my stepbeast when I was seventeen. Back before I’d known that he was a monster in every sense of the word, I’d offered to spend some time out there to give them some privacy. I’d wanted to be a g
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