The Cursed She-Wolf

The Cursed She-Wolf

By:  Cynthia Chris  Completed
Language: English
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I, Alpha Taylor, reject you Juliana as my mate and the Luna of moonlight Pack.” My heart was broken into pieces when these words came out from Alpha Taylor. He was my enemy and turned out to be my mate on the night of my 18th birthday. The moon goddess was unfair! Was that what I deserved after suffering so much! Mira, an 18th-year-old omega, whose beauty radiant was termed a curse, and was rumored to have been the reason behind the sudden death of her mother. She was molested, treated like trash, and turned into a pack slave in her pack, having been termed a curse she was been rejected by all her mates. Her dream was to be like her normal age mates, she despised the mysterious power that she has as the whole of the werewolf's realm sees it as a curse, and seeks her death. A must-read story, follow Juliana on the journey of discovering more about her powers and finding happiness.

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mary D-Wells
is this the last chapter
2023-02-13 12:35:15
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June Chase
Interesting story
2022-11-20 21:49:46
user avatar
Ezedialu Cynthia
Am in love with this amazing book...
2022-11-08 18:08:32
89 Chapters
Chapter one(Past)
Juliana's POV: “I, Alpha Taylor, reject you Juliana as my mate and the Luna of moonlight Pack.” My heart was broken into pieces when these words came out from Alpha Taylor. He was my enemy and turned out to be my mate on the night of my 18th birthday. The moon goddess was unfair! Was that what I deserved after suffering so much! This is my third chance mate and he is still going to reject me as I meant nothing just like the way that the previous ones did. The only thing that I thought will put an end to all this pain and misery is finding a mate that will want and accept me like his own. I was termed a curse as everybody distances themselves from me, they despise and hate my existence. I was bullied, molested, punched, kicked, and turned into a pack slave. My other mates were all from our pack, so the possibility that they could reject me was 100% though it hurts. I wasn't surprised for a bit, my prayer every single day is to find a mate that wasn't from the pack. The person th
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Chapter two(The coronation)
The person's pov: She closed her eyes as her past came rushing into her mind, she bit hard on her lips to avoid sobbing, she bit out blood from her lips due to how hard she was trying to control her tears. She was brought back to reality due to the pain caused by the piercing of her nails to her skin, she shook her head and stared at her reflection in the mirror. "Today is my day, so all I need to do is be happy and enjoy myself. Everything that happened in the past has already been forgotten and left in the past," she mumbled. She picked up the powder on her dressing table and applied it to her face. She ties her hair in a ponytail and puts on her heels, she is truly a beauty to behold. "My baby, congratulations on your surprise," Juliet shouted to Juliana as she pulled the door open. This is her best friend, the only girl that has decided to be with her despite her mysterious power and stigma attached to her, after being dismissed from her former pack. After years of wanderin
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Chapter three(Unwanted)
Juliana's Pov: Lucien has finally been crowned the Alpha of the bright moon pack, the pack was among the strongest around the whole of America. I dreamily stare at him, I can't believe I was mated to this handsome man. I thank the moon goddess for allowing Taylor to reject me and even banishing me out of his pack because if the incident hasn't taken place, I am freaky sure I won't be here today or even blessed to be Lucien's mate. I gave myself a thumbs up, my excitement has made me forget about heaven, my wolf's silence. "Long live the Alpha….!!" We all cheered, in happiness, as we hailed Alpha Lucien, raising his hand, and we all bowed our heads submissively. He ordered us to rise and we complied instantly. The big bell rings signaling that it is already a full moon, the moon has come out and it is time for the newly elected Alpha to look for his mate. That's how this pack does the Alpha has to look for his mate first before other pack members follow suit. Even if he doesn't find h
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Chapter four (Betrayal)
Juliana's Pov: "Luna," I muttered, with eyes full of tears and pain. I watch my best friend more as my sister walks through the crowd like a queen with a smile plastered on her face. This is the girl that I can kill and even die for, the crowds make space for her as she strolls toward us. Reaching in front of Lucien, they twisted their fingers together as she spared no glance at me. "I am truly honored to announce to you, Juliet smith as my chosen mate and future Luna," Lucien declared openly with a sheepish smile that I have never seen. The crowd raved and screamed in happiness and surprise, I was left there like the cause that I was called. "And I am truly honored to be your luna unlike some pathetic fools," she spits mockery at me. With tingling tears, I stared at her. "What a surprise…." She laughed out loud as she rubbernecked at my shocked face. My heart felt heavy as my throat burned with bitterness, I felt betrayed and unloved. Their laughter kept echoing the whole place
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Chapter five(Trapped)
Juliana's Pov: I opened my eyes, but couldn't adjust to the surroundings since everywhere was dark. I tried moving my head but it smashed into the wall. "Ouch…." I winch in pain, I attempt to find the exit but my body burns. "Haaa!!........" I wailed in pain, I struggled to move again but the pain shot into my body again. "Hey Heaven, what is happening?" I asked my wolf with a worried expression. "Heaven!!!!...." I mentally screamed her name, since her silence is killing me. I need to know what is happening because I can't recall anything that has happened or why I was here instead of in my room. "We were trapped," Heaven half-whispered to me, she sounds weak. "Trapped how?" I asked her more confused. "We were trapped in the basement," she answered. "Trapped in a basement….but how? and I can't f*****g move my hands or body," I squealed with a confused look. "We were trapped with a silver chain," she replied with a faint voice. She sounds weak, so we were trapped, and not only
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Chapter six(Torture)
Third person's Pov: Pulling Juliana down the hallway by the pack's strongest warrior wasn't easy as people passing there either lay curses on her or spit on her face. Tears were flowing down Juliana's cheek as she battled to keep her emotions in check, her heart was bleeding as everything that the pack members spit and said panged her heart. She hates her existence, she so much wished that the silver chain could kill her, as the heavy chain was whipped on her back piercing through her skin when pulling out some flesh. "Help!!!!......" Juliana shouted with trembling lips. Blood rushed out of the area as the chain hit on her body with her skin being ripped. The people passing laugh and mortify her by throwing anything that reaches their hand at her and calling her all sorts of names. Numerous curses were being laid on her, her heart twisted at each passing second. She was humiliated that she felt undesirable and despicable. She was dragged to the penitentiary by the two huge men as th
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Chapter seven(Shock)
Lucien's Pov:I was snapped back to reality as I got the shock of my life. I saw the event unfold on my face with a confused and horrified look. I stared at Juliana break free from the chain, her wolf has surfaced and I won't allow the event of the other day to repeat itself. Nobody has ever broken free from a silver chain before in the whole history of the werewolves realm. I pushed my wheelchair and fling a huge silver chain around her. She growled as she angrily shook herself with her veins popping out, her wolf's teeth elongated showing her canines. I signaled for my warriors and everyone in the room to help me bring her down. Noticing that we couldn't bring her down no matter how much we tried, I quickly mind-link my beta, gamma, and some of my top warriors who rushed unexpectedly before I could cut the mind-link."Here we are, Alpha…." My beta promptly announced as they bashed into the penitentiary slaying the door forcefully to the wall. "Hurry up, Now!!…..," I rapidly screame
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Chapter eight(Hurt)
Juliana's Pov: Light illuminates through a small opening from the wall, brightening the once-dark room. I slowly lifted my throbbing head, my eyes felt heavy as I stared at the walls. Breathing tiredly I swallow the lump in my throat, the silver burns my skin as my whole body hurts me. A cool breeze is entering the room through the opening, I shivered as I freaky feel cold. Standing almost exposed with your whole body chained with a silver band as the cool breeze blows on your bare skin wasn't easy, I bit my mouth to stop the sob from coming out. From the conversation the warriors assigned to torture were having, I heard that tomorrow was my execution. I will be beheaded tomorrow, it frightens me to the core, and my whole hair looks tattered. My body is drenched with blood both dry and fresh. My journey in this life hasn't been easy, I hate this life that I was given, just the way that I despise this evil power. "Is the moon goddess punishing me because of my mother's adulterous beh
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Chapter nine(Vulnerable)
Third person's Pov: How dare you!!....." Juliet madly yelled at Juliana as she angrily strode toward her. "What is going on here?…. Don't you dare lie to me, I saw everything," Juliet spit when glaring at both Lucien and Juliana."Since you saw everything…. No need for explanation" Lucien coldly hissed with a hardened expression."How dare you!!!....." Juliet cried out."How dare you cheat on me with this cursed creature," she snarled. "How does it feel…." Juliana teasingly mumbled to furious Juliet."Haa!!...." Juliana cried as her cheeks collided with a thunderous slap. "You cursed being, you have no right to talk to me," Juliet sneered as she kept glaring at Juliana, her once best friend more like a sister. The girl she has envied and dispersed so much, that she hates it that she gets everything she ever wants despite her being foul-mouthed. Men drool at her when she has to put in a lot of effort before any guy has to approach her, Lucien has been her crush since her childhood
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Chapter ten(Execution)
Juliana's Pov:"Move out of the way !!....." One of the warriors shouted as they dragged me out of the penitentiary to the execution ground. Today is the day that I will be wiped out of this planet, the day that I have drained seeing has finally come. Though I so much wish for death, being killed by my best friend and mate is something that pierces my soul. It bleeds my heart to know that I will be killed under the sword of my mate. "Move out of the way!!......" The warrior kept shouting, my body was tied with chains as I was being dragged with heavy chains curled in my neck. People passing by kept spitting at me when some did kick me. The gravel, stones, and some pieces of metals on the ground kept piercing through my skin, blood was seen zooming out of my body."Haa…..haa!!" I cried out in pain."Please…… please," I kept crying."Shut up!!......" One of the guards yelled at me as he kicked me hard in the stomach."Haa!!!……." I screamed in pain as blood splits out of my lips."You d
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