Chosen by the Vampire Kings

Chosen by the Vampire Kings

By:  ROSIE  Ongoing
Language: English
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When Annalise came to Great Oaks, it was the worst punishment she ever had. She had known the city to be normal and boring but it was not until she discovered that that normal and boring was just a facade to cover the darkness looming over it. Her view changed when one night, she got bitten by a vampire. She will realize that Great Oaks is swarmed with these creatures. She's human, food for the vampires. But in the city of Great Oaks, things could change. And with change, she will realize she is more than just a human but something greater than she wished to acknowledge.

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6 Chapters
AnnaliseI never agreed to move to this small city but my uncle has made it clear to me that I would suffer the heavier consequences if I don't agree to his conditions. I have been the greatest contributor to his headache the past years and perhaps he got tired of dealing with me that he decided to send me here to this small town: the Great Oaks.Honestly, I never really did anything wrong. I was just at the wrong place and at the wrong time when trouble happens and I was always there to get all the blame somehow. I got tired of reasoning out to my uncle. Who would believe me, anyway?So now, here I am in this almost forgotten city. I couldn't do anything when he decided I would be sent here. Maybe he thinks that the fewer people there are, the less likely it would be for me to cause trouble. He just didn't want to say that he doesn't want to deal with anything about me anymore.I am fine being away from him and that sinful city. But to be thrown in this place is almost worse. Almost.
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AdamThe mellow music was what greeted me as soon as I entered the pub. Someone was singing on the stage and the people are listening intently to her. I couldn't blame them. The woman singing on the stage is Fiona Beth, some singer in the city who somehow winded up here in this small town. As I sat on the stool and got my drinks, I decided to listen to the woman sing. I have to at least pretend I am listening.A few minutes later, I could see her looking in my direction and I knew I would finish my job early tonight. I gave her a small smile before I put my drink down to give her a round of applause. I turned away and faced the bartender as I already know what was coming next. A few minutes later after the song finished, I felt her presence beside me. Fiona Beth tossed her hair back, revealing her slender neck."Saw you smiling at me, earlier," she said. I could hear the rapid beating of her heart and the pulse on her neck."Everyone was smiling at you as you sang prettily on that sta
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AdamShe was silent for a moment and then she said, "What is this, Adam? We haven't seen each other for decades and this is how you greet me?""I will give you the greeting you want if you answer my question, Fiona Beth," I whispered in his ear.She chuckled and looked at me over her shoulders. "And it would take you a dagger to make me tell you whatever the hell it is you want to know? You have become weak, Adam."I ignored her remark and pressed the dagger closer to her, enough to draw blood. She started thrashing. She knows very well I will never hesitate to drive the dagger straight to her heart and what it would do to her. I have done it before. A long time ago."You love your life so much, Fiona Beth. Now before I rob it from you, tell me what I need to know."I know it wouldn't be easy to make Fiona Beth talk. She looked at me over her shoulder and spat."I don't even know what you're talking about--" She wasn't able to continue what she was about to say when I pierced the dagg
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AnnaliseFirst thing I noticed the moment I woke up was the wrong angle of the patterns of my ceiling. It took me a few minutes to realize I was lying on the wrong side of my bed. Next, I felt the searing pain all over my body but more on my head and my neck.My hand went unconsciously to my neck and pressed it. Nothing was there. Did I hit myself somewhere last night? My head was protesting as I tried to get up. Did I get bruised? I reached for the small mirror on my table and looked at my neck. There was nothing there. Not even a scratch or a bruise but I couldn't mistake the pain I felt earlier.I groaned as my head spun and that's when I heard someone knocking on my door. There's no one here in this house except Rita and me so I told her to come in.Rita came in bringing a glass of water and a bowl of something that smelled good. She laid it down on my table silently. I was aware of the side glances she was giving me. I forced myself to get near the table and tasted the soup.She
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AdamI watched as she walked ahead, determined to make me see what she saw. But I have already taken care of the body, placed it on the side of the alleyway, and made him drink my blood to cure the wound on his neck."I saw him there. Someone--Someone was killing someone.""You must have been hallucinating," I said and she whirled to look at me. I muttered a silent curse when I saw how frightened she looked. I had been too careless. My hunger is getting harder to satiate. After I tasted her blood--fuck. I couldn't get enough. Even right now as I looked at her, all I could see is that slender neck of hers. All I could hear is the loud pounding of her pulse as if inviting me to feel it. To sink my fangs in it--"Have you been drinking?" I asked, to divert the topic and to divert my attention from her. I've tasted her blood once and gods, it was the most delicious one I have ever tasted. I don't know what's with this woman. Why is her blood different? She turned to look at me and gave
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AnaliseThe dream woke me up and I didn't have time to scream as I came face to face with a pair of yellow glowing eyes. I simply lay there frozen on the bed as the eyes stared back at me. But then I recognized the face. How could I not know him? Adam stared at me with those glowing eyes. Why are his eyes glowing? Why is he in my room? Why does he look like he's not himself?"A-Adam--""Shh," he said, his voice gentle. I flinched when his very cold hands traced my cheek and then he held my chin, lifting my head up. I started sobbing. I don't know what was happening, but I know this is not good. That I should run and never look back. But my body couldn't move as much as I want it to. Tears started to run from my eyes to my ears as I continued to stare at him. As much as I want to look away, I couldn't. "Don't cry, sweetie," he said, slightly squeezing my chin and then caressing my hair again. "P-Please, Adam," I choked out. "I'll make this quick. You won't be able to feel somet
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