Color of Detachment (English)

Color of Detachment (English)

By:  ceaeeee_  Completed
Language: English
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Your color is still haunted by the past that it keeps on drowning you down until you can no longer appreciate the life that was given to you. Despite the enduring pain that lingered in your body I'd love to see your color shining through.

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You did a really good job co-stay ^^
2021-01-04 05:35:50
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Great Story!
2021-01-04 05:34:57
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I love the story, but the last 3 chapters I don't understand, is they both dead? what happened next
2021-05-24 02:27:01
78 Chapters
✑ Prologue With utmost intensity, her gaze locked in Austin’s eyes.     “Now tell me, Austin…” With tears still flowing in her eyes, she asked.      “Would you still accept this loathful woman? This lost and weak Fauzia?”          ***This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.   Copyright © 2020 by Leveret Emmanuelle Axillaris    All
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Capítulo 1
✑ Capítulo 1 AUSTIN was chugging down his bottle of beer while silently watching his friends, they are chaotic and filling every corner of the room with laughter.  It’s been 13 years since he was left alone, Austin is still holding on to his beloved parents.  In that 13 long years, he doesn't know if his parents are still alive, no news was given to him even if he tried to look for them. Still, no use.  He doesn’t want to jump into conclusions but he’s still praying for his parents.  His eyes shut closed when a memory from the past popped up as he put the empty bottle of his beer on the table.     “AUSTIN, honey, you’re almost 14. Are you ready? To face reality?” his mother asked, has worry written on her face.
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Capítulo 2
✑ Capítulo 2  AUSTIN'S body was shaking when his attention swift into Larkspur who has a worried expression on his face. “You’re spacing out, dingleberry,” Larkspur spoke with a gruff.  He knew that he’s drunk but he can still think clearly.  He didn’t look up at Larkspur who’s now sitting beside him, he was patting his back.  “You know dingleberry? It’s okay to be sad and all but you have to accept it. Don't lock yourself in the past,” Larkspur said, he was patting his back. Austin's head was low and his palm was on his forehead.  “I can’t…” Larkspur just listened and stayed by his side. “I didn’t even have a chance to say how much I love them, if I only knew. If I only knew.”  L
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Capítulo 3
✑ Capítulo 3  AUSTIN took off his leather jacket to cover her body even if his jacket has a touch of blood.  His jacket was too big for her to cover her nakedness. He gently carried her and hugged her to ease her shivering body.   He walked towards the exit when one of his men approached him.   "Sir, I'll take care of her." He politely bowed his head to him.   He shook his head. "It's okay." He headed to the tube-like passageway to take her away from that place.   He couldn't help but stare at her angelic features. He can spot the long mark on her neck that made him fury.   She was the woman that the men were busy with.   He called Larkspur through his earpiece. &nbs
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Capítulo 4
✑ Capítulo 4  FAUZIA was tired when she headed back home. She does not know why but school makes her tired all the time. Maybe because she doesn’t have a companion, though she doesn’t want one.  Having a friend can tire her too.  When she slid the door open her eyes widened at the sight she’s seeing. Her father was grabbing her mother’s hair, he slapped her.  She ran hastily to at least protect her mother. “Stop!” Fauzia used herself so her mother won't get hurt from her father.  “Stay away from this, Niryana! Go to your room,” Her father pushed her away with his one hand, because of the strong force she fell flat on her stomach on the floor hard.   “Who the fuck are you to do this to me, huh?!” Her father's que
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Capítulo 5
✑ Capítulo 5  “LET'S take advantage of the time now that she’s asleep. Let's take ger in SJ, she can't stay here in the hospital for too long, we don’t know what might happen if she stays here,” Their attention shifted to Divine.  “Huh? Why? Isn't it is better for her to stay here?” Mavis asked, confused.   Divine faced her. “Mave, she can’t. If she'll stay here it will only get worse, she can't stand seeing people especially men because of trauma." That was Divine's observation of Fauzia's reaction and movement.   “She thinks we’re a threat. For now, we’ll let her rest, Mavis, you know how to deal with her. Please take care of her.” She shortly glanced at him. “Austin, carry your woman.”  She snapped her fingers to
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Capítulo 6
✑ Capítulo 6  HIS heart raced when he realized they were an inch away from each other, Fauzia's eyes was widely closed. He gave themselves a safe distance between them. “It seems like you can’t move freely when I’m around so…” He scratched his nape awkwardly.   “I’ll call Mavis and leave you be. Eat your breakfast,” he excused himself so she can breathe well without feeling anxious.   He was already in front of the room's door when he called Mavis. “Hey Mave,” he called even if they are just in one house. He was just lazy to walk because of the mansion was spacious.   The other line hasn't answered so he started walking to his office. When he sat on his swivel chair he saw on the monitor that Fauzia hasn't started eating the food he prepared for her until his attentio
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Capítulo 7
✑ Capítulo 7  HE found Larkspur there cleaning the pot while Lazzini and Helios were eating vanilla custard cream donut made by Larkspur.  He went straight to his aim and then put the bowl in the microwave, he waited for it to heat up. "Good morning, dingleberries," he greeted them but they didn't notice him.  “Ugh, that endearment is disgustingly iconic who started that again?” Lennon turned to him he heard him even from a distance. He was next to Efron and Lysandros playing in their x-box.  “Well, Anthony was the mastermind,” Lazzini answered.   “I just woke up and I immediately heard my handsome name? What’s up? ” They looked up the stairs when they heard the voice coming from the stairs that made them dizzy because of its round and high staircase. 
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Capítulo 8
✑ Capítulo 8  AS soon as Fauzia opened her eyes she turned around. It makes her wonder if this was really happening to her.  What Austin said was true, her nightmare did not visit her. Her smile flashed because of that.  Fauzia closed her eyes to embrace the fougère essence of the room she’s in, since day one the familiar scent didn’t come off.   She looked up at the wall clock that made her eyes widened, it was already 8 in the evening. Fauzia slept for seven hours. She doesn't felt tired before but that day was different, she felt exhausted and she also feels like she was hungry.   She heaved a sigh.  She can see that Austin and Mavis are kind and genuine but she can’t just let her guards down.  The last t
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Capítulo 9
✑ Capítulo 9  AUSTIN was unable to determine how long he had been sleeping, Lysandros just abruptly woke him up and pulled him to the second floor of the mansion.  “Fuck you, Ly, you didn’t even ask me if I already had eaten!” he abrasively yelled.  Austin almost stumbled because he did not see the stairs and the painful part was when the little finger of his toe hit on the stairs.   
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