Conveniently yours

Conveniently yours

By:  L. J. Bleyk  Ongoing
Language: English
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A life intertwined by the threads of fate, Ariana and Ariadne get what they have always desired, but with a huge catch! Living in the past wasn't a choice but they had big dreams and hot crushes, a wormhole of bright hope for the unknown future. Love has always swept the young hearts off their feet but are they ready for the roller-coaster ride it comes with? and what if in another life time they realize that the love of their lives never like women after all?. Will Ariana and Ariadne still face all odds when they discover that JK and V were gay, and will always be gay for each other?. Will society succeed again in tearing the two men apart or will their love transcend the past and society's shackles?

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Isha Cyke
ehhh bts?????????
2022-10-18 21:14:52
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Sam Ster
total banger
2022-01-18 06:25:19
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Christina Conklin
This book is awsome
2021-05-29 17:58:35
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Teddy Qi
Gosh! Makes me wanna go back to high school. Soooo sweet!
2020-07-22 13:04:43
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L. J. Bleyk
This new author would like to get interactive with everyone. Please share a review so I can know your opinion on this novel. Thanks.
2020-05-31 18:04:27
21 Chapters
Chapter 1 12TH JANUARY 1984 Classic leather shorts and an oversized sweater. She groaned as she pulled on her black heels. "I'm late, can't you grab a cab or something? ", she asked with hint of annoyance in her squeaky annoying voice. To me, her typical brat voice made her sound like a crab was pinching her nose and I would have laughed if it was someone else on the receiving end of her tantrum "no... I'm late too. I can't wait for the bus", I countered even though I usually allowed her to get her way. "ugh", she groaned again as she pulled out some black lipstick, all the while glaring at me. She just hated it whenever she didn't get her way. “Well tough luck, welcome to my world”, I whispered to myself. "What is up with you? you're acting like a brat, so not like your usual passive self ", she almost shouted “Girl, chill, would you? Before you start laying eggs from too much shouting”, I replied She rolled her dark chocolate eyes and stared into my amber ones, "you're fre
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Chapter 2 My forehead was beaded in sweat and my palms were literally sweating as I sat in the examination hall. Today was the first day of the first half of examinations and as usual here I was fretting. This was just not a good time for me. And I'm not actually that bad, just my grades have blatantly refused to up themselves no matter how hard I try. My sister has straight A's and I'm wallowing in the pool of Fs and cracking up Ds. It's like she inherited the good looks and stole the brains as well. Ugh so annoying to have a super cool sister! The first session was about to begin, and we had already taken our seats. The music teacher Mr. Song is supervising today. Don't be fooled he's one of the strict teachers. He's known to give quite the Fs. The dreaded bell finally rang, and I stared at the answer sheet right in front of me. I couldn't even bring myself to touch it. My hand began to shake uncontrollably and even my baby hairs were drenched in sweat and sticking to the side o
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Chapter 3 "Thanks for getting my bag. I...I. I’m Ariadne " Okay? I can't believe I gave my name to a stranger and that too without being asked. Embarrassment crawled up my face and I felt like a total idiot. He glanced up at me for a moment and then he walked away. My brows rose as I watched his back. His reaction didn't make me feel any better. Okay? Uhm what was up with the rude behavior? I staggered my way to the exit and eventually made my way home. "Could someone get the dishes done? ". Mom immediately shouted as soon as I walked in through the door. It wasn't like there was anyone else in the house. I headed straight for the stairs and completely ignored her. Halfway up the stairs I heard her call my name. I turned to find her holding a spatula in her hand. "Hey honey what's wrong", she asked "Nothing mom " I headed up our room, going straight for the bathroom. A few minutes later, I stepped out and put on a dress. Then I headed downstairs only to find Ariana sitti
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Chapter 4 Ariana was already crowding the couch and I didn't really care. I called my part time job and apologized, gave her a flimsy excuse that I was sick. It wasn’t believable, but she bought it. I spent the rest of the weekend ignoring everyone. I ignored their questions, ignored their stares and I ignored everything. On Monday, I woke up with a start. Pillow drenched in sweat, I sat on my bed and tried to recollect the dream I just had. I couldn't. "Hey, are you okay? ", Ariana asked I ignored her and headed for the bathroom. It wasn't like we we're the best of friends. I really applaud her for trying but she really didn't have to. I was dreading school because of a certain crazy guy and for a moment I was tempted to skip school, but the thought of failing an exam changed my mind. I took a quick bath, pulled on black jeans and a plain T-shirt. Then I headed down to the kitchen to grab some juice. Mom smiled at me, and I sent a fake smile back to her. She nodded when I po
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Chapter 5 He grabbed my hand forcefully dragged me to a mini-SUV parked by the side lot. I would have protested but I couldn’t because of our agreement this morning. I watched him maneuver the car out of the school lot and internally screamed for help. His phone rang loudly disturbing the peace of the vehicle and he scrunched up his face. Whoever was calling wasn’t someone Jeong Gyu was very fond of. I ignored him and focused on my phone, making doodles on the blank screen. After about ten minutes of driving, he pulled up in front of an old building. Honestly, if this was a date, it was the worst possible place a person could thing of. But of course, coming from a person like him wouldn’t be a surprise. “Just stay in the car and find something to do”, he instructed before getting out and banging the car. I raised a brow as I watched him disappear into the building. I was not about to wait around like a goody-two shoes, hell no. I immediately scurried out of the car like a house ra
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Chapter 6 26TH JANUARY 1984 I was probably hallucinating but I heard someone drag in a breath when I was dumped like a pile of trash on the floor. I saw different pairs of boots, but his familiar black ones grabbed my attention just like the first day. I dared not look at his face because I could feel the anger rolling off him in waves. I felt the shift in the air, and I just wanted to willing faint at that moment. Unfortunately, even my own body was working against me now. There was movement and the room went from hot to chilly within a second. There was a split-second before muffled moans of pain filled the room. I struggled to apprehend the current situation, but Jeon Gyu was already on top of the other boy, punching his face into a pulp. It was in that instance that I noticed something; a detail that I hadn’t bothered with earlier. The other boy had a brown mullet. “You can-have-every girl you-want, Taemin but you can’t lay eyes on what’s-mine. You dared to even touch-her! And
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Chapter 7 “Eon Jin" Someone called and I turned from my locker to find a girl. She had beautiful brown eyes and long chestnut hair. It was the girl from last week. The one who had taken over Ericka's locker. She caught me staring and pierced me with a venomous stare. To be fair, she did look like a snake, that was not metaphorical in the least. I must have forgotten I was on her hate-to-associate-with list and quickly averted my eyes while closing my locker. I heard her pink heels as she walked away. Taking a deep breath, I headed for the classroom when someone bumped my shoulder into the locker. The person didn't even bother to apologize. When I turned, I saw someone in a hoodie slip into the crowd of students and disappear. I got to the entrance of the classroom before my slow brain realized that I had forgotten to grab my books. So, I headed back. Halfway there, I heard hushed whispers and murmurs. Curiosity got the better of me and I inched closer to the voices. I rounded the
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Chapter 8 1ST FEBRUARY 1984 The next couple of days were very hectic, emotionally, and physically. The calls kept coming in randomly and ending abruptly. Almost like this person was playing a game of hide-and-seek with me. At first, I had labelled them as regular prank calls until that night. It was pouring suddenly, half of Seoul area especially Gangnam had flooded, and people could barely go anywhere. I was left alone in the house after I refused to accompany Ana and mom for a seafood dine-out. Honestly, all I wanted was some oysters and shrimps, but my laziness wouldn’t allow me to get off the couch and go with them. I settled for takeout but with the roads looking so bad I had to cancel that as well. The option was to text Ana to get me some seafood on her way back, assuming she does see my text at all. My phone beeped out of the blue and I felt relieved that she had texted back. I did see a text, but it was from a number I didn’t recognize. “i’m watchIng you…0_0” Completely fr
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Chapter 95TH FEBRUARY 1984 “Maybe we can do something at swim team for our final project”, Daniel Wong said as we headed for lunch. I smiled lightly at the idea. It was actually one of the best we’ve been able to come up with over the last couple of days and I wasn’t about to dismiss it. Somi giggled excitedly, and for some reason I think the rest of us knew exactly why. Ritz however remained silent as our pack of four settled into a not-so comfortable silence. To be honest, I’m kind of glad that I’m not alone anymore (even if it’s only been for a couple of days). This project has really taken my mind off so many things, including Jeongguk. We’ve been dating in secret for some months now and he’s been very good to me. Occasionally, he does fly into a jealous rage and then devour my lips when he manages to catch me alone, like the time he found me in the Math teacher’s office giggling about a not-so funny Dad joke. He had given me a stern disapproving look and then during lunch, he
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Chapter 10 I sighed when I entered our shared bedroom. Ana was seated on her bed, swiping videos on TikTok. Earlier on today, Ariana had been feeling down with a cold and I had to go through the whole day switching clothes and attending all her classes. I scoffed unbelievably at how naïve I had been and how Mom had manipulated me. It was all her idea because she didn’t want her favorite daughter to miss a class. Anger bubbled inside of me, and I tried to suppress it. I can't believe I spent the whole day pretending to be Ariana and all for what? so she could go get herself all dolled up? Now that I look more carefully, I can see that she’s in black cargo pants: something she hadn’t bothered to add to her wardrobe previously. One thing was clear to me, Ariana was just a selfish brat with whom I unfortunately share the same face. Sadly, I as an elder sister was willing to stick my neck at a guillotine for her. I ignored her as best as I could and slipped my cover over my head. I had
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